Energy Enhancement and Tantra: What is Tantra?





Like Yoga which means Union with the center of the Universe or with God, Tantra is any path which achieves that aim.

For many, Tantra is a sexual means of achieving that union. People ask me, isn’t one of the methods to make love only once per month? To increase the length of time we make love to hours?

Well, I reply, Enlightenment comes from the increase of energy. Human beings only have a small amount of energy within themselves. Really to increase that energy we need to access the energy from chakras outside the body. It is like we have a computer which is running slowly on only five volts. We need to plug ourselves into the big generator!

To obtain thousands of volts of power in order to make the computer work more quickly at a much higher level we need to plug ourselves into the chakras above the Crown Chakra, into energy in the central spiritual sun!! The Soul!! God!!!

And in the center of the Earth is the Kundalini Shakti flowing out in every direction from the Atomic Generator which powers this planet. The atomic pile in the center of the planet is a 5000 degrees centigrade and provides the energy which keeps this planet alive and at the correct temperature. The Earth is feminine. The Indians say, “Our Mother, the Earth” and our Father, who art in Heaven is God, the energy in the center of the universe. And when all the Energy Blockages to that connection have been removed, then there is a flow, a waterfall of spiritual energy which powers every one of the enlightened.

Then we have Shiva, our father, combining with Shakti our mother. Then we have Hercules, son of God, Zeus, Theos, Deos, combining with the daughter of Pluto, King of the Underworld.

Enlightenment concerns The Holy Trinity and is composed of Sat, the truth of the center of the Universe combining with Chitta – the holy grail, the cup of the mind on this planet, empty and ready to receive the libation of the Gods, and the flow of energy between the two is called Ananda, or bliss – Satchitananda like the Father – Our Father who art in Heaven, the Son and the Holy Spirit which flows between the two.

And the Hindus have a word for the channel between the Center of the Universe and the Center of the Earth. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.  The Rainbow Bridge. The Tower of Babel. Tower of Connection created out of mental matter to channel the energies of God through all the infinite chakras of existence, powering the whole universe from the center. This is the Antahkarana.

If you are not connected with, if you are blocked from, the center of the universe then just think of a small flow of water slowly filling a bucket. You may well have to wait a month for the bucket to fill. Only then will you have sufficient energy to enjoy making love, or really doing any of the thousand things we have to do on this planet. But if you are connected and put your bucket under a waterfall, then that bucket will fill in seconds. You will have infinite energy to do with whatever you want every second of the day.

The Greeks had a name for this energy which descends from the soul to power the Mind Computer, and they called it Genius which is the what happens to the mind computer powered by the energy of the Soul. Soul Infused.

The Mind is of the intellect of logic yet the Soul is Intuition, Knowing, Wisdom and is much higher than the mind.

The Kashmir Shaivites also have the energy of Chit Shakti whereby the mind is also powered by the Energy in the Center of the earth.

In reality, human beings are powered by both masculine and feminine energies. We connect with the Kundalini Chakra in the center of the earth by means of the Base chakra, and we connect with the center of the universe by means of the Crown Chakra.

Usually it takes three days for the students who come on our courses to access this energy with which they can successfully transmute all their Energy Blockages because another, more easy way for people to absorb energy is from the Buddhafield, the Aura of the Master.

When they leave then sometimes the energy drains away, because it is the energy blockages which create the holes in the bucket through which all the water drains away.

And this is Tantra, the Energy Flow of the Soul created by the Sexual Union of Shiva and Shakti.

In that that bliss, that delight, such an overflowing cornucopia of Energy which comes from the Gaining of Energy and the Removal of Energy Blockages, we find only Enlightenment.

In a way, Enlightenment is a twenty-four hour a day orgasm.

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