King Arthur 2017 Spiritual Movie Review


King Arthur Go and see it because it’s amazing!

King Arthur: AMAZING! Go and see it because it’s amazing!

I have been thinking about King Arthur Legend Of the Sword since the first trailer came out to the music of Led Zeppelin: did I like it? I LOVED IT!!! The only way I could have liked it more was if I had seen it in 3D, because–from the very first screen shots–it’s geared to be viewed in 3D. I could not be happier or more impressed with Guy Ritchie. So, why is it getting such bad reviews and supposedly bombing?

I did want to briefly discuss the importance of this logo. It’s a crown, sure, but it’s also an “A” for Arthur and a “V” for Satanic Vortigern, demonstrating how a “V” can be an upside-down “A,” in other words, how Satanic Vortigern, who is not a legitimate ruler, can appear to be the power of the crown, but is really just a perversion of power and what government rule is supposed to be.

I think there’s an easy explanation: look at what happened to Spectre. Spectre, the last James Bond film, exposed the Satanic New World Order, and King Arthur is exposing the satanic and occult ties in Hollywood and politics; who owns the box office and media outlets reporting on the box office? The same Satanic people being exposed by King Arthur, not only for their own active participation in the occult, but for supporting Hillary Clinton and her participation in the occult as a witch going to Hollywood rituals every month from Mena..

Remember, when Ritchie and company – We saw Ritchie’s view of Lord Blackwood and Satanism in Sherlock Holmes – made this film about two years ago, – delayed because this movie celebrates righteous rule and would have swayed the election – it was expected that Clinton would be the next president (or even that Obama would find a way to just stay in office). and there would still be people, like myself, yelling about Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham, who took over the Chicago mob after Al Capone, – Benghazi, The one trillion dollar per year cocaine trafficking at Mena Arkensaw, The 69 Billion Dollar Clinton Foundation Slush fund, stealing 98% of all Haiti Donations, Child Trafficking in Haiti, Bill being a serial rapist, and all the crimes she has committed and broken, and wanting her to be brought to justice

Hours and hours before anyone could have known, a couple of news outlets began picking up that King Arthur was “bombing,” and then everyone started reporting it; There wasn’t as much money being pulled in because so many early showings (Thursday evening, and 3D showings) were being canceled before the film even began playing; when I got to my theater, three shows of King Arthur had all ready sold out. So, why would they cancel early showings?

Why would Satanic film companies want to pan the films they themselves spent over a hundred million dollars to make? There are actually several advantages. One, there are things more important than money, like influence.

If people, such as myself, think that there really are satanic influences at work in Hollywood and politics, then a film “exposing” such things bombing makes me look like an idiot for believing such things; in other words, rather than the film validating my view, I’m being isolated and (according to liberals) will be far less likely to discuss such matters with others because a film talking about the same topics bombed.

Additionally, King Arthur is a challenge about the good which has been accomplished by white males, who are the number one enemies of Transhumanist family destroying Satanists; why support a film that supports your enemy?

Then, good and reasonable reader, you are like, “If you are right, then why would they even make the film to begin with?” and the answer to that is simple: propaganda. If you like a film that didn’t do well at the box office, then you, too, are a loser, and who wants to be a loser?

This is the same reason you will never see the Satanic media reporting that a candidate they favor for an election is losing or trailing behind in the polls, presstitute media fake the polls – Hillary was 30 points ahead of Trump!! no one–they believe–is going to get out and support a loser, because people want to be associated with winners.

So by spreading the word that a film isn’t good, they think it will make you ashamed that you wanted to see it; if you do go and see it, and liked it, and tell others about it, those others are going to think you’re crazy and have horrible taste, because the professional critics are telling everyone it’s horrible. To the Satanic, it is horrible; it’s awful! They don’t want to see anyone butting up against their treasured theses of how reality works and what power is all about.

For at least two reasons: first, it would take longer for word of mouth about how good it is to get around if people weren’t getting to see it Thursday, then go to work/school Friday and talk it up, so people would only have the “professional” critics (read: “Satanic”) to go by when deciding if they would go see it.

Second, cutting out Thursday showings meant slashing profit-possibility: those are the die-hard fans, and it’s easier to get into see a film Thursday night, then Friday day (and, in this case, papers were all ready reporting that it was “bombing” before the Friday movie audiences even made it to the theater!); not to mention that 3D viewing opportunities have also been slashed.

