The Spiritual Esoteric Teaching of Eric Clapton’s “Layla”

Transcription Extract from Level 1 Initiation 6 Psychic Protection Extra Columns Talk

The Story of Layla as Sang About By Eric Clapton



You know what is a diving suit Hiromi? (student). A diving suit is what you wear with a big copper helmet on the top, (bubbling sinking noises) down to the center of the earth in the ocean. And what do you have coming out of the top of the suit, you have an airline. And you have this pure positive oxygen spiritual energy coming down and it’s flowing around all of your body and it’s constrained by the suit and around you, you’ve got all this dirty water. But around you you’ve got this oxygen spiritual energy. And it goes down. And there you are touching the center of the earth. This is protection. It is the way to maintain a positive spiritual energy around you whilst everything else is dirty. The whole world is dirty and filled with horrible dirty energy. And what you are doing is protecting all of these horrible dirty people from your pure positive spiritual energy because if your energy oxygen hits them they will ignite and burn up poor things.


All of their karma will come into play in that moment. And it will be like they are struck by lightning. Struck by lightning. And you don’t want to do that to anybody else except your students do you? Laughs. Struck by lightning bof (toward students) Struck by lighting bof. Struck by lightning bof. That’s what Bilbo Baggins says in The Lord of The Rings. Struck by lughtning, struck by lightning. You’ve been hit by the lightning of Zeus. But because you are at a higher energy level you can channel that lightning strike because you have less negative karmic mass resistance to that flow of energy. Whereas in normal people, who are very dirty, they have more resistance. So when they get this super positive powerful spirirtual energy hitting them, they cannot take it. It’s too much for them.


It’s very much like the story of Layla. I was telling Hiromi, her spiritual name is Layla. I know the story of Layla. It’s very much like the song by Eric Clapton. Layla. And I said one day there were these tribes in Arabia, and Layla, a very beautiful young lady, so beautiful and so spiritual she was a saint, and in the other tribe there was this young man called Michaeledes and he heard about Layla and he wanted to marry her. I am a beautiful boy and I want to join in marriage with this lady. He was very proper about it, he didn’t steal into the tribe and whisk her away or the rest of it. I will do this proper, the way it is meant to be done. And he went to the leader of the tribe which is the leader of Layla’s tribe, and he said to the leader, I have heard a lot about Layla and I am a rich young man, I am the Prince of my tribe and I would like to join our two tribes together with this marriage. I would like to marry Layla. I’ve got a thousand camel, I am willing to give to this beautiful lady. The leader of the tribe said well this is all very good he said, this is a very beautiful idea, to join our two tribes together like this. But somehow I don’t think you are ready for this. What do you mean, he said, I am the prince of my tribe, I have one thousand camels, what could possibly be wrong with that. So he said well come, we’ll go to see Layla. So they went through the encampment and they came to the tent of Layla. He said just open the tent and have a look. So Michaeledes went to the tent and he opened it up just a gap and he took one look at the bottom level of the skirt of Layla and he fell over in a faint. Pof! On the ground, out like a light. And the meaning of the story is in the presence of pure positive spiritual energy those who are not prepared will not be able to gaze upon the light of the beauty of Layla. You have to prepare yourself. It is not enough to have a thousand camel. Jesus Christ was talking to a rich young man, you have as much chance of going to heaven, as a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle. Because you have too much negative karmic mass. You have too much negativity in your soul and in your being. The only way you can come into the presence of Layla, is by taking a course of Energy Enhancement (laughs).


Yoga, meditation, pranayama, any of the thousand techniques that aspirants take on the path toward God. He fell over in a faint, he just could not take the energy. And so this is why I am talking to you about the neccesity for protection, spiritual psychic protection, not for your protection, but to protect everybody from your Layla spiritual energy. Because when you leave here I hope you will be saints, I hope you will be radiating the light of the soul. And you have to be careful when you go back, after you have been to the ashram and you have partaken a little bit of the energy of Shivananda then everybody you that come into contact with will be iradiated by that light. And if they have a little bit of negativity within them they will feel uneasy. It will make them angry. They will fall over in a faint. They will perhaps become angry, or other people with that type of psychic body might become depressed or sad in your presence they will become emotional in the presence of the light. As we know ourselves when we start to meditate sometimes we go to sleep we nod off, because we can’t take the light. Some people will become afraid in your presence. And so in order to not bother other people, we have to protect them from your radiance and the means of doing that is the columns of protection. Please practise them everyday so don’t bother people when you go back.


Put the diving suit around you, surround yourself with the pure radiance of the pure spiritual oxygen, remain in that atmosphere but please don’t try to breathe water anymore. You are not a fish, you have evolved, you have come out of the ocean and you have moved onto the land of the enlightened. You’re not touching the earth, you have moved into the land above the physical land. You have moved into the land of enlightenment. Higher, more energy, more effect. And please only share this energy with people of like mind, do not waste it on those who do not want to accept it.



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