The Buddhafield of the Master is Death to the Energy Blockage Demons.

On your left shoulder is a black evil angel whispering into your left ear.

On your right shoulder is a sparkly white pure angel whispering into your right ear.

And inside you is a congregation of dark and white angels and they are holding a Parliament, a Congress and they are voting on what you will do next.

The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level Two’s purpose is to purify the dark angels of their Negative Karmic Mass by Grounding it into the nuclear fires in the center of this Planet by an Alchemical Process, known for thousands of years, called VITRIOL and burning it up, Purifying the dark angel and re-forming it as a white pure angel. This process is the purification of your Psychic Body of all negativity, of All Dark, Negative, Evil, Angels.

The evil angels are voting to go from the Buddhafield of the Master – “Don’t walk, RUN!!.

Because the Buddhafield of the Master is Death to the Energy Blockage Demons.

“The Center of the Cyclone” A Tornado of Circulating Energies Spiral around a Master of Wisdom, purifying the bad and shining out the Good into the Rod of the Antahkarana, connecting with the external chakras, the chakras above the head and the sweeping the negative to be burnt up in the Nuclear Fires in the chakras below the base – Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth.

The pure white angels are voting to stay and learn Energy Enhancement.

And this dialogue between the two sides is fulminating inside every prospective student of Energy Enhancement.

The Dark, Evil, Angels will use any excuse to go.

The White, Pure Sparkly Angels will sit and perceive the Truth in complete Faith.

Because I am in alignment with the Third Zen Patriarch, Sosan, who said, “They Know!!”

Yes, everybody knows this.. EVERYBODY KNOWS!!

And the Evil Angels don’t care!!

If your guys can vote to stick around then do not expect the evil angels to stop until with energy enhancement, you stop them, remove them with the 7steps..

Your evil angels are on the look out for any problem to bring to your attention, to make you go!!

But if you can stick around the results can be spectacular..

The Results are Enlightenment – When all the dark angels are purified, the result is Enlightenment.

The Results are Happiness, Joy like a twenty-Four hour Orgasm.

The Results are the Removal of your negative karma – the removal of your Bad Luck.

The results are Soul Contact, the ability to follow the path of your Soul.

The ability to ignore the Pessimism of the Intellect and the re-enforcement of the Optimism of the Will.

Thy Rod and thy Staff Art with you.

And you can dwell in the House of the Lord, Forever!!


Here is the perception of a prospective Energy Enhancement Student which exemplifies this dialogue between good and evil..

I wanted to email you again because this time I want to be REALLY honest with you. I want you to see the real me (or more likely…the various fragments of admiration and fear which comprise my many ego’s!)

So let me attempt to be honest! I will try my best. You deserve my respect.

I stumbled across your websites, the one (there is also an one) by chance (if there really is such a thing as chance? Hell no!).

some years ago I prayed, I prayed an awful lot for several things. Slowly life started to give me these things. I prayed for a speed up in spiritual development. I prayed for the most ‘powerful’ energy training methods and to get them and practice them.

I gradually got drawn intuitively towards tai chi, then qigong, then taoist alchemy’s orbit practice. I was able to raise my kundalini. I have used EFT, reiki, all very good method for removing some energy blockages. They help me to remove emotional energy blockages. I am now in process of removing the unconscious negative belief structures inside me.

I was then drawn to higher level yogic methods, such as master choa kok sui and shengong practice (ricardo b serrano). These are helping speed up my soul evolution and awareness. They work and they work Well! But alas, working towards enlightenment is a challenging goal, not for the faint of heart.

I have emailed you recently as you know, but after more thoughts , I realise that it is reasonable.

You asked me what part of me was avoiding it (or something similar) such as my lower ego.

…It is my deepest heart goal to keep working, doing my inner work until I reach the enlightenment. This is an unquestionable truth within me.

