Exceeding the Organisation’s Vibrational Frequency – Get Kicked Out or Leave First

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Evolution Means either Getting Fired or Leaving First

When you work for an organisation, you are expected to ‘pull the party line’. If the boss tells you to do something, you do it. There is a certain vibrational frequency at which the organisation functions. You have to fit into this. You have to compromise.  You may disagree with this and try very hard to demarcate your home life from work life, but in reality – energetically – you have compromised. Another way of looking at this, is that you are in a relationship with the organisation you work for. You share their back yard.

One sign that you are making progress in this life; that you are indeed evolving as a human, is that you get kicked out of your job, or you are sensitive enough, and indeed strong enough to leave before this happens. Hmm…maybe I need a sort of disclaimer here, cos there areother reasons why you might get fired. This is just one of many.

silent strategy. self sabotage. sub personality.

As you evolve as a human, you sort of outgrow your boots. The energies of Enlightenment mean that you become increasingly less forgiving of wrong view, wrong action etc. You may not know it or be aware of it but you start to become a walking point of tension. Your boss probably does not know why either. All he knows (or rather what he perceives) is that you are increasingly getting on his nerves, being awkward, suggesting some seemingly outrageous things, not laughing at his jokes etc.

Rivers become Mountains. Mountains become Rivers

We have gone passed the new age hippie-like person who puts on the “Look at me. I’m just happy all the time because I found Jesus” mask.

Man in Suit Meditates - Accessing the Energies of the Soul - Samadhi

We are talking about those of you starting to experience a revolution in your evolution. We are talking about real change in your life. We are talking about what it really means to get in touch with the vibrational frequency of the Highest  Heart, the Prajna Paramita,and the associated energies of Samadhi which, using VITRIOL (aka Kundlini Kriyas, 5 Elemental Paths of Qi) are circulated throughout your entire Being and can not not have an effect your environment.

Old things and people drop away and new experiences, new people, and new things enter into your life. Old jobs go, and something more akin to your true function enters in.

meditation, samyama on trauma formed blockages

Mountains are again Mountains. Rivers are again Rivers

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