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Director: Tom Tykwer



“I didn’t expect too much of the film as the producer, Bernd Eichinger, didn’t succeed in my point of view with other book to film transitions like the “Name of the Rose” with Sean Connery which shows how satanic organisations hide themselves within other more innocent organisations, the “House of the Spirits” with Merle Streep or “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”.

Tom Tykwer showed us again and again that he is a huge talent, be it Winter Sleeper, Lola Runs or the Warrior and the Empress. Perfume is a visual feast. All roles are perfectly cast, the music, the camera, everything fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

And the film isn’t Hollywood-like mainstream like e.g. the Da Vinci Code at all. thank god. it has lots of black humor without getting cynical, it is quite amoral and at other times just immersed in beauty – and every penny of its 50 Millions euro budget shows. I am already very much looking forward to Mr Tykwer’s next film. He plays in another league now.”

“This is an art movie with an ending that will puzzle many. The ending is really what makes the movie (or breaks it, for those who don’t see the beauty of it). It becomes clear then that what Grenouille was trying to do was create a physical distillate of love, the energy of the Soul. Not sex. Not beauty. Love.

And he did it. He created the perfect feeling of love, connection with the Soul, both emotional and physical; a love encompassing perfect eroticism (not just emotionless sex).

And in the end, he did what lovers do: he joined with other people. Yes, they absorbed him entirely, meaning that he became part of them, just as a person in love wishes to become part of his or her lover. But HE represented the very *concept* of love, and his physical absorption by the common people represents their ultimate adoption and understanding of that concept.

Of course, this is an art movie and everything in it is symbolical.

It amounts to a description of what love is and how it works. The movie is saying that love is something real which *can* be defined and understood, and the ultimate consequence of such understanding is that people join with each other (emotionally and sexually). Even if they are strangers. Because everybody is capable of feeling love, and one day maybe everybody will.

It’s a beautiful movie. When I left the theater I hadn’t pieced everything together yet, and thought I’d rate it an 8 out of 10. But having slept on it, I realized it was a perfect movie. Hence, I must give it a 10 out of 10.”


“The novel PERFUME by Susskind, came out about twenty years ago, and was one of those international sensations blending a mystery with the feel and texture of an historical novel, and adding either theological tones (THE NAME OF THE ROSE) or philosophy (PERFUME). From the start the society of the 18th Century is disheartening. It is not the world of the philosophers but the French equivalent of WIlliam Hogarth’s “Gin Lane” and “The Rakes Progress”. Drunkeness, whores, thieves, violent death, filth, is everywhere (to the point that the viewer can nearly smell everything). Everybody who gets the early Jean Baptiste are not likable people. The woman running the orphanage is greedy and quick to whip the kids (they sense something wrong with Jean Baptiste, and try to smother him – smart kids!)”


“I felt this movie was well acted and as true to the book as it could be. It has a running time of over two hours and none of the minutes are wasted. Historically, it was very true. It has a very beautiful look, despite a lot of the film takes place in Paris slums.

As for the plot line, I love it. It isn’t the typical murder story. A guy, blessed with the ability to know all scents, has no scent of his own. He gets whiff of a young girl selling fruit and is taken aback by it. Of course, trying to get full account of her scent, he accidentally kills her, but then realizes he needs her in order to make the world’s most seductive perfume, love itself. I was happy they included an orgy scene in this film, anything less would have ruined the point of this film. Even when the main character makes a perfume that is distilled love from the virgins he murdered and people will bow down to him, it still doesn’t make him love anyone. He still feels unloved.”

Above you can see the impression which other people see in this movie.

All people are not the same…

People can access the energy of Enlightenment by Bhakti or Love which says, not my Will but thy Will be done. By Karma Yoga which does not take the Fruit of its Action. By Mantra Yoga. By Hatha Yoga or Discipline, or by Kundalini Yoga Meditation;

Or by Gnani Yoga, the Yoga of Knowledge…

By an increase in Psychic Charge – the intensity of the ideas and the brevity of discussion.


Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a psychopath, an Energy Vampire born of the Pit, of the Inferno, without a Soul, born with a superior olfactory sense, creates the world’s finest perfume. His work, however, takes a dark turn as he searches for the ultimate scent.

It’s a funny old movie which inculcates one into the Heart of Darkness

Grenouille means Frog which is appropriate – Ugly and French.

This guy is a mass murderer, but why does he do it?

Well, in this movie, scent or perfume symbolises the energy of the Soul which is pure Love.

Poor Grenouille has a horrible life devoid of love.

More, with his super power nostrils he knows that he has no scent, no Soul, no Love.

He knows he is a psychopath!!

He has no empathy. He has no conscience.

With his super power nostrils he decides that he needs to gain a Soul.

He tries to do it by developing the Ultimate Perfume, stealing the Soul Energy scent from others – to become an Energy vampire – a practise doomed to failure.

He should have practised Energy Enhancement instead!!

First he becomes the perfect perfumier developing fantastic perfumes for Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman the Perfumier employs Grenouille to mix his perfumes.


Grenuoille mixes many perfect perfumes for Hoffman.

But this becomes obsolete when he smells the perfect scent in a virginal woman

Because he has no Soul and is a psychopath, Grenouille thinks nothing of killing.

To make the perfect scent he has to kill twelve young ladies and mix together their Soul essences.

Alan Rickman tries to save his daughter from Grenouille

Without success!! – The perfect scent!!

Success!! he mixes the essences of twelve young ladies together but is found and captured by the police.

Grenouille is an Energy Vampire who has killed to get their Soul energy.

He has stolen the Souls of twelve beautiful young ladies and put them in a bottle.

Tried, he is sentenced to death on the scaffold in the town square.

Grenouille on the scaffold, throws his Kerchief into the crowd

On the scaffold he takes one drop of his perfume and puts it on a handkerchief. Another behind his ears.

As the  Soul Energy scent wafts through the air to all the people present, they see him as Jesus Christ.

Even Alan Rickman, whose daughter he has murdered kneels at his feet and weeps tears of joy in the presence.

As the Love Energy of the Soul mix affects everyone present, they all get together in an orgy.

Lords and ladies. Priest and Whore all get it together on the ground.

When they wake the next morning they are ashamed and slink away.

Grenouille is gone!!

Yet Grenouille now knows that this energy he has stolen, Vampirised, is not his.

He knows he has no Soul connection of his own and that the search for his Soul is the search for illumination.

Real Energy Vampires call other human beings their cattle, the Geese who lay the Golden Egg,  whose energy they eat in order to live, having no energy connection with God from whom to take energy like normal human beings.

In order to maintain their power for thousands of years they need to distract and pervert humanity through bad education, food, poverty, low science, low economy and continuous War.

It says in the movie that he knows he could use this perfume to seduce Kings, live in palaces, obtain millions of money.

Yet Grenouille knows that what he has is NOTHING!

Without a Soul. Without that Ultimate perfume of his own Soul, life is nor worth living.

“To gain all the World but lose his Soul” – Many people – ALL ENERGY VAMPIRES – are very content with this, yet not Grenouille!!

In this, Grenouille is not normal!

He goes to Paris, and in the marketplace, the place he was born, he stands and pours all the Soul Love Essence perfume over his head.

Like the Holy Host – the Seed Soul Energy of Jesus Christ – consumed by the people in the Mass, Grenouille is eaten by all the crowd.

Nothing remains.

He is Gone!!


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