Tumbleweed Tourist

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The tourist likes to visit a place but never settle down. The tourist likes people to know he’s been to see Swami So-and-so-ananda, and oh… not forgetting that Great Master of the Tao last year. The tourist pays a visit; makes a superficial encounter; laughs and jokes with others passing through; always has some spiritual advice to give. Never is the tourist himself tied down.

The element of air is dominant, as the tourist blows like tumbleweed from one Guru to the next; from one teaching to the next. It’s a paradox, that just when the Sanyasin ( the Student) is about to make a big break through, he ups and leaves the ashram, he ups and leaves the Buddhafield of his Guru. The Light is just too much to bear. The big blockages start talking, and the tourist moves on.

“You have to overcome this popular trend toward recreational spirituality, recreational religion; superficial involvement in it all…Religious consumerism.”Adi Da Samraj (https://youtu.be/FtKLAz9lNSw)

It’s the tourist that, finally after 15 years of wandering, asks a Master, “Why am I still so unhappy after all these years of seeking? I don’t feel I’ve made any progress at all!”.

It’s a cliche, but sometimes cliches are the best:

“To find water, don’t dig 10 holes 1 meter deep. Dig one hole 10m deep.”

The Spiritual Tumbleweed Tourist is just another product of fear. What covers up fear? Masks cover up fear, sub-personalities cover up fear. Gurdjieff said that a man is unaware of his biggest blockages. That which really holds a man back, is unbeknown to him. From the movie ‘Revolver’ by Guy Ritchie, which is all about the integration of sub-personalities:

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you will ever look.” 

Our true enemy is in us – it is our selfish competitive ego. (He go! ego!) That voice that always tells us that we are right, that gives us our pride, that tells us not to give but only to take, that creates our aggression, that wants to be in control, that creates all the negative feelings and thoughts, that decides Swami So-and-so-ananda is too big for his boots, he says some really hurtful things, his spiritual practices are having no effect, and anyway…… have you heard!!?? Swami A-n-other-ananda is in town! He’s all the rage. I must go and see him! Oh! I can’t wait!

… and so it goes, the tourist keeps on missing; at best only scratching the surface of his Being.


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