Ramalingar’s Poem About The Ascent Up the Antahkarana

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Here isĀ  Ramalingam one of the Tamil Siddars who were all Alchemists

This is one of his poems and describes the Purification and Passage of the chakras beneath the Base Chakra and then out of the Body of the Seven Chakras Up the Golden Pillar of the Antahkarana to the Higher Chakras above the Head, where he saw Nataraja, the Dancing Cosmic Shiva and received Initiation and Enlightenment

The Poems guided meditation is Like an Antahkarana Staff of Sugar Cane because its Taste is Sweetness of Sweetness – the energy nectar amrita ambrosia of the one god with 10,000 names.

The fate of the people who use the Antahkarana to connect with the realms of the Chakras above the head the realm of the Ascended Masters and purify the chakras below the base is to become Enlightened and then become an Ascended Master..

It is your choice, Your freedom of choice. But the Only Legitimate Choice is to do the right thing!!

This is your Soul Path, your Dharma.

It is Sweet Indeed!!

Aani Pon Ambalattae
“At the Hall of Solid Gold”





English rendering by Layne Little

Pallavi (refrain):

In the Hall of Solid Gold
What visions I saw.
What wondrous visions!—Oh Mother
What wondrous visions!

Kannihal (stanzas):

1) A mountain of light appeared.
There was a street in it.—Oh Mother
There was a street.

2) I went along that street
and in the middle of it
there was a platform.—Oh Mother
There was a platform.

3) I mounted the platform
There I discovered a hall—Oh Mother
There was a hall.

4) I searched the hall
and found a mansion
rising above it.—Oh Mother
There was a mansion.

5) All of its seven levels
were filled with wonders.
How can I describe it?—Oh Mother
How can I describe it?

6) In one story
there was a glittering pearl-white stone.
It turned into a blue sapphire.—Oh Mother
It turned into a blue sapphire.

7) On another world plane
that blue-black stone
transformed itself into red coral.—Oh Mother
All became fruitful.

8) On another plane
the green emerald
became a red ruby.—Oh Mother
It became a red ruby.

9) After that level
I saw a giant pearl
Become a diamond jewel—Oh Mother
It became the great jewel.

10) In a different plane
I was confronted with
a vast mass of coral
changing into moonstone.—Oh Mother
Changing into moonstone.

11) The next level I speak of
is decorated
with a multifarious array of jewels.
These turned to gold.—Oh Mother
These turned to gold.

12) In another place
All the gems I’ve spoken of
Became crystal.—Oh Mother
Became crystal.

13) Above the seven levels! 1
There was a pillar
A most agreeable golden pillar.—Oh Mother
A creative golden pillar.

14) The time when I saw
the golden pillar and climbed,
I saw a freshness…;
How can I describe it?—Oh Mother
A freshness…; How can I describe it?

15) While climbing there
I viewed a sort
that can’t be spoken of.
Of boundless measure!—Oh Mother
Of boundless measure!

16) There and there…;
were Shaktis
in the thousands and thousands
They were coming!—Oh Mother.
They were coming!

17) I was not deceived
by the delusions that assailed me
But attained a special state of grace.—Oh Mother
I attained the special grace.

18) By the ways of the adept
I climbed that great pillar
And saw its jeweled peak.—Oh Mother
And saw its jeweled peak.

19) Above the jeweled peak
There stood the mountain’s summit.
It was then that I saw it.—Oh Mother
It was then that I saw it.

20) Above the mountain&’s peak
In 1008 carat gold
Was the temple!—Oh Mother
Was the temple.

21) I saw the temple,
and there was its towering gate.
Without hesitating, I went inside.—Oh Mother
Without hesitating, I went inside.

22) Inside the towering gate
were Shaktis and Shaktas
in the tens of thousands, many tens of thousands.—Oh Mother
Tens of thousands, many tens of thousands.

23) There they were colored…;
colored white and colored red
of the colors five they were.—Oh Mother
of the colors five.

24) There they all asked
“Who is this here?”;
I went beyond.—Oh Mother
I went beyond.

25) Having gone beyond
I came to the sacred doorway.
Where there were five Shaktis.—Oh Mother
Where there were five Shaktis.

26) These other Shaktis stood
to show the path above.
I reached the jeweled doorway.—Oh Mother
I reached the jeweled doorway.

27) Contemplating in that doorway,
there was a woman and a man…;
Two of them were there.—Oh Mother
There were two of them.

28) I drew near that holy entrance
and there they revealed…?
I looked out with love.—Oh Mother
I looked out with love.

29) The Mother of Bliss
was at Heaven’s Gate!
My Mother!—Oh Mother
My Mother!

30) I looked upon her,
received her grace,
and dined on nectar.—Oh Mother
I dined on nectar.

31) With her support and grace,
I saw the sanctum
of the Dancing King!—Oh Mother
I saw the sanctum!

32) I entered the sanctum
and attained all that can be attained!
Only God knows!—Oh Mother
Only God knows!

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