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ENERGY BLOCKAGE REMOVAL – Ganesha Offered Energy Blockage Healing on Facebook and here are some responses.
Client 2:Master i am relax from some days at first in my life. Cause is u.
Ganesha: Great! Thanks for telling me!
Client 3: Oh wow thankyou so much. I am feeling very light and calm since night. And very cheerful. Thankyou so much
Client 4: Sir im feeling good now, pain has gone. Thankyou soo much. Just wanted to know if all my blockages are clear now.
Client 5: My dear master, up to now i am feeling 30% of relief. R U heal the more. Please…I am greatfull to you.
Client 6: You took away a bit of pain  i had in my heart area on my back
Client 7: Dude, you really did a number on me. 
Ganesha: When you said, did a number on me, can you describe what happened
Client: Just feel like i meditated and woke up and have this light feeling in the center of my chest.
Client 8: Ok, i think you did something wonderful to me. I havent felt like this in a very long time. How long can it last? Cuz I want more thanks brother.
Hell yes, like i said other people have tried like 4people. 1 was ok for a little bit but ive been up since about 3.30am. My sadnies is not there i have no negative
thoughts today. I feel back to normal whever normal is but hasnt been for a very long time. I hope this energy never goes away.
Client 9: Pain went then returned smalleer. Wow lump noticeable smaller and softer yes, address its helping. I do believe in instant healing. I am done with whatever lesson.
Hopefully forever.
Client 10: Just now seeing this. So when i wrote you i laid down to re-center and i was in that space, kinda beyond the thoughts, i started to feel some things happening. I’m pretty sure you were
working on me while i was re-centering. I could almost feel three chords being located and pulled out, then severed. then one that was not a cord but was ‘attached’ on top of my head
being removed. I was in between minds so i was aware of what was happening but also keeping my thoughts out of the way, just observing and aware. It was all pretty amazing.
Until reading what you wrote i wasnt sure if it was my spirit team helping to realign/balance me or you doing it or combination of all but its clear now that you were definitely
able to assist me in clearing some stuff that it was time to let go of. Nothings by chance. It was synchronistic in nature that as i was laying down to ground and balance, as you 
were working on me. Then after i was cleared and lighter i was able to send love and wholeness to you and a few other people. I mean how cool is this life?
Thank you for working with me (and so many others)!! The more we help each other heal the more goodness we see around us and in the world. You’ve been able to tap into yourself and use your 
gifts to help others, what better way to live?! I appreciate you and im thankful we are here at the same time. Lots of amazing things going on.
Client 11: Is it possible that whatever you did would cause me to purge (throw up). Because that happened out of nowhere
Ganesha: Yes, sorry but didnt know that was going to happen.
Client 12: That is amazing. My mood suddenly improved a little while ago. I was with one woman in my life before my wife. I was with her for 7 years and ended it less than cordially
so that makes sense that could of knowingly or unknowingly cursed me. Thankyou so much.
Client 13:Yes i dont know what you did to me but my anger is gone
Client 14: I have seen other energy healers but you are the real deal.
Client 15: Feeling much better, feeling connected, i am at starbucks meeting with my oldest daughter for the first time in months.Send love.
Client 16: A very powerful and healing experience
Client 17: Im filled with tons of unconditional love. The crown is tingling too.
Client 18: You must have really moved something because my son was calm. Please oh please let it remain this way.
Client 19: Thanyou your energy is very powerful i can feel it.
Client 20: Yes i will definitely ask, your energy is powerful.
Client 21: Ok. its been almost a week and those negative feelings have come back
Client 22: I feel so good 24 hours after you helped me i have been able to hold the feeling of good things coming i can feel the world i am peaceful in manifesting i hide most of the time.
So i can bask in the joy and peace of that.
THIRD EYE HEALING – Ganesha offered third eye healing to Lightworker groups in Facebook and here are some responses.
Sorry to bother you again. 
Something has just kinda came to me. 
1. the feeling I was getting is gone now. I still cant see out of the third eye. I know you said it may take some time. 
2. Your a Guru, I am not sure how I know this but I do. 
     Its very odd but I feel there is some connection already between us. I am not sure if this is because you helped with the blockage.
I am wondering if there is more blockages I need dealt with.. 
I just really want to stop struggling with fears, and doubts and pains. I want to fulfil my Soul Calling as a Intuitive Medium and Reiki Healer. 
I am so willing for your help and teaching. I would even accept you as a Guru.. 
Please when you have the time and chance. please let me know what I must do to become your student and be free and clear of all this pain and blockages and problems. 
Same Client: I had a dream last night.
I was standing in a room and it was on fire but was standing on water at the same time.
As I was standing on the water in the room with the fire. Parts of me were falling off and burning in the flames.
The more I said that it felt better the more that would fall off. 
Then I woke up and felt clear and free beyond anything I have every felt. 
Hopefully this makes sense.
The best part out of this. I can see through my third eye very clearly now and not just that but can feel and hear spirit again and the angels. 
Client: So kind and awesome of you to offer healings. Really that quick?
Ganesha: Yea
Client: Wow felt an energy shift
Ganesha: 🙂
Client: what does my third eye look like can i ask?
