The Spiritual Purpose of Movies for Humanity

Transcription from Level 1: Initiation 5 “Davids Morning Experience” “Projecting Energy”

The Spiritual Purpose of Movies For Humanity

Satchidanand: So I just wanted to answer a question to David? This was with the technique of initiation 4 of Energy Enhancement yes?

David: Yes

Satchidanand: And this initiation of Energy Enhancement is very essential for everybody to practice as religiously as their reiki as a prelude to any work, any spiritual work that you undertake. It’s necessary to gain energy. As you gain energy, you can see more, so bathe in the energies of the higher self. Bathe in the energies of the monad. Bathe in the energies of the logos. Bathe in the energies of the higher stars. And as you feel this energy flowing down through your chakras then you charge yourself up with the charge of the soul. I sing the body electric, with my armies I engirth thee. (to Devi) It’s a poem. And charge thee full with the charge of the soul. Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.


Because it always starts off with one and it spreads. Just like the tsunami. There’s been a very vast earthquake off the coast of Sumatra. You see the pictures on television. There is an epicenter and from that epicenter the waves spread out all over the planet and as the waves travel over thousands of miles in circles from the epicenter the waves get bigger and bigger so as when they get to the coast of India they are 30 meters high. And this is the way it works. There is a spiritual impulse of Energy Enhancement entering into the planet. And from this epicenter the waves of spiritual energy spread out to whole of humanity.


Gurdjieff when he wrote Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson, 3 volumes, said that he was an alien and over 5000 years he had visited this planet 5 times. And each time he came down to the planet he saw what was wrong with humanity. And he described exactly what these things were that he saw he humanity and he remedied the defect by bringing something into humanity that would cure the problem.


Now one great seer looked at me once and he said You’ve been on this planet for 28,000 years and over that time you’ve come down to this planet 28 times. And it seems whenever you’ve come down to the planet you see exactly what is wrong with humanity, where people are. And I think the thing that I saw when I came down this time was the pain that was in the whole of humanity. You know, this is why I talk about the levels of charity. Food, we teach people how to farm. Money, you give enough money to live with. Social security. But better than that is education. Thousands of years ago we started up all these schools to teach people intellectually how to make money. But the problem with the people and education is that they’re just not happy. They don’t know how to manage disappointment. And this is the main reason for Energy Enhancement. To get rid of the pain from the body. To get rid of the pain from the emotional body. To get rid of the pain of the conflicting sub personalities with the soul. And then, how to teach never to get those pain ever again. 2 things, transmute the pain. And teach the causes of the pain. And then it’s your choice.

Okay…Oh I was going to say one more thing. I was talking to Honey previously on how to make the things that you do successful. Well I think at that time I said you’ve got to learn how to surf. Because when there is an epicenter of a spiritual explosion, when this starts to sweep over the earth, if you can learn how to balance on that wave and use the power of that wave then you can rise as quickly as the spread of this energy over the whole world.

Tolkien Jackson

The spiritual impulse of JRR Tolkien came into the world at 1952, the year I was born.And since that time the energy that he started off with the book Lord of the Rings, took 50 years to reach the peak of it’s popularity. With the movies the 3 movies, the Lord of the Rings. Which has now gone to every part of the planet and become the most successful movie that has ever been. I was explaining how if a movie, music, a book is spiritual it is teaching something essential to the archetypal mind of humanity. Then this element gets touched by God. And in order to be successful. This product needs to have the energy of the heart. There are so many people who’s heart is not open. 50% of humanity has a heart which only thinks of itself which is totally selfish which has a mind of metal and wheels. And these people are the critics. And they don’t care if the product has the energy of the heart. They will judge all movies and products equally but only 50% of the people stand a chance of liking a product which has no heart. To reach the other 50% of the people with open hearts. These 50% have open hearts. They will not go to see a movie that has no heart. They will not listen to music that has no heart. In order to be truly popular, you need to include that heart energy in your product. And the way that you do it is by embodying in your product, to put into your product some element which God wants to spread on the planet. And you do that. The energy of God flows and you can ride that wave.


From a very small beginning in Japan at the beginning of the century, Proffessor Usui, the founder of reiki, lived in a Zen monastery for 21 years. For 21 years he meditated everyday with his master with one thing in his mind, how to heal like Jesus Christ. With his search and research he found the symbols of reiki. And when his master told him after 21 years to go to the top of that sacred mountain and there fast for 21 days and meditate with Zen for 21 days at the end of that time Proffessor Usui became enlightened. The enlightened Ascended Masters came to him, they initiated him as an enlightened being and then they gave him his task, his mission, here are the symbols of reiki and they gave them to him in golden energy. They painted them in front of him with golden energy. And they said take these symbols, and teach these people how to use them, how to purify, how to transmute and how to heal. And from that very small beginning at the beginning of the century in only 100 years this epicenter has spread throughout the whole world and so now everybody knows about reiki and uses it…

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