Energy Cords and The Buddha’s Concept of Non Attachment

Source: Transcription of Level 4 Initiation 4 Streaming Levels

Energy Cords and The Buddha’s Concept of Non Attachment

Swami: So what is the concept that I want to go through today? And the concept is non attachment. Enlightenment comes from meditation and non attachment. Has anybody ever read Dune by Frank Herbert.

Santhan has. He likes it. There’s a film been made of it. It’s a very important book even though the film was a total disaster and didn’t show the book properly. The concepts in it are very interesting. And very much like a famous philosopher, I can’t remember his name now it’s gone from me. But the concept that I was wanting to put over was in order to have power you must be able to destroy the source of that power. And the concept in the book is like this, you’ve got one planet in the Universe that creates a drug that gives immortality. And there’s only one planet in the universe that creates this drug. In order to have power over that drug and to make everybody buy it from you, you must have the power to destroy that planet.

And the concept in science, as yes it’s Karl Popper, very good. Have you ever read “The Open Society and It’s Enemies” by the philosopher Karl Popper.

It’s s very good book, you’ll enjoy it. It’s all about Plato and Hitler, how people get in charge of society. Well Karl Popper is one of the most famous scientific philosophers of this generation. And his definition of science is, in order to prove something, you must have an experiment that which could disprove it. So if it passes that test, then you’ve proved the theory that you’ve got. In order to have power, you must be able to destroy the source of that power. In order to prove something, you must have an experiment which can disprove it. Yea? (laughs) Okay. I’m probably getting a bit too complicated.

Honey: Oh I quite like that, that’s really good. So in order to prove something, lets say, in order to prove something you need to have an experiment that can disprove it as well.

Swami: That can disprove it, if it fails the test.

Swami: If it passes it..

Honey: If it fails it then you know it’s proof and here it is.

Swami: Exactly,

Devi: An example, a more practical example.

Honey: It could be for example if – oh sorry

Swami: (laughs) Well there’s a very good one. Which people don’t quite believe because it’s a bit fraught, but they had this concept of the ether, instead of empty space. And so they invented the Michelson Morley experiment.

So if light was passing through this ether then it could be changed by it’s passage though the ether. So they did an experiment to see if this held water, and the experiment didn’t work so they came up with the concept, there is no such thing as ether. I suppose that’s alright if you’re a physicist, sorry folks!

Honey: If light was passing through the space…

Swami: Then it would be changed by the space…but actually Einstein proved it, he got light going close to the sun, it was bent by the gravity of the sun. So the concept of ether as a fluid that exists as space doesn’t change things but it’s the gravity that changes things in space. So the gravity wave said yes, but the ether concept said no. And it was the Michelson Morley experiment that disproved the ether. I’ve probably gone too far from my point here.

Devi: I don’t like this theory. I don’t agree.


Swami: But, the point that we’ve got here, in order to connect, energetically, you must have the power to stop that connection, in order to connect, really connect, you’ve got to have the power to stop that connection. And some people are afraid of disconnecting. And I would like to reframe that. I would say it is impossible to stop your connection with a human being because those connections always exist. But what you can do is reduce the amount of energy that flows down the connections. And this what I’m talking about when I’m saying disconnect. Because what we are going to do today is to learn how to disconnect. And I’m saying it’s impossible to disconnect. But what you can do is reduce the amount of energy that flows down the connection. And by saying I disconnect, it also means I can choose to connect, this is the difference, because unconsciously, normally a normal human being who is not enlightened unconsciously is connected to everybody they ever meet. And you’ve got some really bad guys on the other end of those connections.

And you are connected to all of their negative thoughtforms and blockages. So what I’m saying to you is, we are going to disconnect from all of those energy connections to everybody that we know so that we can choose to connect with the people who are important in our lives. We can choose who we connect to. And by having this choice and by doing this experiment of disconnection you can become much more aware, you can feel more what is happening in the lower chakras to which we are normally unconscious. By doing this particular exercise, you can become more conscious of everything that is happening in your whole being. Many people only live in 1 or 2 chakras. It’s like living in a small room when you have a mansion that can expand out into. I’m saying, by disconnecting in the lower chakras, you can then become much more aware of the connections in the lower chakras. Not to say “eurgh I don’t want to connect with people with my sexual chakra, my base chakra, my kundalini chakra”, but to say “Yes! Lets connect with everybody”. Lets make love not war.

