The Experiences of the Students on the Streaming Level Videos of Energy Enhancement and The Maintenance Program for Their Enlightenment

Source: Level 4 Initiation 5 Streaming Levels

The Experiences of the Students on the Streaming Level Videos of Energy Enhancement and The Maintenance Program for Their Enlightenment

We’ve all of us had experiences on this course, and I’d just remind you of a few of them but they should all be there in you notes anyway. For example Vanessa was cleaning the lines of connection with Chris, her husband of 30 years, anniversary just a few days ago, and magically he starts reading a spiritual book. WOO! After reading no books for 30 years, he finally picks up a book by Eckhart Tolle they name of the book? “The Power of Now” I won’t ask if he continued reading it (laughs)


Vanessa (laughs) That’s a different matter

Swami: But at least he started. It’s good, it’s good.

And then, Federico he had a lot fun with his base chakra didn’t he?


I don’t want to go into details but he had a genuine coolo de brando! And you saw him there with tears running down out of his eyes on some occasions and you saw him there, red hot with steam coming out of his ears, we saw that didn’t we? That definitely happened. And although he hasn’t been able to come to every session and he hasn’t been able to finish the course, he definitely grew on the course and he was very happy with what he received on the course. And also we were all very happy to be here with him cos he’s such a happy guy with a big smile. You know, and he was going through stuff with his mother, and he has the same mother as Florencia


who is also on the course. She was a big child, well children really. And there she was she was battling for three days to ground her mother because in the life of many children the mother or the father is something very difficult to ground. That is where the hot fires are. The close family. If you cannot love your mother or your father said Gurdjieff, you cannot walk along the spiritual path. We need to forgive everything, even your mother, even your father. So I think she did some good work as well. Even though again Florencia was not able to finish the course, I think she got full value out of what she was here for. And indeed she expressed to me she was very happy also, she felt she had been blessed to be allowed to come here. And to do this very valuable work that she had been able to do on the course.

And then there’s Honey, she wrote me an article about herself for the first time last night.

And she was going on about these past lifetimes and how they were impacting, making her see what was happening to her in this lifetime as well as many other things which I can’t remember but I’m sure she can. But again she’s very happy and indeed Honey has finished the course, she’s done everything I’ve told her to do. She’s been the best person we’ve ever had on the course, well apart from this guy and that guy and the other guy you know, she did very well. She did very well, she did very well.

And Dhiren, Dhiren also had some fantastic experiences, with his spiritual masters, with purification, I don’t know how many experiences you’ve had Dhiren.

But you’ve had a lot! And you’ve had some feedback to say, “Yep it’s definitely working”. And you knew that on this course that you have grown muchly. I think you’ve had full value for your money as well. And you’re very happy with what’s happened to you on the course.

Dhiren: Yes!

Swami: Ecstatic. He’s even gained the inner smile. So Dhiren has grown on the course, he has evolved. I think I can see it. I don’t know whether other people can.

Dhiren: And more so, I would like to share this.

Swami: Please sir.

Dhiren I’ve found my love.

Swami: You’ve found your love on the course

Dhiren: Ouch!

Swami: But we can all see that Dhiren has grown on the course.

And I think we can say that David, I think he lost his throat chakra blockage.


Dhiren: Yes, a lot of questions and then nothing.

Swami: Which took him 3 days to get rid of. But I think we can all hear that his voice is a lot sweeter now. I mean that’s the minimum, I mean my God, throat chakra blockage is much more than that isn’t Dhiren? I think you lost your throat chakra blockage also. It’s to do with creativity. It’s to do with finding your voice in the world. It’s to do with confidence. And much more. I’m sure that David could tell us a lot of things that happened to him and again what do I know. But I know that he has expressed to me that he is very grateful and he is happy with what he has received on the course. And again, he has been given experiences that will hold him to the spiritual path, I hope for many years to come to say Yes, it does work. And you put the work in and you get the spirituality out.

And what I was wanting to say to you, was more about the maintenance program and I want to stress to all of you that when I asked Honey to go and talk to her 7 spiritual masters that she found on this course on the astral Buddhic plane, very high. I said “go and ask them about your enlightenment”. And what did they say? “Well” they said, “you’re not up to it yet lass. You’re very very good. You’re very very good. You’re very very very good but you need to have a program of meditation for at least one hour per day.” They always give the best students more to do. And they said “minimum of one hour per day, better you sit for 3 hours everyday for a year and we’ll see how you get on”. (laughs).

