Politicians are Corrupt and Cannot Be Saved

 From Level 4 Initiation 3 Transcription

Politicians are Corrupt and Cannot Be Saved

…to enlighten the planet, you need to do that with every one of the 6 thousand million people on the planet. You’ve got to open the lines of communication down to their crown chakras also. Yea? So everyone of those 6 thousand million people.Now that would be a good task wouldn’t it? Now this is going into the last initiation of Energy Enhancement, of what to do to help the planet…

And we all talk about it don’t we? We all say “Oh lets join Greenpeace”. It doesn’t matter that the guy in charge is an absolute idiot! “Lets all join Friends of the Earth”, it doesn’t matter that their hands in pocket with all the industries of the earth.

They say, “Lets help all the politicians”. But politicians are absolutely impossible to help, they’re all bought. You know, the only good politician I’ve been told is one that stays bought. (laughs) There’s all these lobbying groups and money passing hands, you know. M. T when she left she became the spokesman for BAT (British American Tobacco). That was her job. Her job was to put cigarettes into the hands of every baby in Britain, and she took it, “just give me the money”…

Student: Really?

Really, she was the spokesperson for BAT, one of the biggest organisations in the world based upon drugs. She didn’t stop there. And she was a very powerful lady. But I’m just saying, by their fruits shall you know them.

T. Bliar had a meeting with Bernie Ecclestone who’s in charge of racing about 5 years ago. And they had been banned from putting cigarette adverts on their cars. And now it is a fact that Bernie Ecclestone gave the Labour Party one million pounds. And after that meeting, mysteriously, T.Bliar said they don’t have to not display tobacco advertising, they can display it for another 4 years. And that’s how things get done. I’m saying this is a fact, this is what happened.

I wonder how T.Bliar managed to buy his last house. Nobody in Britain wanted to have 50 super casinos in Britain, because they thought, it would bring the mafia in, it would bring in money laundering into Britain and nobody in Britain wanted it except for T.Bliar. And then you find out he’s buying a new house. He’s been looking at Putin, puta Putin, the guy in charge of Russia. He came to the south of France and he bought a villa for 250 million dollars on wages of 50,000 rubles a month. Now that’s pretty good isn’t it? He must have good housekeeping. His wife must be really good at bearing the potatoes and things.

So corruption exists and if you want to change the world, you’ve got to come in via another route. And that route is a spiritual route. And Energy Enhancement gives you the tools to change yourself, change your family and if you want to, to change the whole wide world.

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