Vanaimoinen and Bhogar, Patanjali and Ramana Maharshi, and their Connection with Tolkien and Energy Enhancement



Vanaimoinen and Bhogar, Patanjali and Ramana Maharshi, and their Connection with Tolkien and Energy Enhancement

Vanaimoinen and Bhogar – Tamil Siddars

Tolkien’s Connection with Energy Enhancement through Tamil Suddar Vanaimoinen and the Finnish Myth, The Kalevala of Lonnrot, Beowulf and Yggdrasil the World Tree and the Tamil Siddars


For 20,000 years – yes Tamil from Tamil Nadu in the South of India predates Sanskrit by thousands of years – Tamil Siddars have been at the Heart of Human Evolution. From Tamil Siddar Bhogar of Palani Hill Temple and his Spiritual and physical Alchemy to create Enlightenment and Immortality transmigrating into the body of Lao Tsu to create Taoism.

 Bhogar MahārshiTamil Siddar Bhogar – Siddar Alchemy is Taoist Alchemy- Bhogar Transmigrated – moved from Body to Body – into Lao Tsu – Swami Satchidananda, Master of satchidanand, was a Tamil Siddha – Satchidananda and Satchidanand at Palani Hill Temple – Bhogars temple – in 1995 – Patanjali was a Tamil Siddar!!


To Tamil Siddar Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras  of Patanjali – “Here are complete instructions on Enlightenment!!” the Truth, the whole Truth with nothing left out – “Designed to Succeed!!”

Read the Energy Enhancement Commentary of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali here!!


To Tamil Siddar Ramana Maharshi and his Ashram in Tamil Nadu, South India.




The best form of hiding is in plain sight, because nothing is hidden that is not also revealed.

Wizard language is a slip-code. This term refers to the fact that information is “slipped” into totally mundane places, and to the fact that the code is not a code at all. It is simply a way of saying and doing things that obscures the general meaning.

Language is mostly in the face and body. Wizards read your mind because you are telling us what you are thinking.

Words are for deception. The easiest way to hide something is with words.

The truths that people wish to tell, they tell by their actions. The Wizard learns early how to read the human face and form. Those born with what we call, “the talent,” know more about the world around them by the age of three than the uninitiated know by 30.

Not understanding words, the Wizard child understands truth, instead. Buddha was one such, Vanaimoinen another.


What is self evident is impossible to understand.

As created and uncreated entities fill both the universe and the nothingness that envelopes all universes, it is impossible for any one entity to understand everything around them. Our mundane perceptions are derived from our five senses. The reality is that these are not the totality of the onboard sensory package available to us. We have also a sense of balance, a proximity sense, the capacity to detect predation, and a variety of decreasingly scientific but no less real abilities.

With Meditation we increase our senses.

With Meditation we begin to have experiences of that other world of the Soul whereby we see all our previous lifetimes.

With Meditation we see those Lifetimes of which the Buddha so eloquently talked.

With Meditation we see that we ourselves are Immortal!!

With Meditation we see that we pass from lifetime to lifetime shedding our old bodies as every night we shed our dirty clothes.

With Meditation we see that the purpose of our lives is to develop autonomy, to develop Soul Path, where no-one else can tell us what to do.

With Meditation we see that we have the free will ONLY to do the right and good thing.

With Meditation we see that this world is a factory for the production of Enlightened beings.

With Meditation we see that any opposition is grist to our mill, that opposition is only there to create evolution, that opposition is the grain of sand which in the oyster produces the Pearl of Illumination.



Take the following tale to heart, and you will possess the true secret of understanding the Way that is concealed because it is revealed.

The Finns talk of a great old Wizard, called Vainamoinen. He was a song-singer and tale-teller, older than every other living thing on earth in his day, impervious to weather, and the champion of the manly arts of dancing and making matter appear from thought. He was the perennial enemy of the Ice-Witch, Louhi, and a general all-around bad mofo and ass-kicker. Think Merlin, but then make him a Viking and give him an imposing Finnish beard. This is Wizard propaganda at its finest, and by that we know that about one-half of it is true.

Wizard propaganda is guaranteed to be 50% true – over 85% more truth than the other leading brands.

Vainamoinen was famed for his defense of the Finns, and his bond with the land. Modern scholarship has revealed that his name means something like “song-singer” and that he was originally a god among the Finnish people. He is thought to have been a ritual-master sort of deity, a conveyor of sacred songs which could take or give life, bring the weather, and make the seasons mild or harsh. These are important things to consider when one lives in Finn-land.

The only problem with this story is that it is total nonsense. This is not to say that there was not a genuine historical figure upon whom the character was based. That is almost certainly the case, since most of the major mythological figures reflect at least an archetypal conflation of persons and identities, and at most, specific persons.

