Bodybuilding for the Soul


 Bodybuilding for the Soul

To explain the transformation of the soul getting bigger. I noticed that in the gym, I would get to the maximum weight on a machine and then just keep to that weight and do more reps like Bruce Lee does, do a big weight for you and loads of reps. Carbs kept my temporary energy high and protein built the muscle mass so I could permanently cope with that weight. This is similar to the evolution of the soul.

Meditation builds up your day to day chi (like carbs).

Grounding bad blockages and utilising them to add to your angel colonies and healing inner children and integrating them build up the soul (like protein builds the body).

Eventually you’d be strong enough to deal with a big blockage thoughtform and permanently understand it and utilise it in day to day life because you have used your bigger soul to manage it. The journey of man to genius to ascended master.

About meditationalchemy

This website supports the Energy Enhancement course. Is the new, safe, smooth and fast way of losing all internal negative energy and pain because it works only at the energy level, therefore speeding up the path of enlightenment. Meditation energy enhancement has helped many people on this path from those with the biggest energy blockages to those whose aspiration is to help the world and all the people in it...
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