Gurus Healing Their Students ~ Swami Satchidananda, Shri Yogendra and More

Source: Level 4 Initiation 3 Transcription

 Gurus Healing Their Students

Swami: And I remember, that once I accompanied Zen Master Hogen

to Greece, we ended up on the island of Lesbos together. And he was doing a course with Victor Van Kooten and Angela Farmer who were the top international yogis of Sri Iyengar. The one that did Light on Yoga, very famous guy.


Hogen had been invited to be the Zen Master of this course that had been set up by Victor Van Kooten and Angela Farmer. And I was along as his general factotum. I was his servant. I had to sort him out. I had to make his food. I had to cut his hair. I had to wash his clothes and his dishes. And we’re all living in this same little house together with me and this other female facotum. And it was a normal sesshin. You know, normally you are together with a Zen Master for a week. And in that time, sesshin means, a time when we try harder. Which means instead of sitting for a normal 2 hours a day, we sit for longer. And we do some yoga as well. So we were sitting there for about 6 hours a day, doing a couple of sessions of yoga.


And Hogen would take us out for mantra run as well “bodhi svaha bodhi svaha bodhi svaha bodhi svaha (out of breath noise). And Hogen he used to like running marathons, he’s pretty fit and he’s one of these guys that after many years of yoga he could sit and do the splits, you know, just totally hands down splits, you name it he was doing all of those sorts of things. And even at the age of 70 odd which he is now, I dare say he will be doing still out in Queensland, Australia which is where his founding ashram is this very moment.

He says he wants to found a place where he gets away from all the things of this world like coca cola, television, war (laughs) things like that, you know, that quite upset you from time to time. Anyway after we’ve been together for quite a while because I was sleeping in the same house as this powerhouse of energy which was Hogen. And I had this very strange dream, and what happened was, I was lying like…I don’t know If you’ve saw Lord of the Rings part 2, but Aragorn is dead, yea? It’s the scenes of the future.


And he’s sort of lying in state on this block of stone, it might have been a statue of Aragorn lying down. I don’t know. Well he’s sort of like that (holding sword) with his sword there, dead. Well, I found myself on one of these blocks of stone, just lying there. And I was dead. And I was like a king, I was dressed like a king like Aragorn. And Hogen just sort of walks up, and he sort of bends over like that, with a straight back, and he just puts his mouth over my right eye and he goes (sucks) and he sucks my right eye out. And he takes it and he sort of polishes it up a bit and puts it back in his mouth and he blows the eye back into his eye socket. And then he sort of just trances off you know.

But strangely enough when I wake up in the morning there’s a big cuffufel on because Hogen the idiot, he got some olbas oil on his finger, it’s something thats got winter green oil and eucalyptas oil and its very sort of strong stuff, you usually put it on the (inaudible), its heat, deep heat. He’d put it in his right eye, the idiot, he stuck his finger in his right eye and his eye was all swollen up with this very strong essential oils and the people had all the water bottles, putting the water in, and squeezing it out. And for 2 weeks afterwards, Hogen was walking around like a pirate, he got this eye patch over his eye and he’s walking around like a pirate (laughs). And it’s about that time that I started being able to see psychically (laughs with students).

And it is often said that the master takes on the blockages of the student. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know they did this physically. Well I heard that Ramakrishna, a very famous saint, he used to suffer like his students. He used to take on everything all over his own body. It sounds a bit medievil to me. There must be a better way of doing these sorts of things. But what are you going to do with a gollum with horns who keeps slipping out of hospital like a slimy little turd that he his.


Dhiren: (inaudible) His feet are pink now. (inaudible – Dhiren describes blockage). In my meditation when I went to see him, his feet are pink.

Swami: His feet are pink? Did you tickle them for him

Dhiren: He’s raging. He’s raging in anger.

Swami: Then he’s dying of the light (laughs)

Dhiren: He’s locked up in the hospital room (inaudible).

Devi: Which year was that with Hogen?

Swami: Oh..this was a about 1987/87. I memory is not so good about these sorts of things.

Devi: 88 impossible Satchi because we met in 1989. (inaudible)


Swami: It happened earlier than 89, I said 88 which is 1 year earlier. I said 87 or 88.

Devi: 87..

Swami: Yea I said that….And it’s very interesting that one of the functions of the master is to take those blockages from the students that they can’t sort out themselves.

Devi: And also there is a thing with Rumi, do you remember Rumi had gone very quiet. It’s very nice.


Swami: There’s a beautiful story about Jalal Ad-Din Rumi. One of my favorite saints from Sufism. He is called the Persian Shakespeare. He was a beautiful poet, who wrote nothing ezcept the love of God. And of course these days, it’s Iran isn’t it. It’s Iran, it’s not Persia anymore, it’s Iran. You know they’ve had a culture there for thousands and thousands of years. Jalal Ad-Din Rumi was the one that invented gyration and whirling.


