Healing Menstruation Pain With Energy Enhancement Techniques

Source: Discourse from Level 4 Initiation 5 Streaming Levels

Healing Menstruation Pain Using Energy Enhancement Techniques

There should be a beautiful circular flow of energy between you and each of the persons chakras. This is a perfect ability to communicate but if you don’t get that return of energy then chances are there is a blockage in the other persons chakra. It’s very handy.

So it’s very interesting as a method of healing because this leads onto psychic vision of blockages, psychic feeling of blockages and if you know that a person is in trouble. For example, there was a beautiful young girl visiting us in Crete from America, and her name was Arwen Evenstar. And she had been given that name by her father who looked very much like me so we had all sorts of father daughter sorts of problems. But when she was 14 in her normal place with her mother and father she started to become a woman. And the very first time she menstruated she was in pain. Not just a normal pain that you get with menstruation, she was white with pain for the full 3 days. And ever since that time, and when she came to visit us she was 23, every menstruation she had she went white with the pain and she had to stay in bed. She was in terrible pain every time she menstruated.

So I thought “Well we can’t have one of my students being like that can we? This isn’t very good.”So I went down the lines of connection into the base chakra and that was okay, and I went down the lines of connection into the second chakra and low and behold there was no return of energy. So I thought “We’ll have a look at this.” So I went inside the chakra and I found 3 very nasty blockages. And they were very difficlt to remove because 2 of them were implants, they were terrible blockages and they took me 2 hours to remove them all.

But the next menstruation that she had while she was with us she didn’t have any terrible pain at all.

And the menstruation went easily and she was recovered. When she left us after 3 months on Crete with us, this lasted a year before the pain started to come back again.


Very interesting, I like to check out the chakras of my students sometimes. When Honey came on the course, right at the beginning of the course after a couple of days I thought, “oo I’ll have a look at Honey.” And I went into the base chakra and there was no return of energy and I thought “Oh that’s funny, I’ll have a look at that.” And there was one big blockage there and I had to ground it and get rid of it as you normally do and then I heard from Devi that Honey had been healed, magically cured, of some womans problem whatever it is, I don’t know what it was, I don’t want to know (laughs) but she was feeling better. Is that right? Yea I think so. So what I’m saying is, this next technique, not only does it give you better lines of communication but it also gives you the opportunity to help with some physical problems. It seems to work out that way. It’s a very nice thing to do with people, to help them out. Because when you look inside psychically in other people, you don’t know whether if it’s on the physical level, you don’t know whether it’s on the emotional level, you don’t know whether it’s on the mental level. But this is a very simple method of telling if there is a problem. It’s a sort of touchy touchy feely feely way of doing it. But it leads onto psychic vision. So you can actually see it for yourself.

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