Energy Enhancement Empathy and Telepathy for highly sensitive people

Energy Enhancement Empathy and Telepathy for highly sensitive people 

“Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail!!”

Energy Enhancement – Learn How to Handle Energy Connections Responsibly with Other People and with the Conscience of Your Highest Self and…


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An intuitive empath, is a special individual who has advanced powers of emotional, mental, spiritual and overall energetic sensitivity. The world of an empath or highly sensitive person can be challenging. It’s easy to lose yourself in the emotions or thoughts of other people. However, with Energy Enhancement you can move forward with peace, tranquility, awareness of your body, and being grounded. By understanding Energy Connections between Chakras you don’t have to take on others negative energy. You can manage your own energy and create light energy using the power of your Mind to connect constantly and with enthusiasm with the chakras above the head.


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If you are not blocked then the following is normal. Its called empathy and is a quality of the heart chakra. Can you look at someone and just ‘know’ what they are going through? Do you cry easily? Do you find yourself listening with ease to other people’s problems? Do strangers easily share intimate secrets? If so, you might be an empath, and you probably have gone through life being more affected by other people’s energies than you realize.

An empath is an individual who has an exceptional ability to feel other people’s emotions, sensations, and even their pain. For an empath, it can be like living an episode of Star Trek! You don’t even have to try and you just know the motivations and intentions of other people.

Here are some of the traits of those who are known as ’empaths':

* Empaths are good listeners and easily draw out stories from others.
* Empaths generally put others needs before their own, with a deep desire to assist people.
* Empaths are deeply in touch with emotions and tend to cry easily, often for no apparent reason (only to find out later a friend or family member is having a rough time).
* Empaths often get overstimulated in chaotic public settings (e.g. they tend to avoid public places like malls).
* Empaths do not understand cruelty or violence.

If you resonate with these descriptions, read below for a deeper understanding of just what type of empath you are.

You cannot change the fact that you are an empath. It is akin to your eye color; if you are an empath, you were born with a sensitive nervous system. But being an empath is teachable; it’s something to learn and to learn how to control, to not take on the negative aspects of empathy – you can learn to manage and adapt to your empathic nature. Hopefully you will make it your intention to modify the intensity of your experience through adaptive means (meditation, movement, grounding, etc.). However, it is quite common for empaths to modify the feelings through not-so-adaptive means (alcohol, drugs, and addictions such as ‘over-thinking’). If you fall into that category, it is completely understandable and you are not alone. As you move forward as an empowered empath (as taught when you sign up for the free eCourse and newsletter), you can unlearn any maladaptive habits that you have accumulated.

As an empath, you have a gift, or in many cases, what may feel like a serious curse! Perhaps you have had the experience of being bombarded with the frightening emotional rages of family members (trauma is associated with roughly 40 percent of empaths, and it may actually enhance energetic perception, being constantly aware of where the next threat may be).

Whatever your experience, being an empath can be challenging. It means that you are able to process energy for other people. You feel everything, even if you are not aware of it. Being what some may erroneously call “hypersensitive” to the feelings of others is not a bad thing. It does not mean you are co-dependent. There is nothing wrong with you, although it may feel like there is. For better or worse, because of your diffuse energetic boundaries, you can feel, and in many cases, take on, the pain of others.

While this is almost always helpful to others; it can leave the empath severely drained, always running on empty. As you now awaken to your empathic gifts, if you are to thrive, you must have the courage to plant your feet firmly in the ground, and learn to say no. You are being asked to choose wisely. Just because you have this gift, does not mean you need to always use it.

With the gift of empathy comes tremendous responsibility. Before we can move on to bigger things, such as helping others, we need to confront the challenge of really knowing, loving, embracing, and fully accepting ourselves as we are. All of the Energy Enhancement Students who I coach on the Energy Enhancement Course have energy blockages. Blockages in the abdomen which stop us from breathing also create blockages in the throat area, which is metaphysically tied to being able to express yourself fully in the world.

When the lower vibratory energy from others accumulates through absorbtion in your body over time, you may feel constricted around the throat and you may lose the awareness of how to fully use your own voice. It is the rare empath who has not been challenged to keep this area flowing freely to express oneself in an authentic manner. If we can be more fully authentic and honest about who we really are, then we allow others can do the same. Instead of being overtaken by the energy of others, we will overtake them with our joy and expressive authenticity.

The Energy Enhancement Grounding of Negative Energies and the Removal of Energy Blockages are ways that you can take care of yourself and maintain your energetic and emotional sanity. Applying the principles and working them into your daily routine may likely allow you be happy, joyful, and more prepared to face the demands of your daily life. And, in the Bigger Picture, that’s really all that’s being asked of us. May you continue to put one foot in front of the other with a smile on your face, no matter what the circumstances, one small baby step at a time!

The most frequently asked question that I receive from my coaching clients is the following: “how do I protect myself from the energies of others?”

The answer is Energy Protection as a first step on the way to totally Grounding all the Negative Energies and Energy Blockages which people are projecting on to you.

People who are totally open can get into trouble if they do not know how to handle the energies. Really bad people can implant you with Implant Energy Blockages which vampirise your energy system and are difficult to dissolve but dissolve them you can..

But still, I feel that some organisations which are tied in to the dark side can be too positive about how easy it is and how you can do this from the start.

“It’s certainly understandable that this question would be asked, for empaths feel and perceive ‘yucky’ vibrations that can make us feel like we are covered in slime. However, the question itself is based on an erroneous assumption that we need protection from the lower vibes of others. Here’s a secret for you: we don’t need protection.

When you are living fully from your heart, and when the heart chakra itself is fully open, protection is automatically included.

You see, the material world in which we live is just an illusion. The truth, and the ‘reality,’ if you will, is that we are simultaneously engaged in a mysterious spiritual realm which the eyes do not see. And in that reality, we are always held.

If you could see from the perspective of the Divine, from the perspective of the ‘angels,’ you would see and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you ARE being protected at all times.

The ONLY way to know and fully experience this fact is when your heart is chakra is open.

I know what it’s like to have a blocked heart chakra.

You can experience this magnificent sensation for yourself.

It requires surrendering the need to know, the need to control anything, and the false belief that you need protection from others.

Whatever name you give to the Creator….the Love contained in that Force makes sure, on a moment to moment basis that you are always protected. You simply have to be willing to RECEIVE the protection. And the ONLY way that you can receive the protection for which you ask is by intentionally, willfully, and prayerfully opening your heart chakra to receive the blessings.

This is not an allegorical or metaphorical process. It’s a meditational process. And the key to activating the meditational process is incredibly easy, after you’ve mastered a few simple Initiations. It involves keeping the heart open, (instead of the maladaptive energetic patterning of closing the heart that many of us have learned).

Sustaining the experience of having an open heart does takes practice and repetition. That may be perceived as being more difficult only because it requires more of your awareness. (If you’re ready to step up your awareness and become an empowered empath, there are hundreds of techniques to open the heart in my instructional package, The Complete Empath Toolkit).

The next time someone challenges you, or the next time you feel someone else’s low vibes, instead of closing the heart, keep your awareness focused like a laser on your heart chakra. Dialogue with your heart itself, and ask it to remain open (loosening the muscles around and in front of the heart help).

Ask the Divine to clear away any discordant energy that does not serve the Highest Good, and then simply relax and let that process unfold. It may seem like a bizarre paradox to remain open amidst the experience of low vibes, and yet in the LONG run, you won’t be harmed at all. The Divine has ‘got your back.’ Always.

Trust that a higher force is running the show, that you don’t need to control it, and you’ll experience the total peace, tranquility, and bliss that always come from living life with an open heart.”


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