So, just like with Spectre, they hope to drastically reduce the number of people going to see King Arthur so they can say, “See? No one supports white males anymore, and no one wants to see an exertion of male authority, so we’re not going back that way,” and that’s a narrative they can use to continue feeding us propaganda like Wonder Woman and Guardians Of the Galaxy.

Go and see it because it’s amazing!

Finding a positive review may prove to be Tonto and the Lone Ranger’s greatest challenge..

One elite insider – Steve Jobs – sent his message to the future in the movie, “John Carter” (2012) of Mars.
Purposely failed movies like…
1. “Citizen Kane” 1941 universally known as the greatest picture – where Randolph Hearst, the gazzillionaire who thought that Kane was written to give out bad information about him, immediately bought RKO Radio Pictures who owned Citizen Kane and stopped its distribution, then sent Orson Welles to Brazil to get him out of the way then cut, “The Magnificent Ambersons” to shreds, and then blacklisted Orson so he almost never worked in movies again.
2. Heaven’s Gate (1980) by Cimino shows how during the Range Wars a death list was created by the Satanic Elite and turned over to paid assassins, the genocide stopped by the people, and the Elite pardoned by the State Governor and the President of the U S of A. The picture was destroyed at the Box Office, the production company bankrupted and Oscar Winner Cimino – for “The Deer Hunter (1979)” – was blacklisted together with all the actors.
3. “The Last Samurai” 2003 showed how countries were taken over by the elite. Through the long tongued liars writing 100% bad reviews – about one of the best movies ever to have been made!! it was made to fail at the box office. Tom Cruise actor and producer received much bad publicity and was fired by Viacom head honcho, Sumner Redstone, almost destroying his career.
4. “The Saint” 1997 was about how Fusion Electric Power could save the world. Fusion Power could have been brought on line by the 1980’s if the derisory budget of 5 billion dollars per year had been increased, providing almost free electrical power for 10,000 years with Helium 3 mined at the Moon. Again, made to fail and its stars, Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue, blacklisted.
5. “The Golden Compass” 2007 was about cutting children off from their Souls, – “Just a little snip” Zombification, with obvious reference to the Lobotomy of “Man of Steel” Zack Snyder’s, “Sucker Punch”. 100% bad reviews for one of the best movies ever to hit the screens. Future movie trilogy wastebasketted. Stars blacklisted. New Line and its head Robert Shayler who had just produced The Lord of the Rings Trilogy making 3 Billion Dollars in the process – also a black mark – were disbanded and fired. The Weinsteins were fired from Disney.
5. “The Last Airbender” 2010 Click for my review.. Again, 100% bad reviews for an amazingly good movie. The Best!! Director Shyalmalan blacklisted. Future movie trilogy wastebasketted.
6. “Green Lantern” – “Forget the pessimism of the Intellect, instead focus on the Optimism of the Will” – Gramsci.
Fear overcome by Courage and the Will!!
In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight,
For those who worship evil`s might,
Beware my power!
Green Lantern’s light
7. “Cloud Atlas” 2012 Click for my review.. 100% bad reviews for an amazingly good movie.
8. “The Lone Ranger” 2013 Click for my review.. 100% bad reviews for an amazingly good movie.
9. “47 Ronin” – disgust at Satanic Shogun society consigning 47 good brave men to death. The start of the consignation of “Matrix” Keanu Reeves to the blacklist.


These movies are always the most interesting because by being opposed, you know there is something in them which is against the elite.

Also, each of these movies, like all Spiritual Movies, has been charged with the highest vibrations of Kundalini energy. For those with sight, no further evidence is necessary than that some great soul has deemed it necessary to project his Life into matter so as to make it Art.

So do the Lords of Light make it known that they exist, and that the long battle for the Hearts and Minds of men continues against Evil.

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The Watchtowers of Dee’s Enochian Keys and The Perverted Kundalini Key

The Antahkarana, the Watchtowers of Dee’s Enochian Keys and the Chakras above the Head – The Perverted Kundalini Key’s-Enochian-Keys-CHAKRAS-ABOVE-THE-HEAD.htm

King Arthur – The Story of Enlightenment – Satchidanand Spiritual Movue Review

To become King. To be crowned by God. You have to remove all your Energy Blockages, You have to be Enlightened.

