Lord of the Rings with Energy Enhancement will show you how to remove blockages and avoid evil

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Lord of the Rings with Energy Enhancement will show you how to remove blockages and avoid evil


Lord of the Rings is a book and a film filled with spiritual energy.

Lord of the Rings main message is that Evil and dark forces can take hold of any weakness in a person, and use this to corrupt that person.

Lord of the Rings shows how people are corrupted: Gollum or Golem, Boromir, Bilbo and Frodo to an extent. In Lord of the Rings only pure peopleresist: Gandalf, Galadriel, Aragorn, Faramir.

Lord of the Ring shows us how important it is to eliminate these weaknesses in you.

“Taking the Ring” is a term we use in Energy Enhancement to succumbing to dark forces . Whole organizations have done this. You might be working in one now, or even be tempted to take it yourself.

Energy Enhancement has as objective getting rid of obstructions in body and mind. It is a complete system covering a wide range of techniques, including mantras and meditation techniques for control of life-force, bringing calmness and control of both body and mind.

  • Energy meditation will ground blockages and the strategies which are running your life
  • Energy enhancement Yoga will remove blockages (pains, negative thoughts and negativity) teaches how to breathe which also increases energy flow.
  • Energy enhancement will teaches how to circulate the energies to increase energy flow

Energy enhancement is a fusion by Satchidanand of his practice of Zen Meditation with Zen Master Roshi Hogen, Integral Yoga with Swami Satchidananda, regular and prolonged study with other Yoga Masters in India, and with Taoist techniques and NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), and with other techniques..

He has integrated his thirty five years experience into a technique that includes the ancient effective and often hidden techniques, including theKundalini Kriyas and the Taoist Microcosmicorbit, as well as lesser known techniques.

Eliminating blockages (pains, negative feelings) releases negative energy stored in the body and again enormously increases the benefits from the practice. Once the blockages are removed the energy will flow easily through the body. The next stage is to eliminate the strategies that we use to control in life, and in reality control us.

By eliminating these there is nothing for Evil and Dark forces to latch onto, and the Universal Energy will further flow through you, further protecting you, and connecting you to your Universal soul.

Gandalf uses similar techniques to protect himself and to find the power for his magic.

Energy Enhancement includes secret guided meditations that are practiced by higher practitioners in these disciplines, but not explained in most Zen, Yoga or Transcendental classes.

Strengthen yourself against the forces of the Dark side, and increase your potential to do good. Increase your Spiritual energy now!.

Energy Enhancement has been taught and developed by Satchidanand to students for over twenty years in a series of easy steps in a Meditation retreat, or via a home study course, and now via Videos.

The Ancient principles behind Energy Enhancement are also fully described in adownloadable Energy Enhancement book.

A free chapter is available on this site.

Lord of the Rings and removing blockages

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