I was drawn to the work of jon peniel, who explains in his book the children of the law of one – how he felt about his master Zain. Zain caused a mixture of awe, attraction but also repulsion and fear in jon. Zain’s buddhafield was so powerful it was pulling out blockages and attacking jon’s lower selfish ego which made his ego feel very threatened. (I could ‘feel’ the soft, compassionate shen energy flowing out of the pages of the book so I know it’s the real deal). (the past months I really ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ the aura and energy of masters in videos and text online. So it’s easier to see who is the ‘real deal’.)

THIS is the exact effect YOU have on me. Your energy I can feel from your website…and videos on youtube. I also checked the video on youtube of your master – he emits the same, unbelievably high frequency…soft, wonderful energy! You guys have the most marvelous, high frequency, soft, aura’s.

The energy field doesn’t lie. I am fortunate I can detect this stuff.

I feel a mixture of extreme awe, rapture and…fear…when dealing with you.

You make something inside me squirm, wriggle and do ANYTHING to avoid you. Another part of me…thinks about you every day. I know. I know that every day I will be reminded of you and your energy, because it’s what I need.

I thought about it. After thinking about it, it is Well Worth It. I believe it’s better than anything else that can be gotten, faster and better, if one is prepared to put in the hard work.

Honestly? I live with my parents. I do not have a full time job, I am in and out of part time work. ….this whole situation makes me very uncomfortable, torn.

I will get a full time job 🙂 I am going to get one ‘somehow. somewhere’. and when I do. I will earn enough money, and buy your courses. I want to practice the higher level methods.

I feel in my heart, that you can change my life.

I know you can change my life.

The energy which flows out of you is incredible. More soft, loving, and intense than any energy I have felt from any other master’s material online so far. I believe you are not only the ‘real deal’, but of the highest frequency. Top quality!

But enough with my compliments. It would be easy to throw compliments while casually ‘avoiding doing the course at all costs’, what a wonderful ego trick.

Like I said, and this may well be my ego’s excuse, I struggle Right now.

I do not ‘have’ and I don’t feel at all comfortable about this.

I WILL get in future, for the sake of my dream. This is just what I want to do.

But the Universe won’t let me forget you. I’m going to be reminded of you each and every day until I can safely get the courses and it’s my own spending. Do people really think I’m going to try to buy a car, or some kind of electrical appliance first? I won’t.

What the heck???

I care so deeply and profoundly about my inner work. About my enlightenment and about helping others when I am ready to do so.

I have been doing my current meditations many hours per day for several years. I feel that from what you said (and I understand and agree with what you said about energy blockages – it all fits with my experience, it all makes sense), YOUR methods I believe are more powerful.

Certain things which I believe are very potent, such as the content in level 2 and level 3…is what I am attracted to the most. Removal and grounding of karmic energy blockages, resolving ‘inner children’ issues. This is what I need so very badly.

They allow you to more directly and quickly connect to higher frequency love energies, which are capable of dissolving or removing blockages right? The soul infusion of higher chakra’s PARTICULARLY interests me. I want to connect to this incredibly high frequency energy and speed up my soul evolution. I WANT to remove these inner children or fragmented selfish ego’s (and boy, are they fighting inside telling me to AVOID the heck out of you).

I’m going through a serious inner-battle with this!

Does everyone go through this? I’m assuming they do.

So why do I send this message? Especially since I am NOT buying your course right now?

I don’t know. I send it to let you know what’s going on with me.

I send it to say ‘expect me soon…’ and when I get a full time job I’ll tell my parents

‘look I have researched this site a lot for many months, I earn my own money…I will spend it how I like’, and they’ll agree..if not maybe I just do it anyway. I’ll just do it because it’s my money which I earnt and I don’t care, I’ll do it.

WOW do I want to remove those energy blockages inside me? EFT, Reiki and meditation so far are MY LIFE.

It is the most important thing ever for me. Your methods I believe are Better, Faster.

I want to be like you,

I want to have an energy field like you.

