Buddhism Buddhas Heart Sutra – Soul, Monad, Logos Mu 4-7

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Buddhism Buddhas Heart Sutra – Soul, Monad, Logos Mu 4-7

Swami Satchidanand talking about the heart sutra and explaining the meaning of Avalokitesvara and bodhisattva and how all sages and saints live from the highest heart or prajna paramita which are the soul chakras above the head along the antahkarana taught in Energy Enhancement initiation 4

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Satchidanand: So there are chakras above the head, we have seven chakras inside and we connect to the universe by means of the base chakra and the crown chakra and as we connect to these higher levels of energy we connect with our soul, we connect with our group soul, the monad. We connect with the highest energies of the universe. Now what is the highest heart? It’s not here (points to chest) this is the lowest heart. And furthermore here it says, “feeling, thought, discrimination and perception are also like this they’re all mu”. They all come from the energy of mu. Form comes from the energy of mu. Oh Saniputra! All such things are the form of mu. They come from mu. They are not born…Mu is not born and it is not destroyed. It is not stained. Mu is not pure and without loss or without gain. So all things are supplied by the energy of mu, but if form and feeling go, mu is not affected by it because all things come from mu. So in mu there is no form or feeling, there is no eye, no ear, no nose, tongue, body, mind. And yet all these things come from mu and if they disappear mu is not affected. There is no colour, voice, smell, taste, touch or thing. There is no world of sight. There is no world of consciousness. There is no ignorance and no end to ignorance. Mu exists alone and is not affected by anything on this planet and yet all things on this planet are supplied by the energy of mu. And then comes the important point, the bodhisattva lives by prajna paramita. He lives in prajna paramita, he doesn’t live in this body, he doesn’t live in his burro, he doesn’t live in his donkey.

Did you ever hear about Saint Francis of Assisi, he said one day, “My burro, my donkey is tired. I think I need to get off.” And the next day he died. He was saying your body is a donkey, you are riding on your donkey. And the donkey wants to eat all the pizzas of the world but who’s holding the rains, who’s in charge, the donkey likes to make love with all the pretty women, but who’s in charge? Who’s in charge of the donkey.

Student: Satchi

Satchidanand: (laughs). Well I always like the feeling that Krishna is in charge of my donkey, he is the one holding the rains. Arjuna, who is me, is just sitting there watching…


Satchidanand Buddhas Heart Sutra Thought + Fear Removal 5-7 http://bit.ly/1rYjAbM 

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