Learn the Anti Energy Blockage Hack Technique to Remove Energy Blockages and Escape From the Matrix

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Learn the Anti Energy Blockage Hack Technique to Remove Energy Blockages and Escape From the Matrix

Learn the “Energy Enhancement Anti Energy Blockage Hack Technique” and Free Your Mind Once and for All. 

If we consider a human being as containing seven parallel chakra processors within the body and an infinity of parallel chakra processors above the head and below the base, connecting us to the Universe, then the more of these parallel chakra processors we can access, the more intelligence we have.

What stops the access to these parallel chakra processors is Energy Blockages.

We need to learn how to “Hack” these Energy Blockages to remove them so we can access our native genius. The Geni being the Soul Chakra, the first Chakra above the head.

Yet as we remove more of the energy blockages and access many more chakras, even more intelligence is possible!!



How aware are you of these energy blockages beings each stealing the limelight from awareness?

We all desire stillness and control within our minds, and prefer our inner domains to be free from disruptive thoughts that cause us to react.

Reacting in this context means thinking more thoughts resulting from energy blockages that were primarily implanted by the Luciferian Archons (The ego) that know you better than you know yourself!

These entity energy blockages live by thought alone and use thought to manipulate this reality by implanting thoughts into all of humanity.

We direly need to be free from all energy blockages.

An energy blockage is a thought that has been energized to the point of gaining it’s own life and dominion within the psyche of the captive’s mind. It literally is a created entity that lives within a person that wants its own way.

An energy blockage can be compared to a stuck tape — its patterns and reasoning are repetitious and serve to keep you in frozen malfunction, or an unconscious existence.

You become like a computer trying to function with an energy blockages virus; everything is a struggle and your frequency is slower than it should be.

Energy blockages become ingrained into your mind and rule your life while you are unconscious.

Many of us have become slaves to the consequences of being a victim to the Luciferian egregore group of thinking entity energy blockages, that gain more access to our minds through matrix-based information constructs, such as words, numbers, shapes, colors and sounds.

The sad fact is that the more thought-based illusory knowledge and information you have uploaded, that has arisen out of this 3-dimensional experience, the easier it is for you to become a victim from the very data that you have absorbed.

Once you start considering this holographic realm of energy blockages to be real and science or religion guiding beacons to the truth, then you become imprisoned into the Matrix.


Disconnected from the Universe you become imprisoned into the Matrix, in THINGS!!.

The longer you live by the Logic-Based, Thought-Based, Laws the harder it becomes to regain your conscious mind from within the holographic reality.

Remember that words originate from thoughts, and that thoughts create light. Thoughts are a frequency because they have an energetic vibration; vibration is energy and energy glows as light.

Although this light cannot be perceived with our limited sight, it is real and it is what creates this light-based reality that conjures matter.

We learn the alphabet and the number system in school so that we may curse ourselves and render ourselves spellbound by all those letters and numbers that quantify our eternal, omnipresent nature.

We all have energy blockages uploaded into our consciousness, otherwise we could not manifest in this reality. At the very least, you believe you are real. That thought will, by all means, keep you around on the face of the Earth.

Gravity is an energy blockage, energy is a energy blockage, and even time is an energy blockage.

None of these written thought-based laws are real, but they are made very real by us, by the beliefs we absorb from the mainframe thinking construct that permeates its frequencies through our minds, which are programmed to receive from this false light, which is the great deceiver, father of lies.

Everything of the light is broadcasted from all knowledge-based institutions that insist reality is only what we are able to perceive with the five (very limited!) senses.

The senses are open to though-form suggestions

All the senses are receivers that are tuned to tune into the third dimensional matrix experience.

They only serve to experience the illusion. The belief that they, alone, experience reality, creates the limited world of a physical third dimensional existence.



Once you believe that all the input you receive through them is real, then you subconsciously give yourself away to this light-show going on around you.

Believing this is all there is to it, you use this light-show every time you have a chance for addictive pleasure that your senses find gratifying (not you!), and if you are anyhow religious, you then feel guilty, for most of the pleasures are considered to be sins. And guilt manifests a whole lot of remorse, regrets and fear.

If a human being experiences fear in any form, then it is like a bleeding seal in shark infested waters.
Fear opens you wide open to the destructive thoughts that lead to all sorts of devastating effects.

Those that experience the most fear, exhibit the highest degree of dysfunction in their realities. The further you sink into fear manifesting from guilt, the deeper you sink into the vortex of negative imagery and destructive thought patterns, which you cannot yield in any way.

You may term this is “demonic possession” if you like. Possession is much more common than most people believe. Most people are indeed possessed today by all sorts of thought-entities living inside them. Understand that thought gave birth to your demonic components.

“I think, therefore I am” — René Descartes

Descartes was half right, but, it is not you and never was you that thinks, it was the energy blockages, although if you understand that the word “I” actually insinuates EYE, the all seeing eye, representing Satan/Thoth (i.e. Thought), which conjures up reality, then Descartes was right on cue!



The deeper the consciousness resides in duality, the more thoughts may be implanted to freak out about and react to, triggering you into bouts of unconscious feeding the illusion, that is mostly conjured by negative streaming.

That’s why religions are all fear and duality based. What a clever plan by the secret societies, such as the Freemasons, to erect a platform and a foundation for the reality construct of this world!

It is very important to remove yourself out of duality so that you may not feed two different sides of the same illusion with thoughts. Once duality is deprogrammed, you have much more space available to you, where before you had conflicting thoughts between good and bad.

Life and death is also duality based.

The two conjured notions are only made real by the existence of each other, and if you remove one, then the whole paradigm seizes to be.

The unnecessary fear of the bad one (i.e. death) would have never originated. The ancients were never afraid of death; they knew that dying here meant “waking up” somewhere else.

What if there was only life? What if there was only death?

Its all thought-based deceit, mean to confuse us. The real you is eternal and now you are only in a third-dimensional illusion prison that has thought itself into something, that you believe to be real. It is time to come out of the box and play!


It is time to come out of the box and play!

It is time to access the infinite energy of the chakras outside the body

It is time to learn how to alchemize, to remove, an energy blockage.

Have you ever had an incredible amount of energy and you had been forced to sit in a room and do nothing?  Your brain must have probably exploded, as you thought yourself into a short circuit.

Your mind needs a disc cleanup every now and then. There are viruses in the form of energy blockages running the show and you need to do something about them!

Once you can identify them, you can alchemize, remove, them.



It may be a difficult emotional process because you will be in a battle with your demons that do not want to leave, as they only live because of you.

Once you identify the energy blockages pattern, agenda and its origin point (why you gave birth to it), you can then forgive and love it, which will allow you to release it, and breathe a sigh of relief…

Whenever you are confronted with a problem thought in the mind and body (DNA related to ancestors and parents), then you can use the information to release the energy blockages.

Thoughts, energy blockages, are information technology (from the matrix programmed reality) that are implanted into your mind, which is also information technology, although YOU are NOT information technology, the mind and the program. You are Eternal. You are the Lord of your Computer!!

Labeling the problem in the psyche correctly, you shift the problem where that space was and you take that space where the problem is.

If the problem is what it is said to be, it will alchemize immediately and you will no longer have a problem. It will serve to overcome energy blockages and bring you back to empty space and stillness, where there is only now.

Find your Deep Peace and Infinite Energy.

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