Enlightenment Yoga + Meditation, Angels, Good + Bad part 2-2

Youtube Video Transcription from: http://bit.ly/1vt0NeA

Enlightenment Yoga + Meditation, Angels, Good + Bad part 2-2

A friend was saying that while shewas meditating, this little bad angel was whispering into her ear, this meditation is a waste of time. And you know, she knew it was the bad angel, this is very evolved to know that. How to seperate the bad angels talking from the good angels talking. Yea? It’s a process of intellect also. We know that meditation has been used for 5000 years in order to increase our evolution. We know that. So when the bad angel whispers in the ear, this is a waste of time this meditation, you know that bad angels exist and i’m telling you bad angels exist! We cannot get to the bottom of how many different ways they will try to prevent the process of enlightenment. The ways are infinite, and they will concentrate on your weaknesses. And the really bad ones, they will concentrate on breaking your strengths. Yea? Always, the bad guys focus on those areas where you think you are strong. Okay a question..

This is the resting state, when you are doing both the air path and the water path at the same time. You can gain a lot of energy from this. But for getting blockages, you need to do one path carefully at a time. 

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