Brighten Your Spiritual Light




You need Energy Enhancement.

Energy Enhancement gives the original techniques which form the basis of every religion on this planet and which therefore Speed Up!! the Process of meditation many times. The techniques work like they were meant to work before they were removed by those who followed the founder of every religion and the spiritual technology was lost; Everywhere!!



Brighten Your Spiritual Light!!



Create Your Buddhafield!!



As all matter has energy, our entire beings radiate our personal energy in an aura. You can have a stronger aura by removing Energy Blockages.

Each of us is surrounded by energy and light. In some circles, this enveloping energy is called the aura, and it radiates our inner spiritual energy out to the world. It flows in from the Chakras above the head and from Kundalini Chakra below the base chakra and it surrounds our body and reflects our condition.

People who are healthy and happy have strong, bright auras, and people who have Energy Blockages are ill or in distress have weak dark auras. The aura can expand when energy increases or becomes stronger, and it can fade as a person’s inner power wanes due to Energy Blockages.

The aura is a very personal expression of our unique personality, body, and character. It increases as we create more DNA strands which are expressions of more spiral Antahkarana connections with the Chakras above the Head – The Soul Chakra, Monad, Logos, Sirius and Avatar of Synthesis Chakras act as parallel processors of the mind higher than the intellect increasing our Intuition and Wisdom.



The Heart Sutra of the Buddha talks about this as, “Prajna Paramita” – The Highest Wisdom “All Sages and Enlightened Saints have lived from this chakra above the head for Thousands of Years!!” – Heart Sutra

And just as we can change our physical health and vitality, we can improve our aura by removing energy blockages and connection with the Chakras outside the body whose highest expression, an infinity of chakras above the head, is God or one of the 10,000 names of God yet all with the same meaning and significance.


How does man connect with God? What is the psychic mechanism whereby we do that? Which meditations achieve that connection with minimum fuss and Speed up the Process!!??

To do this, we must be prepared to invest time, effort, and perhaps a little money.

It is possible to feel or sense your own aura. Move your hands back and forth, closer to and away from your body. You may soon realize that there is a different energy level closer to your body. You may feel a little heat or resistance. Give it a try. You may be very surprised at the results. Sometimes, the people around us sense our aura.


Spiritual growth and the stronger energy and aura that come with it are important to protecting yourselves from negative energies and influences. Negative people who are consumed by Negative Energy Blockages which create worry or anger or who are seriously ill can actually drain our aura of its energy.

People who have implant blockages can do much more serious harm, so it’s important to maintain a strong healthy spirit and a vibrant glowing aura.

In order to grow spiritually and increase your personal energy and aura, you must first clear your mind and body of energy blockages which create negative thoughts and feelings that can weaken us and make us vulnerable to negative energies outside us – in other peoples auras in the Mall or from Family and Friends.

This phase of spiritual healing involves Energy Enhancement Meditation Initiations, introspection and careful self-examination of our spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Wherever we find Energy Blockage created anger, jealousy, resentment, or lust, we must find ways to reduce and eliminate them from our mind and heart. Then it’s important to replace these negative energies with positive ones.

If we ever have a negative thought or emotion we must consciously replace it with its opposite positive replacement – so says the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali of Raja Yoga when talking about the technique of Pratipaksha Bhavana.

Identify the causes for the negative thoughts and emotions. Now, take an honest look at them and determine whether they’re justified. In fact, no negative thought or feeling is justified for a person who hopes to grow spiritually. Replace those energies with positive ones. If you are angry at a person or event, look at the part you played in the situation and what you can do to resolve it. If you are envious or jealous, allow others to follow their own hearts, even if it means separation. If you hold a resentment, learn forgiveness. And if you feel lust, learn respect and self-restraint.

However we must remove, eliminate all Energy Blockages so that we never ever have another negative thought or emotion. The only positive emotions are Love and Goodwill.

When all Energy Blockages are gone through the use of the Seven Step Process of Level Two of Energy Enhancement, not only have we removed all disease, negative thoughts and negative emotions. When we have forgiven all trespasses done against us automatically by the removal of Energy Blockages in all our Karmic friends who we have been working with in each of our incarnations over many lifetimes on this planet then these achievements will be found to be a prerequisite to Enlightenment or Illumination!!

Of course, this is a process. To learn the techniques of Energy Enhancement Level One – Gain Energy! and Level Two Remove Energy Blockages and gain all the benefits of Speeding UP!! your Process in the Energy Enhancement Buddhafield to raise Energy Levels and do work on the Aura will take a dedicated One Month Course with Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani.




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You can’t change overnight, and to pretend you have will subvert your effort. Be persistent and patient. Don’t use this to beat yourself up or undermine your self-esteem. Recognize that all of us can improve, and do what you can to replace your negative energies with positive ones. You will continue this self-improvement process throughout your life. Once you’ve gotten a good start, go on to the next phases of your effort.

Because the aura reflects your overall condition, it is important that your body is strong and healthy, too. Poor diet, polluted Food and Air, stress, exhaustion, and illness can deplete your spiritual energy and give you a weaker darker aura. Make some important lifestyle changes.

Filter your Air and water – a good activated carbon air and reverse osmosis water filter to remove fluoride and uranium accompanied fluoro-silicic acid , big filters, will cost you less than a refrigerator!! – This is needed especially in poisonous cities surrounded by fuctories and incinerators. In particular, incinerators, foundries, ceramics, plastics fuctories can create dioxins which give all the symptoms of a heart attack just by breathing them. Most heart attacks really start from these poisonous fumes!!