And they ask him “Why do your monks twirl and twirl around in circles for days?” And he said “Well they need something to wake them up”. Anyway, one day some people came by to see Jalal Ad-din Rumi and when they came to his palace they saw everybody in the courtyard, it was filled with students and Jalal ad-Din Rumi was sitting in meditation cross legged in the middle of the square and all the 200 students were jumping up and down and they were going (scream).


They were banging their heads against the walls, and the people said “Oh, we’re not going in there”, and they came away. And they came back 6 months later, and as they looked inside the doors, they saw Jalal ad-Din Rumi and he was jumping up and down and he was going (scream) and he was banging his head against the walls.


And all the students all 200 students are all sitting down in the lotus posture in deep meditation and they’re going “Oh, we’re not going in there”. And they came back 6 months later and by this time they saw Jalal ad-Din Rumi and he was sitting in the middle of the courtyard in meditation and nobody else was there and they said “Oh we’ll go see him this time, that’s better”. And they said “Jalal ad-Din, Jalal ad-Din, we’ve come for your blessings” and Jalal said “Yea, you’ve come just at the right time” he said, “First” he said “all these students they come here to made enlightened, and first of all” he says “I exert my power, I expand my aura and I drive out all of the little demons

and as the demons are leaving these people they get a bit upset, (screams) and they’re jumping up and down banging their heads against the walls. It’s a tough old job this. And you know the second time you came by, I’ve gotta deal with all of these demons. I’ve got to catch them all and bring them all inside me and I’ve got to deal with them. I’ve got to take them up to heaven.” He says, “It’s a very difficult job, that’s why I go (screams/weird) banging my head against the wall, it’s really tough you know, it’s a tough old job being a saint.” And he said “Well now they’ve all become enlightened and they’ve all gone off to the other sides of the world to teach all the rest of the people, I’m just waiting for the next lot, do you fancy staying. We have a process to go through, it’s called Energy Enhancement” (laughs).

So it gets a little bit tough from time to time. So I was just in the middle of talking about how the masters taken on the blockages of their students, from time to time when necessary. And if they’re not taking the blockages of their students they are expanding their auras,


they’re driving out, their helping the elimination process, all of these bad things, you know, that we have inside of us. And of course if you are not enlightened, you still have some blockages inside. Hmm, yes, it’s not all done yet.

I remember going to Bombay, and I had been reading a little bit about this guru called Sri Yogendra.


Apparently he was the guru who in the 1930’s and 40’s had been the guru of Theos Bernard.


How about that? And Theos Bernard had been there for a few years with him in Bombay. And I had been talking with one of his students in England, and he said “Oh Sri Yogendra’s enlightened, he’s a good chap, you ought to go see him if you get the opportunity”. So there I was in Bombay I had forgotten all about it, and I was just reading through the newspaper, that’s the only newspaper I ever looked at in India, because usually they’re in Hindi. This was in English. And I saw this little advert and it said “Yoga Camp – Sri Yogendra and his son Doctor Jayadeva, medical doctor”


And Sri Yogendra was 96 years old and Doctor Jayadeva his son was 60. And I thought “Oh that’s interesting I’ll go and sign up” So I went along and I signed up and I went there and we did a week with Doctor Jayadeva about yoga. And at the end of the week, something happened that I didn’t know was going to happen. Apparently, all the people of the yoga camp came for individual interviews with Sri Yogendra himself. Now Sri Yogendra was a very powerful Yogi when he was younger.

Apparently they used to put him in darkened rooms so people could marvel the way that the blue prana was flowing all over his body. And his son, Dr Jayadeva, I saw a photograph of him, and he’s got his arms crossed across his chest and he’s floating in midair and there’s no support and I said to Dr Jayadeva “Hey, how did you do that, how did you make that picture?” and he said “Well it’s a trick” he said “What you do is, you lie on the ground, put your hands on your chest like that, and then you concentrate the prana inside and then you float off the ground” he says” It’s a trick”. (laughs).

So there I was and I was just ushered into the presence of this very old man, I still have the pictures of me and him together, at the age of 96, but he was still all there you know, and he was sitting in his little chair, and I just felt immediately attracted to sit down at his feet and I didn’t even know that, that was what you were supposed to do because I wasn’t knowledgeable about Indian gurus. But as soon as he looked at me, he looked at me in the eyes and I just went (slap) whoomph straight down at his feet. And he was talking to me and I never said a word, I couldn’t I was just there listening to him and he was telling me of the times he was in New York in the 1930’s and he was healing all of the children of the millionaires. He said, “They knew how to treat a healer in those days” he said “They gave me a black stallion and I was riding around in Central Park” and he said “that’s where I got all my money to create my ashram in India”. And he was talking about “When I go to sleep I wake up in the morning and I don’t know who I am” he said “My mind goes out all over the universe, it just spreads out everywhere and so sometimes I don’t know who I am”. In my mind I was thinking, “What is this shit? What is this idiocy” but I never said a word, no, I couldn’t, I was just glued to the ground at his feet.

