Enlightenment Highest Heart – Soul not Mind or Intellect 6-7

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Enlightenment Highest Heart – Soul not Mind or Intellect 6-7

Swami Satchidanand talking about the heart sutra and explaining the meaning of Avalokitesvara and bodhisattva and how all sages and saints live from the highest heart or prajna paramita which are the soul chakras above the head along the antahkarana taught in Energy Enhancement initiation 4

Satchidanand: So, therefore know that the prajna paramita sutra, that comes from knowledge, is the great mantra, it’s the greatest knowledge, the vivid knowledge, the best knowledge, the incomparable knowledge. It completely clears all pain. This is the truth it is not a lie. Isn’t that a wonderful line. This is the truth it is not a lie. So, chant, tell people what it means, the great highest heart knowledge. Set forth this knowledge and say, let’s go, let’s go, go to the other shore, bodhisattva, prajna paramita sutra. They get really excited about it when they’re chanting this sutra. They say lets go lets go, go to the other shore. I was talking to you last night about the river Styx wasn’t I?


Honey: That’s right

Satchidanand: The place you pass when you die. The river Styx. Charon the boatman, you give him the coins out of your eyes and he takes you to the other shore. And the Sufis all say die before you die. Oh I get excited.

Honey (helping Devi translate): The coins on the eyes…when they die..so normally we believe in our Indian thing as well, but I think what you do is you take the coins out to give

Satchidanand: To the boatman

Honey: To the boatman

Satchidanand: To take you across…


So what is the other shore? What is the highest heart? Well it is your soul. It is not your mind. It is not the intellect. It is something which is higher than the intellect. And only when your mind can be still can you perceive the intelligence of the soul. This is what you need to do to become enlightened. You need to become a soul infused human being. You don’t have to stay in the mind. You don’t have to be sabotaged by the energy blockages. You need to cross to the other shore, to the other side of the rainbow bridge. You need to climb the antahkarana. You need to die before you die. This is what the Sufis say. You need to practice because this is the same passage that you will take when you die. And this is the highest heart. You come from there when you are born and you return there when you die. And we need to practice this, so it’s not such a shock when the real thing happens. Good this Buddha eh? My mate, my mate he’s a good chap! He knew what he was talking about. Remember everything on this planet comes from God. Mooo. Everything comes from God. And God is not diminished if he takes it back.

Satchidanand How to chant the Heart Sutra Zen Pranayama 7-7 http://bit.ly/1rULBqc 

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