Paid Healings

Energy Blockage Removal

email and I can give a free general reading like “I think this happened with your dad in a past life, which does this to you in this life, which is why this is happening…” etc etc

Power Soul and Life Aura Cleanse

We go through through all life goals and problems on the phone and then I can pick out energy blockages that have affected you. I look into everything, past lives, DNA, chakras, everything, everyone.


Improve Psychic Vision

I search and remove anything hindering psychic vision. Typically religious past lives or implantation in dark past lives.


Improve Abundance

Typically I find people base their self worth on an insatiable parent who didn’t love themselves and this stops the allowing in and out of their abundance. Or maybe its a curse…


Past Life Grounding

I scan your soul timelime and on the phone we go through what causes problems in this life…