Satchidanand Buddhas Heart Sutra Thought + Fear Removal 5-7

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Satchidanand Buddhas Heart Sutra Thought + Fear Removal 5-7


Swami Satchidanand talking about the heart sutra and explaining the meaning of Avalokitesvara and bodhisattva and how all sages and saints live from the highest heart or prajna paramita which are the soul chakras above the head along the antahkarana taught in Energy Enhancement initiation 4

Satchidanand: So the Bodhisattva lives in the highest heart and with no hinderance in the mind. Remember we were talking about the mind this morning, we were saying enlightenment is the ability to bring all the thoughts in the mind down to zero. Yea? So all the hinderances means all the thoughts in the mind, with no thoughts in the mind. It’s good that Buddha is agreeing with Patanjali but he needs one more thing because it’s not just the thoughts in the mind. He is talking about energy blockages in the mind, with no hinderances, there is no fear. And in acupuncture they say if you have a blockage on the water meridian you will have fear so with no blockages, no fear. Far beyond mistaken fantasy at last there is nirvana. Have you ever heard of the Zen masters say “I know nothing” Well here’s the nothing. Nir means nothing. At last there is nirvana. I think there’s a cow there as well. It’s going moo (laughs).

Students asks a question…

Satchidanand: Well Zen Master Hogen, he say (laughs), “There is no such thing as a choice, there is no such thing as an objective, but what we have is a choiceless choice. And this means, the mind is not deciding, everything is coming from intuition, everything is coming from the highest heart, everything is coming from nirvana, everything is coming from the cow in the sky, the cow jumped over the moon. Flying cows. Moo. Mu, from here.

All past, present and future Buddha’s live in prajna paramita, they dont live here they know that they exist in the soul. And therefore get the highest and most perfect enlightenment. Once you understand that then you understand the essence of Energy Enhancement. Because now you understand it, now we’re going to do it. Because all of you need to become enlightened in this lifetime. And with the techniques of Energy Enhancement it’s going to speed up this process. Because what we need to do is access the highest heart. And the height of your connection is the height of your evolution. 

Enlightenment Highest Heart – Soul not Mind or Intellect 6-7 

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