Free Techniques



This is a good set of exercises to do each day to help absorb good energy and ground negative energy. Meditation helps you build up energy. The yoga and bandhas are specifically good for clearing sexual frustration and mindstuff and clearing the merdians and nadis. Pranayama is really good at clearing the nadis. Buy a magnetic belt and wear at night to protect from midnight succubus’ and nocturnal emissions . Sex, drugs and rock n roll burn out the soul.


Drink good water, not from taps because of the lead and fluoride. Eat good food, not frankenfood.

Kombucha is good for detoxing most toxins. I mix with a healthy fruit cordial and water to sweeten.

A good base for nutrients and vitamins is the pink Himalayan salt to sprinkle on food or in tea. Even better for the body is Youngevity’s Tangy Tangerine.

Grounding Small Blockages

If you can see it you can free it. If you can feel it you can heal it. When you find a blockage (bigger blockages require level 1 or 2 techniques) circle it in white light and breathe through it. Try shaking it or dragging it into the past or future and then bringing it back and slamming it into the wall of the present…Try even to send some love atom bombs to break it open…

Down your central meridian imagine flowing air up the front of the body and down the back and water down the front and up the back and vice versa to expose some blockages and to gain a bit of energy.

Energy Protection

 power towers

 Swami Satchidanand explains basic Energy Enhancement energy protection techniques on his Youtube channel.

Psychic Protection: Create a cord of light infront of you from shakti to heaven/soul above your head, one going up (spins clockwise)……and one next to it going down (anticlockwise). Twist together to make one column of protection……now create another behind you, to your left and to your right…as your mind is like a computer you can even replicate a column 360 times to make a circle of protection…You can feed to strengthen these with energy in meditation by sending light out of your heart and third eye to the structure.






20 minutes of meditation per day minimum. Ideally sit in the lotus position. See Initiation 1 for free for instructions on how to meditate.



2 Good yoga books


 uddiyana bandha



3 specific bandhas…also described in Theos Bernard’s book.

The root lock where you tighten your perineum for 3 seconds and let and do this 30 times.

Uddiyana bandha where you bend over, hands on upper knees, exhale and suck in stomach. You hold the stomach in for 10 seconds and do this 10 times.  Increase this using the Theos Bernard page to improve it to 300 contractions in ten breaths then more — as written.

The chin lock, where you exhale and hold your chin to your chest for 10 seconds, do this ten times. Then to be sure to be sure I do all 3 bandhas in one move. So I go into lotus and exhale, do root lock, chin lock and suck in stomach for a 10 second hold, then release, inhale, exahale hold again. Do this for10 seconds 10 times.

Maha Bandha is mula root lock, uddyayana abdominal lock and jalandara chin lock bandas in one.. use them to hold the breath in alt nostril breathing.. Nadi Suddhi. Careful to release the breath SLOWLY.



If your energy is good enough and nostrils are free enough (typically helpd by jala neti, which you can do with taps at home) do pranayama. So pranayama you are holding the right nostril, and inhaling for 10 seconds, hold both nostrils. (in this part you are working your way up slowly to holding yourself at this point up to 40 seconds) then hold left nostril, exhale for 20secconds, hold (0-40 seconds) and inhale 10 seconds through right nostril, hold nostrils, hold for 0-40 seconds, hold right nostril, exhale left nostril for 20 seconds, hold both nostrils for 0-40 seconds, then start over, hold right nostril inhale left nostril for 10 seconds etc etc

Healing Hand Mudra

Creates a high vibration and when put next to a small energy blockage it can help clear it

Heart Sutra

The Explanation of The Heart Sutra Video

Text of the Heart Sutra which will develop correct breathing, energy and heal the throat chakra

Here are some high vibrational downloads for you…

light in hands



Energy Enhancement books, in English and Espanol.



 Heart Sutra Chant by Devi and Satchi

 Heart Sutra Chant by Zen Master Hogen

 Devi and Satchi, Om Shanthi and Ha Ri Om

 Devi Om Namaha Shivaya


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Enlightenment Talk by Swami Satchidanand Video

Satchi and Devi’s Indian Adventure

Devi Dhyani Sacred Dance Videos

Devi Dhyani’s sacred dancing where she channels the soul which has as much spiritual energy as the Star Wars films.