I want to destroy my pathetic selfish, confused ego’s and just submit to the higher universe.

Your site says that, it’s submission to the higher plans of the universe. This is what I am going for. I’m looking to get to the highest possible frequency and level I can obtain in my current human incarnation. Despite a bit of ego-wobble and self-doubt, I can’t forget you and I know already that I’m going to do this.

I want to submit to that unconditional love and reach the higher levels THEN when I am very, very extremely high in frequency, or just after I remove karmic blockages and finally get enlightened and ‘hooked up’ to god’s love. I’ll do anything.

I’ll perform the role that is expected of me by the Universe.

I want to help people. I want to remove those pesky alien implant blockages. I want to Help people. I want to teach them…(but only if I am qualified). I just want to spread the most intense love that I am able to………!

This is my powerful wish. I mean it.

I will do your course, but I need some preparation time to gather the funds. When the money comes in, there will be nowhere left for me to hide. No excuses, I’ll do it, one foot in front of the other.

Now do you start to get an idea of my journey? I love you, but I also hate you (am afraid of you…you’re scary, your energy field is incredible, my ego is afraid…)

Sorry if this is a bit haphazard email. I’m not in the clear state of mind. But I try to blast you with some truth of my inner feelings…so you can see how it is.

The summary is;

-your energy/you is incredible…..

-I can’t stop thinking about you and what you can do for me, every day now, think it’s trying to tell me something?

-my ego squirms and wriggles to try to escape you. I feel it now!

-I can’t afford the course right now…but before long I feel like I WILL be able to!

-later in my future I wish to teach this type of stuff and help others. Help them to remove energy blockages and do some serious inner work.

I want to channel love to people. I got told I am going to be able to do this in future, by unity. It told me I was to act as a wide open channel for ‘divine frequencies’.

I had several intense unity/enlightenment experiences already the past year…in one of them it tells me with soft love surrounding from all directions… ‘it is in the plans for you to succeed in meditation’, and that the world is currently transforming energetically from ‘mostly dark’ to ‘balanced and harmony between light and dark’…it wants me to experience ego loss and joyfully serve and submit to the overall plans. Upon doing so I will be a very happy bunny. I know I will.

OKAY this is all for now. I say this so you can know more about who I really am, and some of my inner conflict.

As soon as I get the finances there will be no excuses left for me to run from, it’s become my ….almost like my ‘life plan’ or mission, or goal…to follow your energetic methods to reach the highest level. I don’t care how long it takes, if it’s the best I want to do it! And I want to do it fast and intense, I want to sort through this murky internal junk over and over until I’m done. I want to do it in this lifetime.

Thankyou for putting your courses up…

PS: I wrote in to what I think was one of your blogs because I thought it was a student of yours…I was actually hoping to get free/cheap stuff, doh. Honestly how I feel now is? I can’t look you in the eye (speak to you on email?) unless I proudly pay you the full amount which you deserve.

Okay. This is my spilling out of feelings about all this. RIght now I feel the squirming inside my stomach, it’s similar to the feeling of about to jump off a cliff into the sea. Butterflies, nervous feelings. Intimidation. (I bet you get that reaction a lot from people, they either love you or hate you…or a bit of both? Such is probably the life of an enlightened…).

Anyway I am following you in my heart.

The universe will not let me forget about you.

Even if my ego does. It’s not going to win in the end.

My little ego’s got so scared I would repeatedly remove your websites from my favorites, and I deleted your last email because i was scared of it in my inbox!

But then I get drawn back to you. What a weird scenario? No one on earth has EVER got me so worked up…got me feeling so intense….Wow.

You are important.


Best wishes!

Your future student.


Please Understand that you, the people reading this article Right Now!! are all the same as our prospective student above.

You perceive the Energy of the Buddhafield.



And your Angels are voting right now..

Energy Blockage Removal Has been removed from all Traditional Meditations – Thus “Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail!!”



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