Remember love is the energy of change and the base chakra, is one of the most powerful chakras that you possess and by consciously learning to connect with the base chakra, to people that you want to connect to, you can give that person 10 times more energy on the path of enlightenment. By consciously connecting with people you want to, out of the base chakra, base chakra to base chakra. You can give that person 10 times more energy on the path of enlightenment. I’m talking here about the fact that we need to meditate, we need to be on the spiritual path, but we also need to know, that if we are unconscious of all of the lower chakras, if we are unconscious of the connections up and down, but if we are also unconscious of the connections that go parallel across, chakra to chakra, then we are missing out on a tremendous amount of energy which can help with our enlightenment. And I’m saying that this is the way the masters work. They not only connect you through the crown chakra, they not only connect you through the base chakra, but if they want to, they can give you energies from their chakras also to boost the energy levels to reduce your blockages to help you on the path of enlightenment. And in order to get control of this ability within yourself you need to learn how to work with these energy connections. And I’m saying it’s very important to learn how to disconnect from all of the people that 10,000 people that are plugged into your lower chakras and who bung them up. By disconnecting from 10,000, you can connect with 10 correctly. And you can help them a lot. But if you just connected with 10,000 people it gets difused and muddy and dirty. Yea? Does that make sense? Does the concept make sense to YOU? I’m asking for questions here, because it’s a concept that’s very important and it’s nice to talk about it just to get this intelectually out of the way.

Honey: So what you’re saying that these 10,000, lets say all these connections that we’ve made

Swami: All of your life

Honey: We’ve had parrallel connections with these people on an unconscious level

Swami: Yes

Honey: And because of that they’re either sucking energy from you or you been taking away negativities and things like that

Swami: That’s right and you’re not conscious of it. It’s just natural and normal.

Honey: So what we get to do is cut up them.

Swami: (describes initiation) We’re going to consciously reduce the amount of energy flowing through the base chakra to all those 10,000 people and instead connect to them from the higher chakras which are much more appropriate.

David: These connections are karmic connections from our other lives?

Swami: These connections exist between you and every other human being. You have 6 billion people plugged into you. And some of those connections are taking more energy than others because you’ve met them before. You cannot stop the 6 billion connections but you can reduce the amount of energy that flows from each chakra to each of those 6 billion people. You can choose. You need to learn how to choose. It’s all unconscious. You need to learn how to make this more conscious. You need to consciously be more in charge of your connections. Who’s in charge?

Honey: What would happen –

Swami: Who is conscious? Who is conscious of what is happening to them? And this consciousness this awareness, is what the yogi’s talk about. And by practising with this, by practising disconnection and then practising connection after that then you can be much more conscious of what happens. At the moment there’s a lot of noise in the microphone. By reducing the noise you can then listen to one signal. And this is consciousness. Instead of listening to 10,000 voices, you consciously choose to listen to one voice.

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Swami: Just think you’ve got a trunk line plugged into your base chakra. A trunk line is like a great big trunk cable like that (holds hands up in an O shape) a big thick cable, that’s a cross section, and down the middle of that wire, there are 10,000 other wires, 10 billion other wires, and they’re all getting plugged into your base chakra. You’re making love with 10 billion people and you don’t know it! (laughs). It’s good to shock people isn’t it? You should be more faithful and only make love to one or two (laughs). You are very free with your connections. And this is why people are always getting distracted from one thing to another. Remember, non attachment, the conscious self mastery of one who does not move towards that which he sees or hears about. Yea? And at the moment you’re connected into 10 billion people and you’re mind is going falalal all over the place. It doesn’t lead to steadyness and vairagya. So what we are going to do in this exercise, we know we cannot cut off to those 10 billion people, this is an impossibility because human beings are all connected. But what we can do is we can cut off the amount of energy that flows along and to the base chakra and instead we can move those energy connections more up into the higher chakras.

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