The problem here is that Vainamoinen is not exactly the proper rendering of the real Wizard’s name. The “right” way that it is said in the deepest Occult circles is Vanaimoinen. And the simple act of moving the letter “i” unlocks a code.

This is a memory device for recalling the oral tradition elements upon which all genuine Occult teachings are still based. Using the internet will not give you links to the sort of information you need if you want to possess true magick. A library might get you started, but then you would run out of living people to go chase down and try to get answers out of… people who would – all the while knowing what you seek – protest ignorance and eventually get a restraining order against you. You might find an old, dusty children’s book from 1911, for instance, in the basement of a library in Ohio, or one in the Piedmont region of Italy, in which the name “Vainamoinen” appears to be misspelled as “Vanaimoinen.” It’s a simple error, a misprint, an editor’s oversight. And you might find that the publisher’s seal, somewhere in the tiny details, contains an owl… If only you could find the author, and ask the right questions, all would be made clear.

Vanaimoinen unlocks a deeper secret: the name is Tamil Siddar Vanainatyam, which ended up getting shifted around by the ancestors of modern day Finns about 2200 years ago, due to linguistic differences. The great Finnish God and culture-Wizard is in fact based upon a wandering Tamil holy man, an Enlightened Tamil Siddar – like Bhogar – who managed to find his way into the heart of Finland – on foot, with one garment and a small branch of the bael, or tree – a trek of about 4000 miles as the crow flies. It was said that with the bael branch Vanainatyam could cure the sick, and that it would bear fruit for him – a golden apple – if he performed certain songs and dances.

If you noticed the thing about the Golden Apple and thought, “I wonder if there is a Greek mythological connection?”, then you are on the right track with the wrong horse. As my father would say, “Change horses.”

Perhaps ANOTHER Tamil Siddar was sent to Greece.

Plato, anyone?




Vanainatyam is a Tamil conflation of terms that means something like “form-dancer.” The meaning is significant, and its connection to the mythological Finnish God and wizard is clear: both men are known for power over the material world exercised through music, and both men are known for their spiritual linkage to the divine. The only real issue here is that Vainamoinen is widely attested and known to mythologians and students of Nordic culture, whereas Vanainatyam is totally concealed from mainstream literature and history. He hides within his better-known counterpart… in plain sight. Wizards keep a secret history of the world. The answer is – in part – because we can.

The rest of the answer has to do with the fact that a great deal of European and Mediterranean art, culture, religion, and philosophy resulted from contact with India and China in deep antiquity.

The fascination amongst Elizabethan English nobles with exotic climes is palpable in their literature, and the Occult orders in the West knew of the importance of Indian magick in the development of Western Civilization. But this is not how any culture group prefers to collectively think of itself.

It is a difficult pill to swallow to find that one’s greatest achievements come from outside of the social body. While this is an aspect of provincialism, it is provincialism that informed most of the people of the past. It continues to exert undue influence over human thinking in the modern day. Wizards know this. We have known for much longer than is reasonable that human beings live on a planet in space. As such, we are not properly divided into regional teams that can war on one another for absurd causes. But this is not the view of he everyday person, and some truths are too jarring to be told. Wizards of the East, of the Orient, have been a major factor in a great many Western tales. There’s even a trio of them that show up in a story popular around Christmastime – at least in the suburbs.

Vanainatyam was a relative late-comer in the grand scheme of things. He was preceded, according to Wizard history, by a whole line of spiritual teachers, yogis, martial arts masters, philosophers, and other assorted Enlightened beings – Tamil Siddars!!

Much of the Occult tradition has its roots in the same places that the Himalayas have their roots. Not only is this because of the strong spiritual force exerted by mountains upon the minds of men, but it is also because Tibet and Nepal contain some of the best territory on earth in which to hide – to be Occulted. Also,  some people say Yetis taught the ancestors of the modern Nepalese the central secrets of magick about 6300 years ago.


The secrets of Invisibility.. When real Wizards talk about being occulted or hidden, they are very serious. If you are going to hide somewhere, the ancient sages teach us, hide in plain sight… except for when you are fleeing from an army or even an entire empire bent on decapitating you, because you might have taught the King’s daughter that she can do whatever she wants to with her life. At those times, discretion suggests that you find the most remote place on earth, and hang out until this whole thing blows over.

The Tamil connection brings us geographically much farther south, into the pointy part of India. Very ancient magick resides there, and it is from there that some of the strongest shamanic workers are still said to come. If you need a demon out of you – and I mean out of you find a Tamil Wizard. I have no idea why this is so, but it is absolutely proverbial in certain circles.




