One Complaint and Heaven and Earth Are Set Infinitely Apart

Why People Hate The LightGuru-Shishya

The only reply to the sound of one hand clapping and the Hossu striking. THE ONLY REPLY TO THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT WEBSITE TRANSMITTING THE BUDDHAFIELD. And this is not intellectual. Is to have sufficient evolutionary forgiveness to turn the other cheek. When they come to the site, many people complain. They complain about the colours. They complain about the Font. They complain about the formatting. But in reality, they are complaining about the Buddhafield, the pure perfect Spiritual energy emitted by site. But not only that, they are complaining about the origin of the Buddhafield which is Satchidanand, emanating the energy of the lineage of countless enlightened Masters. This Buddhafield energy is Kundalini. This Buddhafield energy is Shaktipat. In reality, the symptoms of Kundalini and Shaktipat vary amongst the people absorbing it. Some people get hot or cold or vibrations. Some people get projected onto the astral plane including spiritual visions. But some people hate this energy. Some people get ANGRY!! They hate it because this energy is removing evil energy blockages from the spiritual body. And the evil energy blockages HATE this energy which is helping to remove those evil energy blockages!! Because this pure, perfect spiritual energy is attacking the evil energy blockages. Those evil energy blockages, they say to their donkeys – those human bodies they ride lifetime to lifetime, “Go from this place” And they go!! And they make up all sorts of excuses as to why they go. Very much like the emanation of Kundalini Energy from Spiritual movies like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Every Movie critic in the World just Hates those movies. They can not explain why they are so successful. But their evil energy blockages just HATE the pure perfect spiritual energy emanated, radiated, from those movies. The evidence that God exists is in the information above. God put the Buddhafield energy into Satchidanand and site God put the Buddhafield into Spiritual movies like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The proof is that their evil energy blockages just HATE the pure perfect spiritual energy emanated, radiated, from those movies and the site. Pure Spiritual Energy leaves tracks. God leaves tracks. These items which radiate pure perfect spiritual energy, Kundalini energy, Shaktipat energy, in reality are tests which God provides to separate the wheat from the tares, the wheat from the chaff. To separate those people who can progress with meditation from those who need a few more lifetimes of condign Karma in order to be ready for Enlightenment. The Evolution of people is towards goodness. But some people are not sufficiently good for them to be able to take a genuine path. People are made up of a Council of Dark Angels and White Angels and they are always voting. Really, there is no reason to answer and give all of the above spoon feeding. The essential thing I can tell you is that people are not stupid. In alignment with Sosan, the Third Zen Patriarch I can say with full knowledge, “They Know!” And if they say they do not know it is because their dark energy blockages are too great for them at this time. That in this lifetime they themselves are allowing the Evil Energy Blockages to win because they themselves are complicit with the Evil Energy Blockages and the Dark Forces which control them.. And the whole information about why this World is the way that it is is contained in the sentences above!! “Because they themselves are complicit with the Evil Energy Blockages and the Dark Forces which control them..” Their Blockages have already prompted them to make their decision. They have already made their decision – Like Neo – and by complaining about anything – They are not taking the cookie from the Oracle this time. Energy Enhancement Student Jaimie used his spiritual vision to see that before Energy Enhancement, he needed five hundred lifetimes more karma in order to graduate from this world. With the removal of his karma using the Energy Enhancement seven step process he says all those five hundred lifetimes of Karma, all those evil energy blockages, have been removed. He is almost ready for Enlightenment on one lifetime. This Lifetime!! The above is an Open Secret. There are many paths and the most popular are those which can not work. And the people know this. And that is why they choose these paths. Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Sufism – all the current religions as they currently are are popular because they can not work other than as a foundation for Enlightenment – not Enlightenment itself – for the people who choose them. But for those who seek the true path, the path which works, the path which will lead them to Enlightenment, Illumination, Integration, Immortality, Atman, – They know that only The One who has successfully walked the path can really bring them to that which they seek. People are searching all over the planet for a Genuine Master, but me, I have been searching all my life for a Genuine Student. And it is in their choice of Master that the Evolutionary Heart of the Student is known. And the answer to those who cannot, do not want to, pay is to work and to help.. To know that if Energy Enhancement is important to them, in time they will acquire the necessary funds. Remember, Sosan says, “One Complaint, One Energy Blockage, and Heaven and Earth are set Infinitely apart” – Sosan – From “Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book of Nothing” – The Enlightened Mind of Sosan, which can be found by anyone in touch with their Soul, On this site..

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