Avatar: The Last Airbender Esoteric Spiritual Movie Review

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Like the movies The Last Samurai, Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, when they first came out and afterwards, there has been a lot of criticism of his movie.

The critics, bless their cotton socks, still, none of them get Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings.

However, the meaning and significance of this movie which creates and channels its Psychic Charge is such that the second installment will be made.

Great Special Effects and a wonderful story should make this a must for every Child at Heart.

The peoples of the earth are split into Four Races depending on their Element – like in Acupuncture, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Some members of the Races have the Psychic Powers over their Element.

Only when the Four Elements come into harmony can the Heart Element Open.

The Avatar: born into the Air Peoples, all of whom have been murdered, genocided by the Fire People, he is the last Airbender!

The Avatar: – like the Avatar of Synthesis – who has the power to Master each Element has been sent to ensure that Harmony over all the Earth.


The Avatar in his Three Hundred and Fiftieth Incarnation is just a Boy and has been missing from the Earth for 100 years. He has a lot to do.

At the moment the Fire nation with its War Machines have genocided all the Air People and want to enslave all the other races.

They want to stop the Avatar!!

As Ang is told in Avatar, the Last Air Bender, Directed by M. Night Shyamalan “You need to lose your pain through allowing yourself to grieve for your people. This pain is stopping your natural abilities. Your job is not to hurt anyone. It is only to show through demonstration what can be done so as to inspire and correct”

It shows how the enemy is heavy desire caused by trauma – formed negative karmic mass which influences everyone in a negative way until it is dissipated.

Only the dissipation of this pain caused negativity can allow one to pass on to Heaven and to Illumination, Enlightenment.

This is the only thing worth doing in life.

Only by Grounding, “That which is False” can you energise “That which is True” in your life!!

Know, “Everything is happening as it should”, “Not my will, but thy Will be done!”


As Ang loses his pain so he gains ability.


He demonstrates his Psychic Powers, so he wins the Hearts and Minds of all Humanity.


Like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, this movie is Applicable to the situation on this Planet at the moment.


It seems as majority of all negative comments come from the actual cartoon fans. I have not
seen the cartoon series and I LOVE the movie. As a matter of fact I went to see it twice
and I’m planning to buy the dvd as well. I wish people were not getting so hung up on name
pronounciation and silly things like that. You can’t expect the director to make the movie
exactly like the cartoon.

The soundtrack is beautiful, the effects are great, and overall
the movie has a wonderful message. I do admit that the dialouges are not the most
elaborate, but the movie is still very enjoyable. None of the kids deliver an Oscar worthy
role, but then again they are just kids! You can’t expect Meryl Streep or John Malkovich
type of performance from some teenagers. I think the guys in Narnia were far worst and
fake. Also, I can’t believe that people criticize the movie for things which, in my
opinion, are its assets – mysticism, sacredness, and ancient supernatural beliefs. The
bending sequences look like tai-chi and are very respectful to the nature. Unfortunately it
seems like some of the agitators complain of bending scenes being too slow and I guess
expected massive mudslides and Niagara-like waterfalls to happen with the flip of fingers.

I certainly do hope Shyamalan makes sequels to the first movie as it was great and the
music from the last water scene is absolutely hunting. I listen to it on my ipod and I can
see that scene instantly.

It brings tears to my eyes every time.

I wish people just stopped
looking for every little thing that it may be imperfect with this movie and just enjoy the
beautiful story of human nature; story about pride, strive for power, but also
unconditional loving kindness and how it can change people. Very simple but yet so
powerful. THAT’s the message of the film… NOT the fact that Aang is not bratty enough, or
there’s not enough violence in the movie.



I went into this movie with very low expectations but it turns out to be a fantastic movie.

I can certainly see why it is getting such bad scores from critics. It is not depressing.
It does not promote a negative outlook on life. It has no suicides. It has no teenage
angst. It has no existential ennui. There’s almost no blood in it. Very few characters are
killed. It does have heroes. It is life affirming. It does demonstrate a respect for life.
It makes the argument that people can wield power without becoming corrupted by it. In
short, it challenges the world-view of many artists, many critics, many movie makers and
many in the Hollywood establishment. It is a minor miracle it ever got made. It is no
surprise to me it is doing a better business at the box office than most experts

This is such a great movie on all levels. The story telling is on par with the Harry Potter
and Lord of the Rings franchise, brilliant cinematography and mind-blowing special effects.
The action scenes were extremely interesting, as were the philosophical underpinnings of
the story.

The overall tone of the film is eastern, not western. Eastern world-views prevail. Nature
prevails over technology. Spirituality prevails over materialism. Harmony between nature
and spirituality is emphasised.

Peace is not achieved, but is the clear goal of the story.
The goal is peaceful coexistence between the four nations. This film was meant to be the
first of several, but the others will probably never be made. There are too many forces
opposed to this film. That is too bad, since we will not get to see the impending alliance
between Aang and Prince Zuko and we won’t discover the role that Uncle Iroh has to play in
that alliance.

A must see movie I give it 10/10 – pure entertainment with a great ending.


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