The Meaning Of Life and Your Soul Purpose

The Meaning of Life and Your Soul Purpose 

Extraction From Streaming Video Energy Enhancement Level 1: Initiation 4 Transcription which details why you are here on Earth.

Initiation 4 The Macrocosmic Orbit 4 hours 17 mins 11 secs


Introductory Talk 96 mins 19 seconds

Satchidanand: We’re going to learn the next initiation of Energy Enhancement. In the previous session we found out about extra chakra, beneath our base chakra and all the infinity of Chakras beneath that.

We found out about the center of the earth which is an atomic flame. It’s going to be a fire in your bottom. It’s going to Raise your Kundalini.

Now in this particular initiation we’re going to learn about the other chakras outside of the human body from which we can accept energy. Base chakra is made to accept energy from the center of the earth.

The crown chakra has been made to accept energy from God but God works in hierarchies. And like a human being is a part of that hierarchy, there are chakras above human beings to which we are connected which we are a part of which are higher than human beings and these chakras are far more powerful than the center of the earth.

I’m talking about the first chakra above the crown chakra, is the soul.

The chakra above the soul is called the monad and this is the group of souls.

The chakra above the monad is called the logos and this is the archangel who is in charge of the whole planet, within his psycic body is contained the earth itself and all of the mechanisms which he has created to help him accept energy from the universe because this archangel is evolving and as he evolves he needs to be initiated. He needs to accept energy from higher beings than himself. Beings higher in the hierarchy.

I always wondered why they call it a higher-archy, that’s because it’s higher! (laughs). Well it works in english.. (laughs).

So…for millions of years, the archangel who is in charge of this planet accepted energy into his being by means of trees. The trees stretched their arms up to the sky, like aerials, and they accepted the energy of God and brought it down into the center of the earth. The roots of the trees put down all of the energy into the center of the earth and you know trees very much mirror the vitriolic affect of the center of the earth.

I mean, you get a pile of shit and you put it as an offering with great reverence at the root of a tree and the tree goes “yum yum yum yea food” (slurping noises) and then you get all of these beautiful peaches that you pick and then you eat them? What are you eating? You’re eating transmuted…(laughs)

Honey Kalaria: transmuted energy (inaudible)

Satchidanand: But, but, as the planet, as the archangel who is in charge of this planet evolved, he needed to get more energy from the universe because the amount of energy he needed increases exponentially, with time, as it approaches it’s next initiation, so after a while, even with trees all over the planet, he still couldn’t get enough energy. He had to plan ahead, he thought to himself, I need another mechanism whereby I can bring in more energy into myself, so I can evolve and he invented human beings.

And the other planets gave him a few souls high enough to be able to manage them. And he told them, “oh well if you stick with me mate, I’ll give you a good job, good contract, next 10,000 years you’ll be finished, lots of food, all the money you can want and evolution very quickly, because you need it on this job mate” it’s called a terror forming crew, you know, we came from other planets,

Devi: What is that

Satchidanand: The terra forming

Devi: What is it

Satchidanand: tierra forme..

Devi: aahh…tierra forme..

Satchidanand: (inaudible)

Devi: (laughs)

Satchidanand: So we’re the sort of rough and ready guys that come in at the beginning of any organisation. We’re rough and ready, ready to do anything for the job just to get it done you know, We’re the sort of Irish that come in and drink the guinness and eat the bacon that they fried on a clean shovel over a fire and get things done. That’s what we’re here for.

Devi: Who, us?

Satchidanand: Oui. Yes.

Devi: (laughs)

Satchidanand: We’re very lovely evolved people.

Devi: (laughs)

Satchidanand: But, as we come into ourselves then we evolve higher and higher. Now at the moment there are 6 billion people on this planet and only the enlightened beings, only the beings without any blockages can bring down the full amount of energy which a human being is capable of channeling.

You know, most of humanity are not enlightened. As a matter of fact they only have one problem, they are not enlightened. And this creates all the problems in humanity.

As a matter of fact this planet, is a factory for the production of enlightened beings.

You know, we’ll put all of these sort of raw human beings through this grinder with a few hammers thrown in, and we’ll pound them into shape, we’ll pound them into shape and eventually we’ll produce some enlightened beings because this earth, although it needs exponentially more energy year by year, it does not need, it does not need all of these 6 billion beings to be enlightened at this moment.

But it’s planning ahead. It’s a good planner. It knows how much energy it needs in each particular year. And if there isn’t sufficient energy from the enlightened beings it creates mad cow disease and by the death of 6 million animals it makes up the deficit and if it needs a few more watts of energy it creates a war here, a tsumani here or an earthquake there and takes the energy from the deaths of all of these people.

So enlightened beings are absolutely necessary to prevent all of these natural accidents that befall this planet. So for thousands of years there have always been schools to train up the necessary enlightened beings. So although there are teachers the main work of an enlightened being

Devi: what?

Satchidanand: The main work of an enlightened being, is the channeling of the energy from the universe into the earth itself and in the Himalyas there are guys who sit there and meditate all day. And they send energy to humanity and into the earth.

They channel a lot more energy then we are capable because they are higher beings and like the managers of factories they don’t talk with the normal workers, they leave that to the workers. They have managers here and there that do all the work with what’s going on (laughs).

And when the masters die on this planet they are able to maintain their consciousness through the death process and they rise higher into the astral and mental and there they have the possibility of channelling much more energy down to the people of the earth.

So we are here to help the earth and as we help the earth so we ourselves evolve. Above the logos there are many stars, there are many sacred stars who have energy cords, sort of like beams of energy directed at the earth because they have to feed the earth up in order to make the earth a sacred planet.

And once you’ve got out of the aura of this great being, who is the CEO of the earth, the top manager of the earth then you get into the real interplanetary organisations.

We’re not really interested in international organisations anymore.

Somebody said to me yesterday, what are you doing in Rosario. I said i’m not in Rosario, I am sitting on this planet.

And the whole universe is criss cross by energy beams, holding the evolution of the universe supporting it. Just the way it is. And the whole universe, is increasing in evolutionary …evolutionary…highness (laughs).

So once you get out of the aura of this planet, then you have a choice of which organisation you want to join once you’ve left the planetary organisation. You know you can join the sirius organisation, you can join the draconis organisation, you can join the orion organisation.

Just depends on which stream of energy takes your fancy. So I don’t like to prescribe where you should go after you go higher than the logos, but higher you must in order to get the energy you need for your evolution. Personally I am a Sirius guy, i’m in the Sirius organisation.

Devi: (laughs with and translates inaudible to David)

Satchidanand: Well it’s something that I know, but I don’t think it’s very useful. After we’ve been a few days more together I’ll give you the information you seek but it won’t mean a lot to you because it’s not intellectual that you’re talking about, it’s actually talking about energy and feeling and intuition. Yes?


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