Honey: And to add to that so everybody else knows as well. I was told that the 28 initiations everyday I go through each initiation again, for 28 days. You give yourself 1 or 2 days just in case to catch up etc and you keep repeating it all throughout. You told me to go and ask the angels..

Swami: What to do

Honey: Yea

Swami: And they said “do the Energy Enhancement course again

Honey: Every month

Swami: “and again and again.” A monthly cycle.

Honey: A monthly cycle

Swami: That’s excellent, thankyou Honey.

Honey: The 28 initiations. And that’s why I keep asking what are the 28 initiations, that’s why I keep coming back to

yoga and because (inaudible) my little program I can just go through my 28 initiations

Swami: You need to have the headings. Because if you have the headings it will be very easy. Well with the DVD I give you, I’m going to give you the whole website. On that I’ve got Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and it’s got 7 or 8 initiations on each one and you can just go through.

Honey: But I just thought it would be great to share that with everybody. Every time you’ve told us some questions I’ve just gone up and asked and they’ve always given the answers.

Swami: Yes

Honey: And this is what they’ve told me.

Devi: This is very very good advice from them.

Honey: And that’s what I need to start doing. As soon as I go back to day 1 again and even if it means just working…when there isn’t much to do just sit and meditate.

Swami: Sit and meditate, exactly.

And although when people say to me, “Where in my busy life am I going to get the time to meditate everyday.

And I say “Well, you have to meditate as soon as you get up in the morning and if you’re meditating well, you will not need to sleep so long. Meditation is better than sleep, it gives you more energy than sleep can give you. And you’ll find after a few days you’ll have more time to do the things of your life and you’ll have more time to do your meditation.”

And I think I asked Dhiren to do the same thing, and he went up to his 5 spiritual masters

and what did they say to you Dhiren? They said “Meditate”. They did. He was worried I think, he didn’t want to become enlightened. He thought that non attachment would make him leave his love. That was his problem. He was a little bit attached. But then he was so happy to find, “Oh I’m not going to get enlightened immediately I’ve got to meditate every day, and then I will become enlightened”. He was so happy (laughs). So what did they say to you Dhiren? You’ve only go to meditate for 1 hour a day eh, is that all?

Dhiren: No they said “minimum for one hour”. But they also said “enlightenment is there for you whenever you feel you’re ready”. They said “whenever you’re ready, the choice is yours”.

Swami: The choice is yours. Well isn’t that wonderful, Dhiren could become enlightened at anytime, but like a Bodhisattva, he has chosen to stay on this planet to put down the rope for everyone else before he jumps over the wall.

Dhiren: I want to evolve in love and spirituality at the same time.

Swami: He wants to evolve in love and spirituality at the same time. And good for him, you know, it sounds very much like the tale of Ananda, Ananda was the general factotum and servant to The Buddha for 40 years and he was able to say to The Buddha “I want to be your general (inaudible) and you cannot tell me what to do because I am your elder relative and while I am your elder relative you have to do what I say, so before I enter the monkhood that I can be with you everyday.” But the problem was that all of these people kept coming to the The Buddha and after a few days they went away enlightened, and so many people were becoming enlightened in the presence of The Buddha because he had a very strong Buddhafield. But Ananda although in the presence of The Buddha 24 hours a day, he kept on going exactly the same, he never became enlightened whilst The Buddha was alive. And when The Buddha died all of the enlightened sages that The Buddha had created they got together to agree on the Buddhist bible. All of the teachings of The Buddha had to be agreed upon by people who eidetic memory, that means they have perfect memories, all the people who’s perfect memories who had recorded in their minds all of the talks of The Buddha, that he had made over 40 years and they agreed these are the words and they wrote them down in Parle. But when Ananda, the chief factotum of The Buddha, tried to get in through the doors to enter into this conference they said “Halt” talk to the hand (laughs), they said “Only enlightened people are allowed in”. And they said “Oh it is a trouble” they said “it is a bother than Ananda is not enlightened because he is the guy, the only guy that was present at all the talks of The Buddha. He knows more about The Buddha than any living person. But we can’t let him in because he’s not enlightened”. And Ananda was in tears. Floods of tears came out of his eyes. And he said “Oh why didn’t I get enlightened, why didn’t I ask The Buddha to allow me to get enlightened when he was here.” And he went away, decided to meditate and in 3 days he became enlightened. And they allowed him into the conference and he was able to add his penants to the Buddhist bible. Wasn’t that good?

Honey: How do you know when you’re enlightened?

Swami: How do you know when you’re not enlightened?

Honey: A lot to learn..

Dhiren: How can you compare this with me?

