Buddha and The 3 Types of Students

Transcription Extract from Level 1 Initiation 6 Psychic Protections


Buddha and The 3 Types of Students



Satchidanand: I was thinking of what the Buddha said. He said there are 3 types of student. He said there are those students you have to beat up to get them to do anything. I rather like doing that…These students will take 20 years to reach enlightenment. And there are those students you have to teach, they’re quite assiduous. These students will take 10 years to reach enlightenment. The ones you say, meditate for 3 hours a day and they’ll say, oh yea, okay, fine. He said but the best student is like with the horse, some horses you have to beat to get them to do anything, some horses you have to just move the reins. He said but the best horse are those you just have to show the shadow of the whip. These students will take 3 years to reach enlightenment. What kind of student are you?


The quality of mercy is not constrained. The energy is there for everybody. All you have to do is say yes. This energy, enlightenment can be called Love. But it can also be called the energy of Will. This is more shiva energy. This is stronger, more quick form of energy. By destroying that which is outmoded, you create space for something completely new, this is the destruction of Shiva. Whereas the maintenance of Krishna is also necessary until it has passed it’s time. This type of student takes 10 years…

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