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Samadhi does translate to a state of bliss, and that is one of the subjective sensations associated with it. Samadhi means perfect consciousness or perfect mind then it is “With the Light”.Patanjali mentions two types of Samadhi and they are Samadhi with object and Samadhi without object (there are grades in between) The Samadhi with object is when you have perfect object-consciousness in that you will be in resonance with the very essence of the object. Samadhi without object is when you have objectless consciousness and simply abide in pure “I-am-ness” This is that state that cannot be talked about because it is ineffable and beyond words. It is often subjectively described as pure bliss, infinite love etc


Patanjali describes Samayama (perfect control) as a combination of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi he does not literally mean Samayama is a combination. What he means these are the preceeding steps before one attains Samayama. He describes various Samayama techniques in PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS chapter 3 based on the object you start with in Dharana. So, for example if you focus on the crown chakra. Then after a while you focus will become highly concentrated and then you will enter the state of Dhyana on the crown chakra. Then when your Dhyana becomes even more highly concentrated after a certain period you enter into resonance with the crown chakra and this is when you enter the first stages of Samadhi and thenSamayama on the crown chakra. He says this Samayama will bring visions from masters and sages. He is the perfect Master who has taught all the Enlightened Sages for thousands of years.


Now do these abilities really exist? The best way to find out is find out for yourself.

“I may have accidentally a Samayama experience myself after doing after a japa meditation where I was simply repeating a thought over and over again and I was actually thinking of a star system known as the Pleaides. After a while, something really strange happened, I felt like I was moving through space and my mind became like a television receiver forming static which I could both see and hear, and then as if it was tuning into a station I could make out a signal being received. It definitely felt like a communication was taking place. It lasted a few seconds and then ended. I have since not been able to repeat this exactly.” Student

Much of the Samayama techniques Patanjali describes can be explained using quantum mechanics, because oddly enough, quantum mechanics gives more or less the same explanation for how teleportation and levitation is achieived. For example Patanjali talks about doing Samayama on a force within the akasha known as the udana vayu (upwards force) and this allows one to control this force to push our body above the ground causing us to levitate whereby we can walk over water or even fly. QM describes a very similar process on how levitation is achieived, it is achieived by generating a force known as the casimir force from the quantum and reversing its polarity to push upwards causing objects to levitate. This has already been achieived but only to at a micro level so far.

Patanjali also describes teleportation very similar to how quantum mechanics describes it. He says by doing Samayama on ones body and its position in the akasha one can collapse themselves into light (he says light as a cotton, but this is a metaphor) and thereby gain passage into the channels in the akasha you can appear anywhere. In QM theoretically this is possible because all objects also have a wave function and all objects can be collapsed into their wave function whereby through quantum tunneling they can be transmitted through quantum channels.

Even the explanation Patanjali gives for how invisibility is achieved is very scientifically sound. He says that by Samayama on the light element in the body one is able to completely absorb all light. This will by definition make you invisible because you cannot see something if it does not reflect any light.

I think it is very likely then that Patanjali really is describing real abilities that one attains when they can do Samayama. Now it would be very nice to see actual yogis that can do this. I have heard countless stories from yogis that they can do this. One really interesting one was being told by Swami Nithyananda where his guru was teaching him the technique of Samayama on a nadi (pranic channel) known as kurma nadi, which when pressed completely arrests the movement of the body (more importantly the eyes) His guru pressed his kurma nadi with such intent and focus that Nithyananda went into Samayama. He then told him to look up in the sky, and to the absolute shock of Nithyananda he could see directly into space very clearly the sun, stars, planets. He asked his guru how could this be possible and the guru explained that the eyes has a micro movement which causes us to mistake the frequencies of light we are receiving and perceive the sky as blue, but by the pressing the nadi its movement was completely arrested, so as a result the blue layer disappeared. The explanation makes a lot of sense!

I understand one can be really skeptical when they hear about miracles like this but when the miracle is explained so scientifically that it makes sense and when reliable authorities like yogic gurus and experts like Patanjali confirming them, and the fact that these powers have been witnessed in all human cultures on the planet, I can no longer maintain skepticism.

Wow, thank you for your thorough explanation, I found it very interesting to read, especially your ‘going into space’ experience. I have only read the Sutras once to get a general idea, I now plan to read them again (slowly this time) and include meditation and in-depth study to develop my understanding.


Don’t worry I for one am not a sceptic when it comes to miracles, as a Christian I very much believe in miracles, we are surrounded by them daily, if we choose to see them.

Do you think phenomenon such as levitation, teleportation, invisibility etc are ‘states of mind’ or ‘mind control’ rather than tangible realities? Can we not do anything with the ‘mind and in God’s spirit’? Does one need to really see it for it to be real, or can an experience within the mind be a reality?




One of our students on the July 2008 Course – and this is only a half time report, was saying that she felt our energies, our auras were much bigger, wider, than the normal peoples. She could feel that this was so because we were drawing energy down from the center of the universe and grounding it into the center of the earth.

Another student said that when he was young, he saw that most adults were not in. They never noticed him and the few that did he liked the best. He felt that most people were “not in” and this feeling was compounded by the Energy Enhancement Meditations which raised his energy levels such that when he walked down the street in the middle of the course, he saw that most people were not awake. They were simply scuttling by with the mentality of ants with a sort of group instinct. Most people he felt were not awake and in many cases he felt they were afraid of waking up.

Like most intelligent people he felt that intellectuals were intensely stupid.

For an example, as an artist he now knew that low intellectual critics with no heart were put to sleep by their blockages when viewing anything with energy encoded within it. One of the symptoms of blockages in people is that they easily go to sleep in the presence of kundalini energy.