And it reminds me of this Zen master, who every time when he woke up in the morning he’d used to say “Are you there?” and then he used to reply “Yes I’m here” “Are you ready to get up then?” “Oh yes, I’m here” (laughs). He would do this every day. All of his students thought he was totally mad. There were some very strange tales about Shri Yogendra. Apparently if people used to come in and they didn’t respect him, he used to beat them up and throw them out in the street, you know, gurus are like that you know. They’re not all peacefullness and light. Out! Go! Never darken my door again, (inaudible) respect! Anyway what happened after that was, I never said a word, but the servant came in and said “15 minutes are up you’ve got to leave”. So I went and I walked over to the door, and I turned round, and Yogendra said “You know it is well said that English people have good hearts” and I said “Oh thankyou very much!” I never said a word. But I suppose you can tell. I felt good, egotistical, my heart is very nice.


But for 2 days after that interview I had so much energy. And there was that little old man, 96, and the energy was going up into the center of the universe and it was with noise as well I could hear it as it was whistling past me, it was going whoom…like a big generator, whoom, down into the center of the earth…whoom..going up to the center of the universe…whoom going down to the center of the earth, and I thought “Yea, this is a good guru this, he knows what he’s doing” And that night, Sri Yogendra was talking to his son and he said “Jayadeva, I can’t seem to hold in my energy, so I think it’s time for me to die tonight. I am going on to my samadhi.”And that night he died. He decided, (clicks fingers) gone.

And it’s said, that before a guru dies, he gives his energy to his most favourite student. Same thing happened with Swami Satchidananda.

When his guru, Swami Sivananda died, before he died, he sent a portion of his energy to Swami Satchidananda. And Swami Satchidananda writes a bit in his book, and he told me directly, that was given fire by his master, just before he died. And for 3 nights, 4 nights, before Swami Satchidananda died I couldn’t get to sleep, I didn’t know he was going to die, I knew Swami Satchidananda was sending me so much energy. I was in white light, I was encased in this white light energy, all night long and I couldn’t get to sleep for 3 or 4 nights before he died. And then the light stopped one night, and the next day I heard Swami Satchidananda is dead.


And what I am trying to say to you is, that, getting rid of your blockages is not enough. Somehow you have to be good enough to be given some energy. You get energy at your enlightenment initiation. You get all over your chakras enlivened by the initiation process. But you know, the guys that do the initiation which are all of your masters and the guy thats in charge of this planet, Sanat Kumara, he’s the archangel in charge of this planet, he comes down with his rod of power, and he presses this rod of power against your third eye. And this rod of power has come from another planet entirely, it’s filled with some very potent energy. And this energy stabilizes you at that point of enlightenment. And before you can become enlightened, you’ve got to have passed through the opening of the heart, the mastery of relationships, and soul infusion. And all of these 3 initiations, they’re going on in parallel, and the final initiation is soul infusion. But before you can get that final initiation, you must have been tested if you have a good heart, that as people come you let them come, you don’t push them away, and as people go you let them go, you don’t hold onto them. Non attachment, enlightenment, comes from meditation and non attachment. I’m preparing you for the next initiation of Energy Enhancement. Non attachment. And what is this non attachment. Well in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it says, the conscious self mastery of one who does not move towards, that which he sees, or that which he hears about. But it’s not that, it says there’s a further non attachment which comes automatically when you become enlightened. Before you are enlightened, you’ve got to have that conscious self mastery, but after enlightenment, it becomes automatic.

So blockage-less, none of those nasty little blockages inside that take you away from your path, pure, stainless, not divided, not split, one. All of your assasins, your inner assasins, totally healed and integrated into your soul stem. Not only all of your blockages, but all of your karma you’ve ever created, gone. Yea? And I’m saying we’re teaching you how to do all this on the Energy Enhancement course, but there is a big difference between being taught how to do it and actually having done it thoroughly, completely. And this is why I’m talking a little bit about the maintenance program also. Because if you’re going to expand your work on the path, you must be given energy and you won’t be given energy until they can trust you and they won’t trust you until they have tested you and when you have been tested, you must have passed the test. And you see how pernickety they are over little details, phroar. They’re really tough these guys, it’s even worse with the main planks of the platforms, of the program. With little things they’re like that, but on big things their even more tough. So, I’m just preparing you for the next initiation, and whether we do that tonight or whether we do it tomorrow it does not matter, possibly we have a little bit more work to do. Possibly better to have cleaned things out more first before we move into a little bit more.

Devi: (translating for student) What is the name of that initiation?

Swami: Well I’m preparing you for the initiation of non attachment, but possibly we will do a little bit more work before we get that far. Because it’s a very high initiation and it’s necessary to learn how to disconnect before they truly learn how to connect. And it was Goethe that said…and he was a Rosicrution and he was connected with all of the societies who’s aim was spirituality, and it was said that Goethe, a very – genius of germany, was also a master, and he said “Connect, only connect”. Yea? So there we go, we’ll find a little bit more about that as well. Okay it’s half past 2, it’s time for whatever. Bye bye everybody.

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