Honey Kalaria Kundalini Psychic Protection Experience

Transcription From This Youtube Video: http://bit.ly/1Cprqoz

Honey Kalaria Kundalini Psychic Protection Experience

Honey Kalaria talking about her Power Towers Psychic Protection experience of kundalini energy flowing in her crown chakra and shaking in her body and Satchidanand’s commentary.

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Honey: I felt my crown chakra really really energized. And as I built up my columns, I felt so much energy coming. I found it difficult to ground it though, lower down. A lot..My top half of my columns were so bright and so heavy, lots of energy. And I was trying to send the energy more to the earth. At first I was finding a bit difficult, but at the end I just gave it one big, and that’s it I need all the energy I can get to make the foundations stronger at the bottom. And my columns built up throughout the universe because as we multiply, like 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 2 million, 20 million. I make them grow out of the galaxy, pull them all back in around me. The next time we multiplied I went even further out, built up the energy everywhere around me and then condensed it again. And by the time I finished, there was such a huge column, there was little me, and then this huge column around me (laughs). And then I went (SFX noises) and bring it back in. And everytime I saw my little angels when they arrived I saw a light built come out in each corner. So I knew they arrived. Until they would arrive, I would keep saying “Come on, come down, come down I want enough energy. So by the time I finished it was like a fun fare, you know, like Christmas lights, I had so many angels everywhere. And then with the whirlwind thing with the energy, I would make them disappear with the lights. I would make the lights disappear in the energy. And then suddenly by the time we finished the meditation my energy was so bright it was just glowing everywhere, again like I said , last minute to ground it to give the earth energy, I think that’s the bit I will have to work on to try to keep getting the energy down there. But I was very interesting. What I found the most amazing was how much my crown chakra was buzzing. It was like Bbzzzzz but I was enjoying it. I was really enjoying that. But anyway I didn’t see anything more out of it. But that was a really good meditation.

Satchidanand: Yes, I would like to say to Honey. It was really good that she noticed she had blockages in the base chakra, below the base chakra preventing connection with the center of the earth. Not to worry too much about that at the moment. But when you get into Level 2, the first thing she should do is to remove all of those blockages below the base chakra. And we should be getting there within one or two days.

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