World Peace Solution

If i’ve said it once, i’ll say it a thousand times…

pain is caused by negative energy, from the karma that hangs over from all of humanity’s bad actions…it affects us all especially the individual who made it…this needs to be wiped…a clean slate…ideally by the individuals themselves using specific new age techniques…the best i’ve found is the Energy Enhancement Meditation system.

…and no more future bad actions must be made to have a clear future for all humanity and all the souls in the universe who want to come to earth, but the souls must know right from wrong…they must stop doing bad actions (niyamas) and do only good actions, yamas. They must learn the soul path, the right way, the middle path, follow the will of God. Sathya Sai Baba said “God is love. Love is God, live in love, live in God”

so you can “delete the elite” whose negative energy and pain and war exponentially increase the negativity of humanity, but the negative energy and pain will remain so until all this negative energy is grounded all “best” world leaders are 100% useless…there must be a revolution in humanity evolution and it starts with Energy Enhancement Meditation at an individual level.

You must take up Excaliber the sword of kings – rooted in the base chakra of the earth and plugged into the big generator in the center of the universe, – increase your personal power and inspire the rest!

As you go through Initiations 1, 2, 3, and 4 the energy flowing through your body with increase immensely. With each gain in energy, more blockages will be thrown out.. It’s your job to facilitate this process.

The purpose of the first four initiations is to raise your energy, plug you in to the energies of the universe thus increasing your psychic vision which is absolutely necessary, and to give you experience of energy blockages.

Using these techniques people many have removed their blockages and one of the ways of the past was to go through the process you are going through. What you have at the moment is powerful enough to remove 50% of your blockages but you may find the other half difficult.

By using the Seven Step process of Level 2 you can remove dense and difficult blockages much more easily. Don’t get me wrong, to dissolve, transmute all these dense negative energies is never going to be easy, but you can do it much more easily and effectively in Level 2.

The Level One course is to give you effective techniques which have been used for thousands of years, to Power Up, Plug in to the Universal Energies of the Chakras outside the Body connected with God, and teach you effective Psychic Protection, but also to make you understand the pain, trauma and negative karmic Mass, the Energy Blockages which you and every other member of humanity are holding inside and destroying your lives, lifetime after lifetime.

I am giving you indisputable proof of this, and I am also giving you a first taste that what we are saying may be absolutely true. We can remove all of our blockages. We can remove all of our pain. We can come to harmony again.

During our full time course we go through Level 1 (Gain Energy) – 8 initiations and Level 2 (Remove Blockages) and we spend the rest of the time working effectively to remove blockages and then practise, practise. The blockages will gradually dissolve.

Best to go through Level 1 Quickly and then spend more time as necessary on Level 2 – The Removal of Blockages.

However, whatever you do, you need to remove the blockages. Get rid of as many blockages as you can at each initiatory level before moving on to the next if you have not Level 2. And a little pain now in return for removing the blockages is well worth while. No Pain, No Gain!!

However, when you get Level 2 you can move much more quickly, effectively and painlessly..

What brought me to this work in the first place was seeing the total pain in which humanity is living as all they do is live and express that pain to each other every day. It is an expression of the Heart to want to help all of humanity. It is an expression of Will and of Purpose to find an effective way of doing that. Now with Energy Enhancement that pain can be released and everyone brought back to normal very quickly.

It is the work of your blockages to try to stop your process and as Blockages evolve they can become powerful. It is my job to help you to proceed so please email me with any problems.

It is always better to come on a course with us in Brazil or India. And if this is absolutely impossible then you need to get the Level One and Two Videos which contain all the initiations.