Choose Energy Enhancement Over Past Life Regression Therapy

Source: Talk from Level 4 Initiation 5 of the Streaming Levels

Choose Energy Enhancement over Past Life Regression Therapy


So the next point I was wanting to make is to reiterate the danger on the Energy Enhancement course of the inner children. I’ve said this once before but I’ll say it again because it’s so important. The inner children, the splits in your personalities which come about when something bad happens to you, something painful happens to you, are the subpersonalities which are the basis of all the strategies. If you have one of them left, if you’ve missed one, and you probably did because they’re difficult to find, are the last ones to go, they’re the most powerful ones, are the basis of all the strategies so that even if you’ve grounded the strategies, if one of them is left, then you’ll see a rise in the negativity in the strategies that it uses. Now, I think it’s very good to mention at this stage, that although that we deal with the blockages in the parts of the body, we deal with the blockages in the parts of the chakras, we deal with all of the blockages on the timelines of this lifetime and the past life times. And by doing this we get many experiences. There are many other courses that talk about this.

 representations of the ego in film

 Representations of the ego in the film

They talk about the split off inner selves. They talk about past lifetimes. They talk about blockages here and there. As far as I know it’s only the Energy Enhancement course that has the ability to not only see these problems but to ground all of them in one shot. I do know with neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis it’s possible to heal a couple of these really bad problems from past lifetimes that enter into this one. But they don’t have a programme to go through all of the past lifetimes and to heal all of those things. In a way, it’s only Enegy Enhancement that gives you the techniques that make it possible for you to ground all of those negativities that you have within your psychic bodies. But having given you the techniques it’s up to you to use them properly. The maintenance program when ,you go back, is absolutely essential to make certain that you have done a thorough job.

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