Excalibur Spiritual Movie Review

excalibur spiritual movie

source: http://www.energyenhancement.org/THE-SOUL-QUALITY-OF-HEART-BHAVANA.htm

Likewise, all the Gods and Goddesses of the Greek Myths like Hercules are sub-personalities of the Ego seeking Illumination. We talk about the Twelve Labours of Hercules as being the preliminaries for Hercules Enlightenment.

Hercules, the Son Of God, Zeus or Deos or Theos, who lives on the top of Mount Olympus in the center of the Universe is the Soul Chakra which wants to marry Persephone the Daughter of the King of the Underworld, Pluto – or Kundalini Chakra in the center of the Earth!

Likewise The story of King Arthur as told in John Boormans movie, “Excalibur” has all the characters including Merlin the Wizard as Sub-Personalities of the Ego of the One True King – the Enlightened You. The search for the King is your search for Enlightenment.

Especially, in this movie showing the necessity for the Mastery of Relationships – the Story of Uther Pendragon and of Launcelot and Guinevere, before we can become “King” or Enlightened by contacting the Center of the Earth, – becoming the Land, and then accessing the energies of the Soul above our heads – The Quest for the Holy Grail, – drinking from the “Holy Grail” – the “Sang Real” the “Blood of Christ”, “The Staff of Life”, “The Energies of the Soul”.

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These Movies and Books have been designed from thousands of years of spiritual technology to show the Ancient principles of Energy Enhancement.

Energy Blockages will encourage you to use any spiritual practice which will not work. And this encouragement not to proceed with genuine Spiritual Masters will take the form of Energy Blockage caused Physical, Emotional and Mental distress – heat and cold and irritation and pain, anger, fear, depression and bad thoughts and memories – really, all the negative symptoms of Kundalini Energy.

As you dissolve your trauma – formed negative karmic mass so you will develop sufficient Bhavana, Love, Devotion to sufficiently please your Spiritual Master, where you encourage the flow of his Bhavana through the return flow of your own Bhavana.

As Swami Satchidananda once said, “You have been looking all over the Planet for a good Master, me, I’ve been looking ALL MY LIFE for a good student!”

You need to create a situation where you do not stop the Flow of the Spiritual Master’s Bhavana through your own lack of Bhavana. You need to create that Bhavana, that studentness within yourself.

And the source of all your Bhavana is Purity which comes from the dissolution of trauma – formed negative karmic mass and old Energy Blockages.

And the purpose of his Bhavana is to further charge up your psychic Body; to further remove your blockages.

Bhavana is a Soul quality of the Heart, of Love, of Bhakti, of Devotion, the gaining of which is absolutely necessary to the good student of Enlightenment.

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