Decoding The Holy Grail

Decoding The Holy Grail



And they may not necessarily be descendants of Jesus himself, but others who in ancient past lifetimes whose covenant with the Divine left an Energy Talent imprint. What they guard, what they fight for and advance, is not the simplistic notion that Jesus had children, but something far more powerful. It has been referred to as the Holy Grail, and it is these hidden bloodlines of light—not the visible blue bloods occupying positions of political and monarchical power—that are the true guardians of the Grail.

What is the Grail? It has been referred to as the cup that caught the blood of Christ, or the dish that carried the head of John the Baptist. These are symbols and should not be taken literally. The Grail is simultaneously an object of immeasurable power, the spiritual integrity needed to make use of the object, and the ernlightened destined to be its custodians.


The medieval Grail legends differed greatly, but the version by Wolfram von Eschenbach called Parzival is the least corrupted. As stated in Parzival, the “Graal” was a magical stone brought to earth for safekeeping by a troop of neutral angels during the Great War in Heaven. This stone had the power to manifest one’s wishes, filling one’s dinner plate and drinking cup with whatever one could desire to eat or drink.

If you trace the Grail legends back in time, you will first come across Persian stories about the Lamp of Aladdin. The Geni is the Greek Genius which translates from Ancient Greek as, “The Soul”


Then the Hebrew accounts of the Ark of the Covenant, then the Greek and Nordic myths concerning various horns or stones of plenty like the Occultem Lapidem -the Hidden Stone or the Philosophers Stone of Alchemical VITRIOL  such as the Horn of Hercules, the millstone of Amlethus, the Sampo, The Cornucopia The Projection into the Antahkarana of the Chakras above the head – like the Soul Chakra and so on. What these all have in common is that they concern an object that through a vortical process can access the Soul Chakra and turn thoughts into reality, something powerful enough to change history as we know it.

It is the keystone of our physical existence, a veritable “spacetime machine” of Energy Enhancement as a friend of mine has coined it.

The Holy Grail depicts the Cup of Christ into which flows the Blood of Christ, once we understand that the energy of god flowing from the Center of the Universe, Heaven, is the Blood of Christ and the Chalice of the Holy Grail represents the Quiet Mind, prepared and purified by Meditation. As the energy flows into the cup and lower, from the Base Chakra into the Hidden Stone, Kundalini Chakra in the center of the Earth, so a magnetic vortex of energy spirals around it, anticlockwise, widdershins in the direction of the flow.

So when The Da Vinci Code and related works talk about the Templars being custodians of a simple religious truth concerning Jesus having had a child and wife, do not be so naive. The guardians of the Grail are beyond petty family matters. Most Enlightened Masters are born as cuckoos into their family.

So to summarize, Jesus Christ was an Enlightened Master, a man of extraordinary purity who became an open channel for the divine Will, whose activities as a man such as marrying or fathering children bear no mark on the sanctity of the Christ energy that later descended into him. And if he did engender a divine bloodline, his descendants would not have been the Merovingians as claimed in The Da Vinci Code, so be very suspicious should the royal families or secular elite ever proclaim their right to rule over mankind due to their supposed divine status. They are usurpers, and should they ever attempt this they would fit the definition of anti-christ.

There are divine Enlightened Masters, but these are scattered about and work for Truth and Balance from behind the scenes, being entirely anonymous to the public. What makes a divine bloodline? Simply that the genetics are right for a soul of high spiritual caliber to repeatedly incarnate and continue the Work of uplifting mankind.jesus-02

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