Ganesha: I felt a lot of ghosts came out
Client: Wow, that’s intense! Bless you angel
Ganesha: I dont see colours for third eyes…just a space.
Client: Eyes on the divine
Ganesha: What did the shift feel like
Client: Balance restored in fullness
Client 2: Thankyou so much for your help. I can feel it in my head and third eye. You unblocked a huge block in my head that i know will take time to open. Religous vows is right
Client 3: Ryan, I should tell you that i feel a bit shaky and my left ear is buzzing with a high pitch sound.
Ganesha: Good thats energy adjusting. 
Client 3: Very cool. My head is kinda buzzig a bit now. Feel a bit dizzy.
Client 4: I’ve seen the blockage being cleared already!
Ganesha: Excellent!
Client 5: He’s an amazing healer. His healing energies are extremely powerful. He heals with only the best healing modality on the planet! HIGHLY recommend that you check him out.
Client:6 Hi, Im not sure if you have started on me however i did feel a few minutes after posting and you likng the post a pain but not harsh in the center of my head and now for the last 
minute or so a feeling of pressing on the side of my temples with a feel of something flowing down.
Ganesha: This is good. A lot of people experience an ache as if their mind is preparing for something new to come in.Sounds like the big one popped. Other peeopel have similiar experiences.
An ache and a pressure. All the changes occuring. New mindset from seeing all the new things in the world.
Client 6: Thankyou. I can still feel pressure or pressing on the side of my temples. I’m not complaining btw a sign i know and feel its working so i am extremely grateful.
Client 7: I’m feeling heavy in my third eye area. And there’s like a vapour feeling. I’m tired.
Ganesha: Yes tiredness is from your third eye upgrading so to speak, bit like muscle building.
Client 8: What is that what i can feel?
Ganesha: Yea, what can you feel?
Client 8: Tingling and like a energy hug. Thankyou
Client 9: Yea so far so good. My thinking seems much clearer for sure. 
Ganesha: Wow, you’ll be like a superhero.
Client 9: yea i feel different too. I notice an extreme calmness. Like hella deep calm. Grounded i guess?? So yea shits more on point. I’m on the bus to work and have headphones in and conversation
happened with the bus driver and a lady. Well i understood it all..
Ganesha: What you mean, you reading minds?
Client 9: Yea kinda, like i was inside both in their minds.
Ganesha: wow!
Client 10: Aloha so yesterdaty after i commented i said i fell asleep for about 2 hours. Nap included astral travel. Pressure in the solar plexus area. The end of the day on and off pressure in the 
third eye and crown. Then headache in the evening. I had trouble going to sleep. Kept hearing more. Other clairs getting stronger? I ddi look up this morning and i totally see energy moving
and sparkles of light here and there. I saw a beautiful small white sparkle flash. I was thinking about my angels and guides so now i still feel a pressing there. I dont know what else
to report. but if something comes up I’ll report. Mahalo mahalo for the energy healing.
Ganesha: Wow thanks for the report!
Client 10: I’m happy to. Plus i never nap…so i knew
Client 11: I can feel some changes. I am feeling much lighter since i have requested for the clearing of blockages as if something heavy has been taken off my mind and body. 
Client 12: My third eye immediately started throbbing/blinking when i commented. Thankyou.
Client 13:Is this why i started crying all of a sudden?
Ganesha: Likely
Client 14: The same time i got this message i received a text from someone that confirmed my awakening! How did you do that? I’m amazed. I feel a weight lifted off of me.
Client 15: I felt my head go a little dizzy just now
Ganesha: Ive done the third eye, yes, meditate to integrate the changes.
Client 16: I felt pressure in my third eye just moment after ths. So amazing. Thankyou for your energy!
ABUNDANCE BLOCKAGE REMOVAL – Ganesha offered removal of abundance blockages on Facebook, here are some of the responses
Client 1: Last night i was awoke all night with the sound of coins falling???? Couldnt sleep well.
Ganesha: Very nice angelic sign!
Client 2: I commented the other day. Never had any opportunities in life. Today was handed a resturaunt at a small Inn. My dream. No banks. No loans. Monthly lease. Take over in 2 days.
Blessings love and light to you.
Client 3: I had a bad week but yesterday i had a thought come over me to be better in myself and believe in myself and i felt good then i went into the shops and on the way out a baby waved to me
which lightened my heart.
Ganesha: Aww big transformation and a blessing, thanks for sharing.
Client 3: Thanks for sending luck and happiness my way.
Client 4: Please do. I dont know what is going with the lump of shame energy physically choking me when it comes to money.
Ganesha: Ok feels like an instance where maybe you had to steal from someone in 1 life, but you were stolen from in another and there might be a vow of poverty in there too, creating a bit of a 
cluster blockage going on. Grounded.
Client 4: Think you’re already working your magic. Mad stuff happening.
Ganesha: What happened?
Client 4: Complete shame. Gone. Which means blocks gone.
Ganesha: Excellent
Client 4: Been working on this. And now need to breathe. Thankyou. 
Ganesha: Awesome. Anytime.
Client 4: Really? Thankyou. This is hugely monumental for me right now.

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