Avoid foods and substances that contain poisonous pesticides and genetically modified food..

“The world’s leading lectins and plant genetic modification expert, UK-based Arpad Pusztai was vilified and fired from his research position at Scotland’s Rowett Research Institute for publishing industry-unfriendly (MONSATAN) data he was commissioned to produce on the safety of GMO foods.

His Rowett Research study was the first ever independent one conducted on them anywhere. He undertook it believing in their promise but became alarmed by his findings. The Eugenic (there are too many people) Clinton and Blair governments were determined to suppress them because Washington was spending billions promoting GMO crops and a future biotech revolution. It wasn’t about to let even the world’s foremost expert in the field derail the effort. His results were startling and consider the implications for humans eating genetically engineered foods.

Rats fed GMO potatoes had smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged immune systems, and showed structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-GMO potatoes. It got worse. Thymus and spleen damage showed up; enlarged tissues, including the pancreas and intestines; and there were cases of liver atrophy as well as significant proliferation of stomach and intestines cells that could be a sign of greater future risk of cancer. Equally alarming – this all happened after 10 days of testing, and the changes persisted after 110 days that’s the human equivalent of 10 years.” – Engdahl – The Seeds of Destruction

… and therefore interfere with healthy functioning. Wash your vegetables in Sodium Chlorate or Vinegar to remove all pesticides. Organic food can be better if it was grown away from incinerator fallout.

Avoid meat from cows or chickens who have been fed pesticided grains or Monsatan frankenstein food which when eaten by rats kills them in three months (Engdahl – The Seeds of Destruction) or dioxins as animals and chickens concentrate these poisons in their bodies.

Remember the Revenge of the Cows is cancer and ill health!!

Avoid rancid processed oils; get cold pressed oils. Use good butter. Avoid frying and add fresh new recent cold pressed oils on the plate. Cleave to quality brands and names. Avoid oils that are fake and contain engine oil. Avoid old and therefore rancid oils. Get Organic Oils. Avoid foods and substances that contain poisonous pesticides. All these poisonous foods interfere with healthy functioning.

Limit or eliminate tobacco, and drugs both legal and illegal – don’t anaesthetize yourself with drugs so as to avoid the body warning you about your energy blockages, targetting them for removal.

Don’t become Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd).

Remember pharmaceutical Companies invented and sold a drug as safe using all the trials with the advertising name of “Hero” so as to sell it well.

The result was Hero-in!!

As with Statins which have side effects which degenerate the brain and nervous system, these guys will sell you anything and falsify all the test results just to make a buck!!

Avoid eugenic (there are too many people) vaccines containing the autism creating IQ reducing neurotoxin adjuntivant mercury or aluminium or the monkey cancer virus.

Adopt a healthy balanced diet that minimizes fast foods and processed meals. Be sure that you have the proper balance of different types of foods, and increase your consumption of good pesticide-less vegetable protein from legumes or beans and nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Take care of your self-esteem. Be a good person. Never tell yourself you’re not a good person. Never engage in negative self-talk. It’s not true, and it’s very harmful. Taking care of yourself also involves social relationships and mental stimulation. Become a renaissance man!!

Dump the box!! Start to investigate your world so as to understand where the evil comes from. We have some good books to increase your knowledge of Oligarchy, Geopolitics, Psychology, Science, History, Economics, Art, and Music. “A man who does not know history is doomed to repeat it!!” – Winston Churchill – short works you can read very quickly!!

Traditionally things which create Illumination and the channeling of the energy of genius have been..

1. Jnana – knowledge of God, the passion/samyama for knowledge – the history of science, the history of history etc.

2. Bhakti – Love and Devotion which traditionally also includes Music, Composition, Sacred Dance and Art.

3. Karma – Action for the benefit of all as a good servant to all.

4. Mantra – Repetition of meaningful words, or the Rosary.

5. Hatha – Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Bandha.

6. Raja Yoga – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali written 5000 years ago and its Eight Limbs of Yoga or Illumination specify Meditation, Samadhi and Samyama in order become good and remove all energy blockages and achieve the complete freedom of Enlightenment or Kaivalya.




Enlightenment created by one necessarily leads to expertise in all.

Enlightenment is stopped by the darkness of Inherited Energy Blockages and Implanted Energy Blockages.

Begin to re-establish and nurture old relationships. Get involved in your community. Participate. Take a course or attend a concert. Enrich your imagination, and share the adventure with those you love.


Remember, though, that negative people’s energies can harm you as you absorb their negative energies and energy blockages through migration. Avoid bad people who are cynical or pessimistic. They may be the very ones you’re learning to protect yourself from.

Spiritual development and psychic self-defense involve being able to recognize those vampire-like people, places, and events that drain your spiritual energy and weaken your aura. As much as possible, eliminate these negatives from your life and mind. “Stay away from evil” Jesus

There are Energy Enhancement Initiations, tools and techniques you’ll find very valuable in your spiritual development effort. They require education and practice, but they’re tremendously powerful. Some objects are good for eliminating the negative and nurturing the positive.

One tool helps you identify, perhaps even see, your aura. Take a crystal hanging from a string in your right hand and rotate it around your body. You will feel vibrations through the string as the pendulum swings. Another way to find your aura is to light a candle and slowly close your eyes. You may be able to see your aura in different colors that cling to your body.


Practice these exercises, and you’ll be come more aware of your aura and the messages it gives you about your spiritual condition.

An Energy Enhancement Course will increase your psychic vision so that you can avoid problems and target Energy Blockages for removal!!

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