Swami: Not really, I’m just telling a story Dhiren, take it easy, take it easy.

Devi: There are some signs.

Swami: You know Sri Grupananda, he is married. And he has a wife and 2 children. Swami Satchidananda was married when he was younger, he had a wife and a child before his wife died and he was unable to go off and do his work as Swami Satchidananda. Hogen the Zen monk that I know, the enlightened Zen monk, he has a wife and 6 children, well at the last count.

Dhiren: So I still have a chance.

Swami: A wife and 6 children. But it was his wife that came to him, she was his student, “Please marry me Hogen, please marry me”. And Hogen said “Well what can I do” He said “It was a choiceless choice”. But he made the condition, “you are my wife but you can’t tell me what to do, you have to remain my student”. Many different ways, enlightenment doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy normal human life, there is no difference between your normal guy and an enlightened guy, they just have a little bit more energy. Yea? You can find people who have more psychic powers than a an enlightened guy, just normal guys, more psychic powers, but the difference is that they are more pure. They do the right thing. Remember, the initiations up to enlightenment, the opening of the heart, the mastery of relationships, so that if somebody dies on you, as they come let them come, and as they go let them go, parting is such sweet sorrow….I should be starting to translate this all myself…

Devi: Okay..well I will shut up and you can translate…

(they chat about a specific translation of a word)

Swami: So…the initiation of enlightenment simply means, that you have been confirmed in your position of being a soul illuminated being. A soul infused being. Now you can be in that state of being a soul infused being for many years but you will find you can drop from that state very easily it’s the conscious self mastery stage. If you are not enlightened you can come down from that point. But if you are enlightened you are confirmed in that place, you cannot drop from there. Before enlightenment you are in a stage of conscious self mastery. Now, Swami Sivananda, he was the master of (inaudible) and Satchidananda.

He said “If you can sit in the lotus posture for 3 hours without moving, chances are you’ll be enlightened”. Now remember, what you’re saying here, your base chakra must be free of all blockages. And the only way that you can stay in the lotus posture for 3 hours is that if you can get out of your body. Remember what is says in the prajna paramita sutra. It says “The Bodhisattva lives in the prajna paramita. He lives in the higher chakras. He doesn’t only live in the body. He doesn’t only live in the appendage. He knows that the body is his donkey. He knows that his body is his puppy dog. But he does not live in the body, he lives in the higher chakras of the soul, of the Monad, of the Logos, of Sirius, of the Avatar of Synthesis. He lives in prajna paramita. It says “With no hindrances in the mind, and therefore no fear”. Now hindrances mean energy blockages, he lives without blockages and therefore he doesn’t have any negative emotions without fear. “Far beyond mistaken fantasy, as last there is nirvana.” Nir means nothingness. And when Socrates said “I know nothing” he was saying I know the higher chakras. Because the higher you go, the more fine the energy and the more potent the energy. “Far beyond mistaken fantasy, at last there is nirvana. All past, present and future Buddhas live in the higher chakras, in prajna paramita, the highest heart. And therefore get the highest and the most perfect enlightenment.” So what I want to say to you is that when you practice not only do you practice Energy Enhancement, I want you to read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. “After all that, here are complete instructions”. And it talks in the 4th book of the Yoga Sutras of Enlightenment, about dharma mega samadhi. They say “It is like a shower of flowers” And indeed, this is initiation 4 of Energy Enhancement, simply sitting, circulating the energy between the center of the earth and the highest point you can get to and don’t be satisfied with how high you can get. Take one step higher. This is the way to become enlightened, it’s not sufficient just to go through and work on the blockages that you can see. You’ve also got to allow that high energy to wash through your being, and wash away all the niggly little nodules of negativity that exist in the body mind, that you don’t even know about, you cannot know about. We do good things on the Energy Enhancement course but we just focus on the things we know about. For the things that you do not know about you have to go further, “There are more things in heaven and earth horatio, than you and I can ever dream of”. Dharma mega samadhi proceedes nirbija samadhi, no seed samadhi. When all the seeds of your karma, when all the seeds of your desires have been burned in the plasma in the flame of the highest heart. That’s all you need to do. Just sit in the lotus posture without moving for 3 hours. Yea? Be consciously be working on your base chakra, sit properly, because the posture is very important. The lack of pain in the legs is very important. To work on the blockages in the legs, because that pain is telling you, you have a blockage in the base chakra. And this blockage is preventing your enlightenment. So work on that too. Go back to the beginning of Energy Enhancement. How do you know where a blockage is, when you cannot see the golden light, when you get pain ,when you get confused, when you get amnesia, “oh what am I doing here, oh I forgot” (laughs).

