Don on the Energy Enhancement course

At this point I have to deviate slightly so you can share with me  something that happened last night that has blown me away and here I am hoping that you will respect whole heartily this most personal and staggering experience which I am about to tell you.

Please feel free to comment on this or recount any of your own similar experiences.

I have been awake most of the night wondering if I should write about this or not and I have come to the decision that it should be told because it must be told. It has huge implications for anyone wondering what is really going on in this existence of ours.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of this Energy Enhancement course then this will set your minds straight and that’s for sure.

To fully appreciate the implications of this account I am going to have to give you more private information about my life so you can see how things pan out over eons and multiple lifetimes and why and how things happen.

I was born in Highgate in London in 1960 the year of the rat, of Irish and Scottish decent; mother Irish and father Scottish neither of which I have ever seen. I was born out of wedlock so I was considered a bastard and was given up to the catholic nuns in London and was removed from my birth country to a catholic adoption home in Ireland to be adopted in to a nice catholic family. I was just one year old. This was a horrifying experience as I spent the first ten years of my childhood being kept and treated as an animal being severely abused both mentally and physically, battered like a rag doll which left me with many physical scars to this present day, specifically so, to the base chakra the crown chakra and the throat chakra. I looked like a famine victim. Despite the horror and against all odds I survived and retained most of my grip on my mental and physical health and I managed to escape at the age of twelve with the help of a kind local farmer who gave me shelter protection and a home for a number of years. I then made my way alone in the world and have never seen a single blood relative in my entire life to date

I arrived here in Rosario and met the other course members and one, a lady of Irish decent, whose family came here in 1850, three years after the great famine in Ireland seemed familiar to me and she also looked me up and down and I could see there was some kind of connection here. She was roughly the same height and when younger would have had the same kind of hair and I noticed that her hands were the same size as mine. She is twelve years older than me and also born in the year of the rat. I dismissed it as nothing as you do.

Then two nights ago we were all meditating with Satchi and Devi looking for energy blockages in ourselves and I had a realisation of how traumatised I was as a baby and began to feel a great sadness so began to weep a bit and this woman came to my assistance and helped me through it giving me this love I have not experienced before stroking my head and treating me like a small child and I let her do it because it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. I didn’t feel embarrassed about it because it felt so right in its place. She has only a few words of English and I have only a few words of Spanish but it didn’t seem to matter. There was no need for communication, and then later on she said that I felt like her son and we laughed and joked that she could adopt me.

Then last night we were all with Satchi and Devi again, meditating, looking for energy blockage in ourselves and specifically so in areas that were hurting or where we had hurt ourselves in the past or where we were hurt by others and this lady had decided to deal with a pain in her abdomen she felt from time to time. We were using the seven step technique given by Satchi to ground and destroy the energy blockages which is a very effective and powerful way of ridding oneself of the blockage. After we do the exercise Satchi gets everyone to recount the experience and this lady who is very psychic and has great visionary ability began to describe what happened. She said that she found herself back some 400 years in Ireland as a very young and beautiful girl with long blond hair who painted played the harp and was riding and hunting.

I had brought with me from England a set of water colour pencils given to me by my wife to doodle with. As I don’t paint I had given them to this lady as a present on the second day of knowing her.

She had a very lovely young suitor whom she was going to marry and was totally in love with this man. Then she said there was another powerful man a provincial governor who wanted also to have her and he had killed her chosen suitor and had also killed his own wife so he could be free to marry her, a dowry of 100 head of cattle was paid to her father. Her own father in this life time was the bastard priest (the words of the man who married her) who married her off in that time. In effect she was sold and two people were murdered so this could take place. On her wedding day to this monster she took the dagger they used for killing the pigs and plunged it into her self and committed suicide.

This was the pain she was feeling in her side. Satchi asked why this had happened and to go back and find out some more. She went back and saw an image of me and asked why I was there and was told by the governor that I was programmed to be her son in that lifetime and her murdered love was to be the father. Since then she has never had any children in her life for 400 years and it seems that I have never had a mother in 400 years either.

She cried and I cried and we hugged and cried in each others arms and then we started to laugh and laugh and cry and laugh and laughed some more and there was such a release of energy and everything became so clear. I had come 12000 miles around the world to find the last mother I was supposed to have and Satchi said, O that is quite normal on Energy Enhancement courses. It happens a lot. It appears we have healed the ancestral line going back 400 years in one sitting. Now I and this woman can move on to new families in the next life or maybe if I go for it I will reach for enlightenment and finish the journey.

We were both destroyed by nasty black people for 400 years who have stayed with us and continued to have their black tentacles rooted in us both for all of this time. Now after this I asked where this happened and she said in the south west of Ireland. I nearly fell over I was taken to the south west of Ireland and there I was nearly destroyed. We looked at the map of Ireland and I asked her where. She pointed to a place and then I got pictures off the internet and she recognised the little island in Muckross Lake near Killarney in county Kerry where her love was murdered and I have married a woman from a few miles from there who is also born in the year of the rat and we have been there often as a couple. Even our children have been there.

You can look this up for yourselves and view the lake and the little island and muckross house. What a story and she has never been anywhere near this place in her life. So you see, nothing is quite what it seems and we go on and on forever.  

After that diversion I have to get back to the course and I have to say that there is so much happening that you could write a whole book on the various experiences that have happened in the short three weeks that I have been here so far.



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