Thus, it has long been known to a select few that certain of the biggest names in Magick – the ones depicted as White Guys with Staves – were in fact Indian holy men. How did little old Dravidic sorcerers impress great big Vikings? Perhaps their magick was quite real, after all.But a more important question is this: Why did these men lose their true identities, and turn – via the forces of narrative reinvention – into the archetypal source for Gandalf?  We know that the White Wizard, Tolkien, was greatly affected by the Finnish Kalevala Saga whose effect was not only into the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but also as far as the Silmarilion.

Tolkien’s Connection with Energy Enhancement through the Finnish Myth, The Kalevala of Lonnrot, Beowulf and Yggdrasil the World Tree and the Tamil Siddars


The Finnish Saga, Kalevala & Tolkiens Qenya


Occasional discussion here of the nature of the influence of Finnish on Qenya eventually led me to my university library to reconsult their copy of the first edition of W. F. Kirby’s translation of the Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot, (_K., The Land of Heroes_, 1907). Kirby’s own introduction to his translation (unfortunately replaced in 1951 with a much more cursory introduction by J. B. C. Grundy) contains information that must surely have been of great interest to Tolkien, especially an excerpt given there from the original Finnish version of Runo VIII (lines 1-16).

I think it is worth quoting the beginning of this excerpt here, since it may well be the first Finnish text that Tolkien ever encountered. I give Kirby’s rendering interlinearly, since it is from this that Tolkien would have had to infer most of what he could (at that time) about the language in the poem.

Tuo oli kaunis Pohjan neiti,
Lovely was the maid of Pohja,

Maan kuulu, ve’en valio,
Famed on land, on water peerless,

Istui ilman wempelellä,
On the arch of air high-seated,

Taivon kaarella kajotti
Brightly shining on the rainbow,

Pukehissa puhtaissa;
Clad in robes of dazzling lustre,

Walkeissa vaattehissa;
Clad in raiment white and shining.

Kultakangasta kutovi,
There she wove a golden fabric,

Hopeista huolittavi
Interwoven all with silver,

Kultaisesta sukkulasta,
And her shuttle was all golden,

Pirralla hopeisella.
And her comb was all of silver.




“As evil people tell tales to deceive; White Wizards use tales to tell a deeper truth, of meaning and significance” – V for Vendetta adapted by Satchidanand

Tolkien was that wizard sending the thousands of years old truth of the Enlightened sages, the Tamil Siddars, the White Wizards, and the deeper truth he told was of..


The creation of the pure steel of immaculate innocence by its courage in the face of implacable evil.

This is THE religious truth at the heart of all religions.

– Satchidanand

J.R.R. Tolkien identified in his 1936 lecture on the Saga “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics” a “Northern ‘theory of courage'”—the heroic or “virtuous pagan” insistence to do the right thing even in the face of certain defeat without promise of reward or salvation:

“Enlightenment is the free will ONLY to do the right and good thing” – Satchidanand

“ It is the strength of the northern mythological imagination that it faced this problem, put the Monsters in the Centre,

gave them victory but no honor,

and found a potent and terrible solution in Naked Will and Courage.

‘As a working theory absolutely impregnable.’

So potent is it, that while the older southern imagination has faded forever into literary ornament, the northern has power, .. to revive its spirit even in our own times.

– Tolkien, JRR. “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics”. The Tolkien Estate. p. 25.


Was it racism? Is that force so deeply ingrained in the Western mind that it stretches back to hoary antiquity, the result of a genetic curse of sorts? Naturally not. Racism is an antiquated political theory and philosophy. And bear in mind, antiquated things have a way of reinventing themselves, particularly when magick is used in their resurrection.

Remember Hitler? Remember Hitler’s fascination with India? But this is the whole of such matters. The truth behind this act of concealment is that this is how magick works. Speaking to the conscious mind only accomplishes so much. You can breed and train royal families on such things, but it takes far more to do the great work of getting us back to the stars, where we belong.

So armed, see what dragons ye may slay…

Now that you have an example of how we integrate information into the mainstream, the challenge should be clear to the serious seeker: How many other stories like this are there? How many other absolutely true historical narratives are nothing of the sort?

Slip-code takes a very long time to master. But we have ample time, generation to generation. What will you discover, when you see beyond sight?

“Are ye forgiven? What have ye learned?

Live rightly, and there shall be no need of forgiveness. Seek out thy wrongs, and set them right. This is the whole of the body of the secrets.” – Tamil Siddar Vanainatyam, Guardian of Finland and the Finns.

“Life is short and the time of death is uncertain; so apply yourself to meditation. Avoid doing evil, and acquire merit, to the best of your ability, even at the cost of life itself. In short: Act so that you have no cause to be ashamed of yourselves and hold fast to this rule” Milarepa



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