So I am encouraging you to work on the base chakra, because the final initiation of enlightenment, soul infusion, as above so below, only when you have no blockages below, do you have totally no blockages above. Working on the base chakra and the crown chakra and all chakras in between.

Now the next initiation of Energy Enhancement, after we have worked with these lines of connection and removing blockages we see between you and all your very close family and friends and you can choose the appropriateness of the work that you do with the people surrounding you. I’m saying it is possible to do this but I am not saying it is right to do this. You should ask. But you should practice this also, its a very good practical thing to do with all your students, they need your help sometimes. I think we’ve talked about this before, when is it right to remove blockages. And it’s got to do with the response of the student, it’s got to do with, are they ready for it? But the next initiation I was wanting to go into was to do with the dedication to the guru. When we are chanting, “Ji ho san shi I shi fu”. You gotta understand this is the dedication to the guru in the Zen fashion. To the 10 directions, the 3 worlds, all the Buddhas the venerable ones, the Bodhisattva, the mahasatvas, the great prajna paramita, you are dedicating yourself to the purity of energy and information that comes on high, you are swearing an oath to create the good habit of only listening to the good. Not to listen to the bad, you are trying to increase that good habit within yourself of only accepting presence from on high. We are creating a good habit, a new thoughtform, of the movement toward enlightenment. And that’s when we get “Shu jo mu hen sei gan do”. However innumerable all beings are, we vow to enlighten them all. All 6 billion of them and more. However inexhaustible our delusions are, our blockages are we vow to extinguish them all. However immeasurable the dharma teachings are, and the dharma teachings are the teachings of our soul, dharma, righteousness, the path the narrow path that does not allow you to move from side to side, the path as thin as a razor’s edge that you have to walk, however immeasurable the dharma teachings are we vow to master them all. However endless The Buddha’s way is, we vow to follow it. And this vow, this inner direction is something that needs to be created with you, you can do it with a word, you can do it with your intention but that intention has got to be there, to the good, in a way it was what I was asked to promise when I was taught meditation for the first time, I vow to help all of humanity on this planet, just as simple as that. And this creation of a good habit, is something that is necessary along the path. And as well as that, the actual Energy Enhancement initiation is to foreswear all of those times, when you have said yes to the bad guys in all of your previous lifetimes. Because we’ve all done it haven’t we?

We’ve all been little draculas “woo look at me”. And it’s good to go down your timelines and find those pacts with the devil because you’ve signed them in blood, and totally ground, totally discharge, all the negativity in those times. I hereby renounce the dark lord and all his works, his friends, his acolytes, his inner assasinators, his self destructor and all his negative emotions. I hereby swear to cleave to the light and become more and more pure, I swear to help all humanity, whoever crosses my path, whoever gives the correct response, I hereby swear to walk the path of enlightenment. Yea, so it’s good to say that a few times. Because the voice is powerful, this is why we have mantra. All the mantras are saying exactly this, they are trying to create a thoughtform within your mind that will hold you to the path and never again allow you to stray from it. Because purity exists, the will of God exists, and if we can align our will with the will of God, then we are truly pure.

A Spiritual hero

So I think that’s enough for the morning isn’t that should keep you busy for an hour or 2. And I’d like to talk you through those particular initiations in meditation. And I think thats a pretty good finish. We might have not have enough time to do anything tonight, we’ve got some time…yea we can do some more things. I think we should really have a go at healing the world, making it a better place, for you and for me and for everybody else. So what do you think needs to change in the world? Are you not happy with it, is God not good enough for you? What do you think needs to change on the planet. Yea, so the world is perfect but what are we trying to move it towards. Which next perfection is necessary to the world. What are we going to work on. And everybody is individual. We are all individuals. And your work has to be different from everybody else’s work. Yea? So I’m saying you have the power to change the world and the power is not yours but the direction is yours. Which direction are you going to go in. Which is your direction? Because your direction is the path that will give you the most happiness in your life. So always be passionate in choosing pleasure. This is the path of pleasure. Okay?

Honey: What would happen Satchi if the world was completely perfect.

Swami: Oh there would be no need for us to be here. (laughs)

Swami: If everything was perfect and everything was not changing

we would not change also, there would be no evolution, so it’s an impossibility. The purpose of our life is our evolution and our change toward more perfection.

Honey: So why keep working on it if it’s not going to be perfect?

Swami: Because we are not Mu cows, we are not just sitting there chewing the cud, creating milk..

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