Alexandria’s Experience with Blockages and The Alchemical Flame

This is an extract from Level 1 Initiation 1

Alexandria’s Experience with Blockages and The Alchemical Flame

Devi’s translation of Alexandria: It was easy for her to go down. She felt the fire was filling through her being easy. (inaudible) . And she was dancing in the flame. Sometimes she was going up without wanting to. She was going down. After she made the flame go up, without thinking without desire the flame was going up over the top of her head and going down. She wanted the fire to go down, for the chakra, but didn’t go down from the top of her. (inaudible) It was going up to center of her head. She was trying to make the fire go down to the (inaudible)

Devi: Really good…She was feeling some pain in her shoulder and spine.

Satchi: So in the future you need to work on these pains. Bien. Very good. So I want to say something now. I think Alexandria had a very good experience and as she well knows herself, this is just the start. We use the energy, we use the excess of light. We use the light that we receive from the center of the earth, like a searchlight. We can see more, because before you can remove a blockage, first you must perceive it. And it works on the physical plane with the pains, works on the emotional pain with the negative emotions. In the end, it works on the level of the mind. On the level of the ego. 

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