Enlightenment Yoga + Meditation, Angels, Good + Bad part 1-2

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Enlightenment Yoga + Meditation, Angels, Good + Bad part 1-2

Swami talking about seperating the good from the bad and only listening to the good angel.

So as I was saying, humanity now has the possiblity of changing it’s environment. We’ve had houses for many thousands of years and the Romans invented the hypocaust for heating the house. At this moment we have central heating. In England at the moment and it’s the end of December there is snow. And it’s minus 5 degrees but my mother has central heating and they send hot water all over the house and everything is warm And here in Argentina it’s very hot, yea, and we have the air conditioning to keep us cool because the sun burns everything. Back in the ancient days the yogis said it was good to meditate at the beginning of summer when it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold this is the best season for meditation. Not when the rainy season comes.


The Buddha went to a place in India, there were so many mosquitos, he said, pwah we must be strong against these mosquitos, non attachment to the body so they withstood they didn’t kill any of the mosquitos. They just allowed them to come. But the Buddha never went back to that place (laughs). And now, if the mosquito’s come intot he house, what can we do, we spray raid on them, we swat them (swat noises). But perhaps we should leave them outside, we should have mosquito nets at every window, this is a much better solution then killing everything. We should seperate the bad from the good like a paramahansa seperates the poison from the milk. Even in this world we have bad people. We call these people matototo. Mata e – torturer toto. (speaks spanish). There are people on this planet who murder rape and kill and they live in every country and they live in every city and what are we going to do with these people. Well if we walk down the street at night without a bodyguard they’ll come at us with knives and guns. So, what do we do. We stay in our houses and the mosquito’s stay outside. We have cars with air conditioning so we don’t have to go out in the street. We seperate the bad from the good. We only have friends who are good people because we get rid of all the bad ones. We never go near them again. We seperate, because the good energy will only allow the good energies to come. The bad energies will feel uncomfortable…in the presence of the good energies. The concentration of the good. And because every human being is made up of the good angel and the bad angel and they are whispering into the ears and they are whispering into the ears (laughs) and the bad angel is talking and the good angel is talking which one do we listen to…

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