The Kundalini Energy Level of this movie us Amazing which marks it as a Spiritual Movie, infused by Ascended Masters.

All the way through I had a smile on my face provoked by the Energy, but also by the genius of Guy Ritchie whose film path has grown from Lock Stock to Revolver to Sherlock Holmes – always telling a profound story as subtext.

Arthur is no dufferent – just Better!!

The Best Yet!!

So, this is the story of the son of King Uther Pendragon.

King Uther Pendragon has been killed by his brother Vortigern after waging war on the Kingdom with allies, Evil Mages like Mordred.

Like Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives when he got his Satanic SS to murder the people who had put him in power, Vortigern then killed all rhe Mages, genocided all the race of Mages!!

Arthur saw Vortigern kill his father but the trauma of this event has created an energy blockage which later in life is going to stop him wielding the full power of the sword, Excaliber.

His mother and father killed in front of him, Arther floats downstream in a boat, like Moses in the bullrushes, and is taken in by a kindly prostitute and brought up in a Bordello.

We see how Arthur quickly learns martial arts and becomes leader of a gang in old Londinium, bribing the police, stealing, looking after all his dependents, building up vast deposits of his ill-gotten gains – until he gets unto trouble by stealing from Viking friends of King Vortigern.

Arthur is captured and like all young men in the Kingdom, made to try to pull Sword from Stone.

He succeeds but the power of the Sword, – created from Merlin’s Mage Staff of Power and representing the spine carrying a full charge of Kundalini Energy from the Center of the Earth, out into the infinity of Chakras above the Head, – is too much for him.

The energy of Excaliber like the spine carrying a full charge of Kundalini Energy from the Center of the Earth, out into the infinity of Chakras above the Head, hits and energises all his energy blockages and he is laid out, fainting due to the Power of the Sword.

Captured by Vortigern, recognised as the son of King Uther Pendragon, his home destroyed, all his gang displaced, captured or killed, Vortigurn has created a vast spectacle to execute Arthur in front of the people so as to cement his power.

He escapes and so begins the saga of how he becomes Enlightened, removes all his traumas, all his energy blockages in order to wield the full power of Excaliber, kill the evil Vortigern, and take back his Kingdom.


Like evil Lord Blackwood in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes who sacrfices six virgins on Satanic Altars at different points in London in order to gain his Satanic Power, Vortigern must sacrifice that which he loves best, his beautiful and well loved wives, in order to gain sufficient demonic power to kill King Uther Pendragon and later, Arthur.

Like Macbeth we see how the Satanic three witches foment the trouble which ends in Macbeth’s totalitarian rule.

Human Sacrifice and slavery was the core of all the Pagan Religions prior to Christ, at the heart of Babylon, the Roman Empire, the Germanic and Norse Viking Religions and the Venetian Empire.

So we see the sacrifice of Vortigern’s wives resulting in his transmutation into a Satanic Warrior who kills King Uther Pendragon and is just about to kill Arthur until Arthur removes his final energy Blockage by receiving the vision of the death of his parents at the hands of Vortigurn.

Final Blockage released. Wielding the full power of the Sword Excalibur. Arther kills Vortigern.

Arthur thanks Vortigern for being the Perfect Enemy!!

Without Vortigern he could never have had the incentive to remove all his energy blockages to be able to weild the full power of the Sword.

Channeling the power of the Sword representing Kundalini Energy Arthur destroys Vortigern’s evil demonic power stored in his Tower which comes tumbling down.

The Tower represents the Satanic Watchtower which all evil Magicians create in order to live forever. Dr Dee and Aleister Crowley Used the Enochian Keys to create a column of Energy Twuxt Heaven and Earth but cut the top of the Tower off from God, then installed themselves at the top of the Tower as Dark Gods symbolised by a single eye. A pyramid tops an Obelisc Tower so thus the Eye in the Pyramid.

Livung forever in the chakras above the Head in Private Universes as Dark Gods, dependent for energy on their earthly Slaves whom they vampitise, forever – unless the slaves can gain the Psychic Knowledge to break free using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

The Antahkarana, the Watchtowers of Dee’s Enochian Keys and the Chakras above the Head – The Perverted Kundalini Key


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