Gurdjieff Reciprocal Maintenance

Source: From Transcription of Level 4 Initiation 4

Gurdjieff Reciprocal Maintenance

(reffering to their last days on Energy Enhancement live course)

Honey: And you know when you come Satchi, I’ll do a double party, you watch, yay Satchi’s gone now.

Swami: (laughs)

Honey: Take that

Dhiren: First party (inaudible) and next party is to say “hey has gone”

Swami: Well you’ve got to have both, life is not just one thing. Life is made up of polarities of love and hate and being really happy together but being relieved that they’ve gone.

It is that, life is like that and you’ve got to accept all of it because it’s all true. And yet, we are very happy together, aren’t we? Aren’t we happy being here? We’re happy little bunnies, doing our work. I feel really happy doing that. And I feel that every course that I do. I’m sort of really happy being here doing these things..

Honey: We can tell.

Swami: Anyway, I was wanting to prepare you for the next initiation which is a very important initiation. So how to do that. Because we’ve been talking about the 12 processor human model which actually crosses the boundaries of humanity into the earth and up into the soul and the angelic realms. You know, above us, we have ascended masters, archangels, people who are functioning at a much higher level than ourselves but with whom we are connected and therefore we are that…and Goethe said, connect, only connect. This is what we are doing and by connecting with the whole universe we find we can be filled 24 hours a day with higher energies.

And it’s not just that, there is an energy circulation whereby the energy flows down into us from high and then is transmuted in the center of the earth and returned. And so this is the Gurdjieffian reciprocal maintenance. We receive higher energies above. But we also receive transmuted lower energies below. The higher always feeds on the lower. But the lower is always fed by the higher. And this happens at every chakra level. Nice concept hey?

Gurdjieffian reciprocal maintenance. We receive energy from on high, but we also receive energies, transmuted energies from below, and the lower always receives energy from the high, fed by on high, but on high is also fed by below also so we have here, perpetua motion. Between 2 polarities, like a magnet, which flows forever, between north and south poles. So crown chakra is connected with soul chakra and there’s a flow of energy in each direction, there’s a circular flow of energy. And the higher needs the lower and the lower needs the higher because we are not one. We are not one part. We are the whole, yet we are part of the whole. This is why great ideas always go in polarities, there’s not just one idea, there’s 2 ideas at the same time, or maybe more. It’s just like having quadratic equasions in mathematics, there are 2 answers. There’s not just one concept, there’s 2 concepts, the microcosm and the macrocosm.The microcosm is man and the macrocosm is the whole universe. We are both, we’re not just one, we are dual. It’s very simple really (laughs). But they gurd in lots of words and confuses things.

 russian doll antah

So I was wanting to say that. And I was wanting to say also. That as well as receiving energies from above and below, we are also radiating and receiving energies from all of the lower chakras out into the world. Now this is the energy of the Cardinal Cross.

Meditation Kundalini Key

The line of the cross comes down like an antahkarana from down to below. But from the heart center and every other chakra you have the cross bar. Which is where the energies flow out and flow in from the world. Through every chakra. This is why you have the cross of Lorraine. The cross of Lorraine, is one line down and 2 lines.

One line through the brow chakra and one line through the heart chakra. It is saying the energy does not only come out through the heart, it comes out through all of the chakras.

Honey: What’s that called?

Swami: The cross of Lorraine. It’s a large bar at the bottom and a small bar at the top. That’s the one. That’s the cross of Lorraine. You’ll find that in the Energy Enhancement book when you get time to read it.


Honey: Ok. I will do don’t you worry.

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