Thus anything with higher energies to them was incredibly boring because they are going to sleep. This was from the fact that the most highly spiritual films of the 20th century were universally hated by 100% of all critics when they first came out and essentially were all still hated, although intensely loved by the common people. Titles like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings – the book and the movies, and The Last Samurai come to mind amongst many others – hated by the critics, yet loved by those who have the evolution and thus the ability feel energy..

People are not all at the same energy level. People are not all at the same evolutionary level. We work in monadic groups, in tribes ecapsulated by the Mayan Astrology, and all these tribes contain people of the same energy level. A guru, a Sat Guru is one of the people in the Monadic group who has woken up, become aware, enlightened and thus becomes responsible for the evolution of the Group.

Thus the people who are called to the group of Energy Enhancement which is one of the seed groups involved in the Evolution of the world.

If you feel this in yourself then do not delay and get your asses over here as soon as possible.


Its Incredible!!





In the context of Samayama the word itself means perfect control of the mind. I recently had a discussion that it is already clear that we already do control things with our mind. For example with a conscious mind we can control our breathing, motor organs and blood flow around the body etc. However, after doing Yoga and attaining higher states consciousness, and this is now scientifically proven beyond doubt, we can control otherwise involuntary body functions like regulating the heart beat, body temperature, brainwave activity, nervous system, thirst/hunger etc. Now who knows what else is possible at even deeper levels of consciousness.

I think what is clear though that mind does indeed control matter in the body at least. However, controlling matter at any point in space means it can control matter anywhere else as well according to quantum mechanics (through quantum channels). So anything that is possible that can be done with technology, can be done with the mind as well. Now as we know levitation is indeed possible by generating a quantum force and pushing the object, I see no reason why mind could not do the same.

I think you would like reading the modern day Yoga classic Autobiography of a Yogi by Swami Yogananda Paramhansa. It is full of accounts of Swami Yogananda encountering Ascended Master and Founder of the Kundalini Kriyas – Babaji –  in the Himalayas with amazing mind control abilities. There is one particular story that when I read I found it staggering, and it is said so casually as if its just an ordinary event. I will cite that now:

My solitary musings were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. In the darkness, a man’s hand gently helped me to my feet, and gave me some dry clothing.

“‘Come, brother,’ my companion said. ‘The master awaits you.’

“He led the way through the forest. The somber night was suddenly lit by a steady luminosity in the distance.

“‘Can that be the sunrise?’ I inquired. ‘Surely the whole night has not passed?’

“‘The hour is midnight.’ My guide laughed softly. ‘Yonder light is the glow of a golden palace, materialized here tonight by the peerless Babaji. In the dim past, you once expressed a desire to enjoy the beauties of a palace. Our master is now satisfying your wish, thus freeing you from the bonds of karma.’ He added, ‘The magnificent palace will be the scene of your initiation tonight into Kriya Yoga. All your brothers here join in a paean of welcome, rejoicing at the end of your long exile. Behold!’

“A vast palace of dazzling gold stood before us. Studded with countless jewels, and set amidst landscaped gardens, it presented a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur. Saints of angelic countenance were stationed by resplendent gates, half-reddened by the glitter of rubies. Diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and emeralds of great size and luster were imbedded in the decorative arches.


“I followed my companion into a spacious reception hall. The odor of incense and of roses wafted through the air; dim lamps shed a multicolored glow. Small groups of devotees, some fair, some dark-skinned, chanted musically, or sat in the meditative posture, immersed in an inner peace. A vibrant joy pervaded the atmosphere.

“‘Feast your eyes; enjoy the artistic splendors of this palace, for it has been brought into being solely in your honor.’ My guide smiled sympathetically as I uttered a few ejaculations of wonderment.

“‘Brother,’ I said, ‘the beauty of this structure surpasses the bounds of human imagination. Please tell me the mystery of its origin.’

“‘I will gladly enlighten you.’ My companion’s dark eyes sparkled with wisdom. ‘In reality there is nothing inexplicable about this materialization. The whole cosmos is a materialized thought of the Creator. This heavy, earthly clod, floating in space, is a dream of God. He made all things out of His consciousness, even as man in his dream consciousness reproduces and vivifies a creation with its creatures.

“‘God first created the earth as an idea. Then He quickened it; energy atoms came into being. He coordinated the atoms into this solid sphere. All its molecules are held together by the will of God. When He withdraws His will, the earth again will disintegrate into energy. Energy will dissolve into consciousness; the earth-idea will disappear from objectivity.

“‘The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer. When that cohesive thought is withdrawn in wakefulness, the dream and its elements dissolve. A man closes his eyes and erects a dream-creation which, on awakening, he effortlessly dematerializes. He follows the divine archetypal pattern. Similarly, when he awakens in cosmic consciousness, he will effortlessly dematerialize the illusions of the cosmic dream.

“‘Being one with the infinite all-accomplishing Will, Babaji can summon the elemental atoms to combine and manifest themselves in any form. This golden palace, instantaneously created, is real, even as this earth is real. Babaji created this palatial mansion out of his mind and is holding its atoms together by the power of his will, even as God created this earth and is maintaining it intact.’ He added, ‘When this structure has served its purpose, Babaji will dematerialize it.’

Kriya Yogi Yogananda – in the line of Babaji

Swami Yogananda encountered Ascended Master and Founder of the Kundalini Kriyas – Babaji –  in the Himalayas with amazing mind control abilities – HE TAUGHT THEM JUST LIKE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT!!



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