Spiritual Esoteric Movie Review of Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight is taking a lot a lot of money at the box office because it is a great movie.

All great Myths tell great truths about current society and here is my take on the teaching of Batman Returns thesis and The Dark Knight antithesis.

1. In Batman Returns the father of Batman tried to do good but was assassinated for it, – there are many accident creating James Bonds in the world – very much like Warren Beatty’s and Oscar winning Halle Berry’s take on the Kennedy assassinations in the excellent Movie “Bulworth”. Teaching – in order to do good, do it secretly – “You got to be the Spirit, boy, you can’t be no Ghost!”

Thus Batman tries to do good and this Billionaire creates a vigilante Secret Society to help all humanity, all by himself.

2. As well as the good guys having a Secret Society there is a bad guys Secret Society which wants to destroy corruption by working behind the scenes to destroy the World which spawned that corruption, thus the continuous destruction of nations and societies from within. This is very much like the history of Sauron in the book, The Silmarillion by Lord of the Rings writer, JRR Tolkien where before the times of the Middle Earth Sauron corrupts and destroys the Numenoreans through corrupting their king Ar-Pharazôn from within through lies and deceit.

3. One of the Gangsters of Gotham City – under pressure from the success of Batman – decides to consolidate and to destroy Batman by creating, planning and funding the terrorist Joker. The Joker takes out all the other gangsters leaving just one left, the one gangster who created him, and distracts the Batman and the police from that one gangster who has taken over the whole gangster business. The real use of Joker/terrorists.

4. The District Attorney, who Batman hopes can take his place making Batman unnecessary,  is turned to darkness through the loss of his love. He is not strong enough for synthesis and when tested, though she was killed by the Joker he believes the propaganda of the Joker/terrorist and starts to kill. He is turned by the Joker into another Joker/terrorist.

Very much how many bad people are created – see Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula” where Dracula blames God for the Death of his wife and thus turns to darkness by turning away from receiving energy from God and instead draining energy from the people, “The Blood is the Life!” and also Annakin Skywalker in the “Revenge of the Sith”  where the Emperor turns Annakin into Darth Vader by playing on his fear of the Death of his mother and the projected death of his wife. However, both of these people are synthesized, turned to the light again by the people around them who love them. No such luck for this DA in “The Dark Knight” .

5. The fight of the Thesis, positive polarity Batman against his Antithesis negative polarity Joker/terrorist produces a movie based upon one-dimensional Newton’s, “Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite”. One creates the other and  thus the Joker’s line about Batman, “You complete me!” They are an item. You can’t have one without the other.

6. And this is where this very good movie fails. By stating that there is no solution to this Batman Action and created Joker/terrorist Reaction.

 In stating that the state of the world is ruled by only two polarities, Thesis and Antithesis IT FAILS.

It does not, in this picture, give the solution… and the solution is below!

Everyone knows that the Law of Synthesis is 1+1 equals 3, or philosophically Hegel said, “thesis plus antithesis creates synthesis” or Action, Reaction, Solution. Only in this way can we create peace.

Only by adding the energy of fire to thesis/flour and antithesis/water can we make synthesis/bread – Peace.

The fire which is necessary to transmute the trauma created thesis/antithesis of this Dark world into a World of Peace is the energy of the Soul which Transmutes all Trauma – it was Trauma which Created Batman and it was Trauma which created the Joker.

That which can dissolve that Trauma to Create Inner Peace is the Energy of Energy Enhancement.

Energy Enhancement Innovative Knowledge Leads
to Inner Peace


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