The Myth of Medusa, Perseus and Andromeda in Relation to Jordan Peterson Removal of Trauma and Fear from Old Memories





There are horrible monsters inside you which need to be tamed, brought into submission and benignly used to make you a powerful actor in this world.

These horrible Monsters and Demons – Transmuted and Purified by Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditational Techniques – become Angel Talents for your benefit and the benefit of Humanity.

How Medusa Fear Freezes You and stops your evolutionary progress.

The use of Medusa Fear! to Freeze your Enemies.

The deflection of Fear back to the enemy.


The Removal of Fear and its effects

The killing of the internal Dragon of Fear to release the calming effect of the Princess

When all that old memory within you has been transmuted, recapitulated, through Alchemical VITRIOL technique of Level 1 of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course and the Seven Step Process of Level 2 of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course to remove energy blockages, this decreases the load on you, the existential fear of the situation, the physical physiological load on you the emotional and mental stress the aging effects of the cortisol is removed.

Removed too is the fear of the new which keeps us fixed in the prison of old beliefs, preventing us from greeting the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Removed too is the Male Anger and vicious reactions rather than Female Calm and Emoluation.

When you, Perseus, destroy the Dragon..

You release the Princess..

Traumatic Memories increase the use of Male Violence.

Remove the Trauma.

Kill the Dragon.

And Release the Calming Female effect – The Princess..

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