Satchidanand How to chant the Heart Sutra Zen Pranayama 7-7

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Satchidanand How to chant the Heart Sutra Zen Pranayama 7-7

Swami Satchidanand talking about the heart sutra and explaining the meaning of Avalokitesvara and bodhisattva and how all sages and saints live from the highest heart or prajna paramita which are the soul chakras above the head along the antahkarana taught in Energy Enhancement initiation 4

 hogen heart sutra

Zen Master Hogen and Singing Bowl

Satchidanand: So keep this in mind. When you chant the heart sutra, But Zen Master Hogen says, it is Zen pranayama. And it’s a practise for getting into a state of meditation. When you chant the heart sutra you need to remember the rules, the 3 L’s. Low, from here (deep voice), you’ve gotta practise the lowest possible note you can get and you need to make that note vibrate in your base chakra, from here (deep voice), ouch! Ouch!, from here (deep voice) (laughs). Because the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge, the passage between life and death starts from kundalini energy in the base chakra. And the more low you can go with your voice, the more you practice you going low with your voice, the more control you have over the higher notes. Opera singers chant the heart sutra to improve their voice. It’s very good practice for all singers. It clears negative energy and produces enlightenment. Everybody should chant it everyday, twice before breakfast and twice before you go to bed at night, it’s a superb practice. Low, remember it’s gotta vibrate deep down (deep voice). Well, remember, it’s not low.

Student: It’s not low?

Satchidanand: No it’s not low. Did you know that every voice stretches between heaven and earth, every note. There is not just one frequency in a note. Each note is composed of every frequency and remember that a note of many frequencies is a shiva lingham which is stretched out between heaven and earth. Within your voice there should be the lowest note and the highest note at the same time. This is a good voice, this is a voice with power. So although we’re concentrating on the lower note we’re simply creating a foundation where we can touch God with every syllable of the heart sutra. Low, loud and long. Remember when you breathe in, you need to breathe in fully. But you’re aiming to do it in one syllable. And after that as many syllable’s as you can. 10, 20, 40 on one outbreath and when you become enlightened you never stop breathing out. That’s how you know that you’re enlightened. It’s one of the tests of enlightenment. Okay? And what else Devi do I need to say?…Oh yes the other side (holds up their print of heart sutra) is one breathe per line. We go through the heart sutra 3 times. Okay



And when we go through it once i’m going to (ding’s singing bowl) and we start at the beginning again. And then on the final time I’m going to hit it a few (ding’s) times through the chant and at the end, one breathe per line. Remember the breathing, breathe in fully and then as many syllable’s as you can on the way out. And it’s the heart sutra, this is the mudra (prayer position to chest) for the heart center. So we’re using the heart sutra and the heart mudra to awaken the heart. Now I’m going to chant



…and then we’re all going to start..



and then breathe, breathe when you want, you don’t have to breathe with me, it’s your own breathing. I’ve had people religiousnessly copy my breathing pattern it’s terrible. You breathe when you need to mate. An enlightened person never stops breathing out. Okay ready…

Text of the Heart Sutra:

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